Christina Hayslett – Staff Highlight

Christina Hayslett is a Financial Aid Officer at WVJC Charleston. She finds it fulfilling to work at WVJC because of the many lives she can be a part of, as she watches students grow into confident and successful individuals. “These are real people, mothers, fathers, first time-students, all making an effort to do and be better. This gives us the responsibility to do and to be better as well.”

Christina understands the demographic of many of our students. A graduate of Marshall University, Christina began her higher education right out of high school, but as she began to have a family of her own, the inconvenience of traditional school interrupted her education. It was several years after her daughter was born that she returned to finishing her bachelor’s degree. “If I had known about a school like WVJC, I would’ve seen that I could both be a mother and student at the same time, and not make a sacrifice to either.”

Christina has previously worked in admissions in low-income based education services and understands the connection between education and finances. Christina says, “It is the goal of WVJC Financial Aid, to make school affordable today, but not leave you with an enormous debt tomorrow.” The financial aid team in Charleston works to establish a plan that allows you to focus on your education and not the burden of cost. As a native of West Virginia, Christina concludes, “West Virginia residents need careers here in our own state, and at WVJC, we can help make that dream a reality.”

“Traditional college isn’t for everyone, but education is. Finding the right school, a program that you are interested in, and a staff that supports your real life is key. We have that here at WVJC because WE CARE about your success.”

If you would like to know more about the short-term programs at WVJC, request information here!

Thankful For Our WVJC Charleston Students

WVJC offers short-term, career-focused programs in Nursing, Clinical Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Business Administration, and Network Administration/Security. At WVJC, our purpose is to empower change by creating opportunity. We believe in a WE CARE approach to helping students succeed in their education.

This Thanksgiving, our staff and faculty would like to share what we are most thankful for at WVJC, our students!

    • Michelle Miles, WVJC Campus President said, “I am so grateful for our students. I have the pleasure of interacting with students daily and I love witnessing their growth and seeing their accomplishments. Students, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives!”
    • Katie Harvey, WVJC Academic Dean said, “As an educator, I am thankful that our students allow us to become part of their extended families. We can experience their joys and offer support when they experience sorrows. I am thankful I can watch the growth of the student from the time they first step foot in the building to seeing them walk across the graduation stage. There is nothing like witnessing a former WVJC student find success in their career field as well as life itself!”
    • Selena Ramey, WVJC Career Management Director said, “I am thankful for students who apply themselves and overcome obstacles to be successful in their careers.”
    • Stephanie Duncan, WVJC High School Admissions Advisor said, “I am thankful for our students because they allow us to see real growth every day. Every student is different, but watching them during their journey from WVJC student to graduate is something I will always hold near and dear to my heart.”
    • Kellie Moore, WVJC Admissions Manager said, “I’m thankful for our students because they bring me so much joy and happiness! I love seeing them accomplish their goals and transition into careers!”
    • Sheena Pack, WVJC High School Admissions Advisor said, “I am thankful for the relationships I have with our students. I love witnessing their success and look forward to seeing them when I come to work.”
    • Christina Hayslett, WVJC Financial Aid Representative said, “I am thankful for our students because they remind us every day is a new opportunity to start, to grow, and to succeed.”
    • Chelsea Abbott, WVJC Medical Director said, “I am so thankful for my students. I am passionate about teaching them the skills they need for the medical field and watching them apply those skills in their careers.”
    • Renee Rollins, WVJC Dental Assisting Program Director said, “I am thankful for my students who make me laugh in class and bring joy to not just me, but their fellow students.”
    • Aaron Settle, WVJC Adjunct Instructor said, “Interactions with my students allow me to learn from them daily, just as I hope they are learning from me!”
    • Kisha James, WVJC Nursing Instructor said, “I am thankful for our students because they remind me that we still have a striving generation in our future. All programs offered at WVJC are to better not only those coming out of high school but also adults in higher education. All of our students have a drive and determination and every day they make me feel like a proud momma.”
    • Jonathan Lucas-Neel, WVJC Nursing Instructor said, “Teaching nursing at WVJC over the past year has brought me so many joys. I am thankful for the excitement that comes when students get to practice a new skill for the first time, to be present when they make a difference in the life of a patient, or even to see the satisfaction when they do well on an exam that I know they struggled to master. Working with nursing students has taught me to be a better nurse. It has made me evaluate the ‘why’ of the care we provide. I am enthusiastic to start our second cohort here at WVJC and thankful to have the opportunity to help train the next generation of nurses to care for our community.”
  • Jennifer Bird, WVJC Administrative Assistant said, “This year has been so hard on everyone and I wanted to share some of the reasons why I am thankful for our students. I am thankful every day I get to see our students walk in the door, even with their masks on, I can see that they are smiling and happy to be coming in for class. I am thankful to be able to watch our students achieve their goals to graduate and provide a better life for themselves and their families. It is simply amazing to see them overcome obstacles to graduate; one of my favorite quotes is “So often you find that the students you’re trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you.”
  • Holly Mitchell, WVJC Adjunct Instructor said, “I am thankful for our students for overcoming a myriad of challenges and remaining relentless on their pursuit to succeed! They are truly inspiring and I’m blessed to be a part of their journey at WVJC!”
  • Kelly Pauley, WVJC Nursing Director said, “I am thankful for my nursing students because they are so eager to learn, so driven to accomplish their dreams, and so compassionate.  They teach me every day why I love what I do.”
  • Mark Light, WVJC Adjunct Instructor said, “I’m thankful for my students because they challenge me.  When I started at WVJC, I was worried that I would not be able to relate to my students’. One of the things we had in common was that we all spoke Appalachian American.  (If you need to know what that is just ask one of my students).  I was able to present the information to them in a way that was easy for them to understand and there is nothing more rewarding as an instructor than to see the lights go on in their students eyes that let you know they understand and comprehend what you are teaching them.”
  • Hydiah White, WVJC Adjunct Instructor said, “I am thankful for our students because they are always helping me to become a better teacher. Everyone has a different learning style and I enjoy finding creative ways to explain the material. It can be challenging, but it is worth it!”

If you are ready to earn your education in a fast track, hands-on, career-focused program at a college with staff and faculty that cares about your success, request information here!

Thankful For Our WVJC Bridgeport Students

From the first moment a student comes to campus, they become part of the WVJC family.  To some, the definition of family means a group of people related by blood or ancestry.  At WVJC, our family has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with caring, compassion, and support.

Autumn in West Virginia is a time a reflection, gratitude, and spending time with family. While dinner preparation or traveling may be stressful for some, it is a great time to stop and appreciate all that we have. Faculty and staff at WVJC were asked what they were most thankful for this year. A ton of great responses were received, but with one recurring theme: our students.

WVJC Bridgeport Campus President, Jenica Greynolds, says she is most thankful for the moments with students who have struggled academically or personally throughout their program, but never gave up and tried harder despite challenges.  “These are the students that come to me for tutoring or advice, and when they get to the end of their program the pride on their face makes all the hard work and time spent with them worth every minute,” added Greynolds.

Medical Program Director, Caitlin Syrews, said she is grateful for her students because they keep her laughing and on her toes. She remembers laughing hysterically over a student putting their gloves on backward. She really believes that adding fun to education at WVJC makes a lasting impression, and is thankful to our WVJC students for allowing her to do so.

The Career Management Director, Amber Porter, is thankful and proud of our students daily.  She enjoys watching our students become professional and confident in the process.  She said, “The best part of my job is watching them become professional and seeing the excitement when they get the job.”

Financial Aid Director, Alice Middleton, describes why she is thankful for WVJC students, especially during these trying times: “During a time of uncertainty with COVID 19 our students keep pursuing their dream, they always stop in to say hi and see how you are doing.  I am thankful that we have students who are compassionate and caring and will be a great role model in society.”

Noticeably, we are thankful for our WVJC students not only now, but every day. Current Medical Assisting student, Alyssa Shue, says it is obvious that WVJC cares about their students.  She said, “Anytime I have a question they never hesitate to explain and make sure I understand it before moving on. They also always make us feel comfortable and not to be afraid to speak up.”

This year, WVJC is taking the time to reflect on all the positives. From students overcoming difficult challenges, taking the time to have fun, becoming professionals in their careers, and pursuing their dreams, there is always something to be thankful for. WVJC is most thankful for our students.

Cybersecurity – Online Program Highlight

Technology is a huge part of everyday life, and is on the top of the list of frustrations when it is not working properly.  If you are an individual that loves to solve technical issues and are looking for a new career, you might be drawn towards information technology. At WVJC Online, we have developed a robust and fast-track Cybersecurity associate degree program. Our Cybersecurity program gives students the tools they need to become successful IT professionals and learn skills that will help protect businesses against cyber threats and attacks.

Within this program, students learn a variety of skills including, but not limited to: risk assessment, forensics, ethical hacking, intrusion detection, and security architecture. Since having a hands-on approach is so important when learning about new technology, students get to branch out from regular online classroom learning and have the opportunity to experience virtual simulations from the comfort of their own home, and then complete an externship where they will work alongside industry professionals for 12 weeks. At the end of the 18-month program, students will earn an associate degree and will have had the opportunity to sit for three industry certifications – Network+, Security+, and Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CySA+) certification. All three of these certifications are offered through CompTIA, a globally recognized certifying body for technology certifications.

Once a potential student decides that cybersecurity is the right path for them and they have taken that important step of requesting information, one of our online admissions advisors will be in touch! They will lead you on a personalized virtual college tour and provide details about the cybersecurity program, as well as everything else WVJC has to offer – career services, academic support team, and financial aid (to those who qualify). Potential students will then meet virtually with an instructor from our cybersecurity program, and they will work together to determine acceptance.

If you are interested in fast-tracking your career in cybersecurity, contact WVJC Online today!

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Nursing admissions process

One of the most commonly asked questions of our admissions department involves entry into the Nursing program. For most people, when considering the healthcare field for employment, they think of becoming a nurse (RN). As you read this, you probably have an image of one in your head…scrubs, stethoscope, white shoes, and a kind demeanor. The person in your mental image may be someone that you have met, someone that took care of you or a family member in a time of need, or maybe even your future self!  Now, the reality is that there are MANY types of healthcare professionals (Medical Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, etc.) that fit the image you have created, but you have decided that this person is an RN and that is what you want to become.

The question is, how?  The guide below will help give you a picture of what it takes to navigate the Direct Admittance Nursing (RN) program at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown.

Step 1: Call the WVJC campus at 304-296-8282, request information on our website, or even walk into the campus to ask for more information on the program.

Step 2: Work with our Nursing admissions advisor to schedule a campus visit personalized to determine your needs, your correct fit, and the right timing for you.  YES! While becoming a Nurse is the goal, how and when that happens is very much personalized to your needs and situation.

Step 3: Schedule your TEAS exam or consider our TEAS Prep Program, first, to prepare for the exam.  Most Nursing programs require an entrance exam of some sort, and at WVJC, it is the TEAS. This is an exam designed to test your knowledge as the ACT or SAT would…but with a heavy dose of science. You should plan on spending 3-5 hours at our campus on test day, and be sure to study in advance (see TEAS Prep program option mentioned above). The key in this step is to keep moving forward. Choose a path, TEAS or TEAS Prep, and commit to it. There is little time to waste as space in the program is limited and competition is high.

Step 4:  Complete the Nursing application.  The components of this application can be, and are recommended to be, completed as you are preparing for the TEAS exam. The nursing application includes your TEAS scores (showing passing and competitive scores), your application, a fee, multiple essays, letters of reference, transcripts from high school and all post-secondary schools you have attended, and any other items requested by your nursing admissions advisor.

Step 5:  Interview with the Nursing Program Director. Think of this as you would a job interview. Be prepared, confident, and dressed appropriately. If accepted by the Program Director, you move on to step 6.

Step 6: Meet with Financial Aid:  At this point, you have been accepted into the program, and meeting with financial aid is the next step on your way to becoming a nursing student. In this step, you will meet one-on-one with a financial aid representative who will walk you through the college financial aid process and help you determine what aid you may qualify for.

Step 7:  Complete clearances, immunizations, and health screenings prior to orientation.  This is one of the last steps, but a very important one as you prepare for orientation and the start of classes.

Step 8:  Attend orientation and begin classes.  With all of the required steps and approvals out of the way, you are now ready to begin your ultimate task, being a student who is fully committed to the rigor of the nursing program, striving to be successful for the next 18 months and, ultimately, walking across the stage as a graduate of WVJC’s Nursing program.

We know that taking that first step can be a little daunting but the faculty and staff at WVJC will be there with you every step of the way! For more information on WVJC’s nursing program, or any of our other allied health programs, please visit our website at!

Different Types Of Federal Student Aid

Financial aid can come from several sources to help you pay for college. These sources can be federal, state, school, and private sources. The U.S. Department awards over $120 billion dollars every year in grants, work-study funds, and low-interest loans.  There are three different types of federal student aid.

  1. Grants and Scholarships – money you do not have to pay back
  2. Work Study – programs you can earn money through to help pay for your school
  3. Loans – money that you borrow for school that must be paid back

To see if you qualify for financial aid you should fill out the FAFSA at

As a part of the admissions process at WVJC, every student has the opportunity to sit down with the Financial Aid director to help determine if they are going to be eligible for Financial Aid.  We also discuss the many scholarship opportunities.

There are so many different opportunities for scholarships, some great sources are:

Financial Aid Process, Not As Scary As It May Seem!

Preparing for college requires quite a bit of homework.  First, you need to find a field of study that you’re interested in. Then, you have to determine if that field of study can provide you with the life you want to lead once you have completed college and start into the workforce.  Once you have narrowed your programs, then you have to find the right post-secondary options that can provide you with the education necessary to work in that field. After that, you should visit them all, and further narrow your choices.  As you and your family parse through this entire process, one thing weighs in the back of your mind.  Can I afford it?

Sure, your neighbor went off to college last year and received a scholarship to attend.  Yes, your cousin is in college and never seemed to worry about how they were going to afford it.  Your Mom says there is this thing called financial aid.  A guidance counselor at your school suggested that you should look into a grant.  Even with all of that information, this question continues to weigh on you.  You ask yourself… What if I cannot get a scholarship or a grant?  What does financial aid even mean!?!

It is these questions (and others like them) that make some potential students put-off (or not start at all) their post-secondary education in hopes that the answers will become more clear in time…or maybe next year will be better…or maybe they just decide it’s not worth the effort.  In all of the uncertainly, lack of information, confusion, or just because some are scared of what they do not know, a potential students future is put into question.  THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU!

Financial Aid is not as scary as it may seem.  As a matter of fact, it is a pretty straight forward process.  Further, while many colleges encourage you to complete all the financial aid steps on your own, WVJC does the exact opposite.  Once you have determined that an allied health career, Legal Career, Business career, or IT field career is for you, WVJC will actually walk you and your family through every step of the financial aid process.

Not only do our financial aid professionals assist you with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but they then walk you through your entire program from a financial aid standpoint, showing you what you may qualify for in scholarships, grants, and loans.  They even will help you set personal payments to reduce the amount of money you may need to borrow in federal student loans.  They walk you through your financial life as a college student with the goal of keeping you in the best personal situation possible to fulfill your needs and obligations.  What does all this mean for you?  NO GUESSING!

So, as you navigate your college search process, remember that financial aid does not have to be scary. Use the help that exists, ask questions when you don’t understand, and work toward the answers that you need to make the best and informed decision that you can!

Meet WVJC Financial Aid Representative, Paula Sullivan!

Hi! My name is Paula Sullivan. I attended Herbert Hoover High School and graduated in 1998. I then attended Marshall University for roughly 1 ½ yrs. Prior to working at West Virginia Junior College, I worked for Frontier Communications, Verizon, and Bell Atlantic for 17 yrs. I am now the Financial Aid Representative at WVJC. I was looking to finish up my degree and find a career that would allow me to care for my 8 year old daughter. WVJC worked for me!

I love my friendly, hardworking co-workers, and chatting with our students. I started out at WVJC as an administrative assistant and then moved up to Financial Aid. I am definitely motivated by learning new things! I am most proud of my 8-year-old baby girl Chloe. My long term career goals are to gain my Associate Degree in Business Administration and Accounting, and to work my way up at WVJC. An interesting fact about myself that not many know is I once skydived. It was AWESOME!

Student Highlight – Brandi Meadows

Brandi MeadowsBeing a mother, wife, and full-time student, Brandi Meadows of the WVJC eCampus is one busy woman. She enjoys taking care of people, which is one reason she enrolled in the medical assisting program and why she enjoys being with her family. So, it was quite surprising for her to find someone asking about how she was doing for a change.

“Wow, I don’t get asked many questions only pertaining to me often,” Meadows said. “I may not know how to answer.”


Half-joking aside, Meadows has demonstrated that although balancing life, work, and school is difficult, it’s something that can be done.


And, it can be done well, as Meadows has lived up to her perfectionist trait even through tough classes.


“I actually am doing great so far,” the medical assistant student exclaimed. “I recently made the President’s List by maintaining a 4.0 GPA and have had the best relationship with my instructors in each class.”


Video lectures, assignments, quizzes, and other projects often take a lot of time and effort to complete successfully. Like many students, Meadows worked on her time management skills to ensure she would complete schoolwork on time.


“The most challenging part of WVJC Online to me, personally, is the discipline to give myself enough time to do my assignments so that I am not pressured or worried if something goes wrong and I need to re-do them,” she said.


And, with the schedule of classwork, usually time with friends and family members take a dip. For Meadows – and many others – it is a difficult task to overcome if one does not see the bigger picture, have faith, and know there are many people, in her corner, rooting for her to succeed.


“I feel guilty a lot of times when my five year-old daughter wants me to play with her and I am busy with work or when my husband wants to sit on the couch and watch TV, but I want to finish my work,” Meadows said. “With that being said, my biggest supporters are God and, believe it or not, my instructors. When they tell me I am doing a good job, it pushes me to do better.”


Many instructors would agree that Meadows’ makes it easy to offer compliments. One medical instructor, Tammy Kaylor, has had Meadows in several classes and has always found her work to be exemplary.


“Brandi is such an excellent student,” Kaylor said. “Her participation is always wonderful and she is such a pleasure to have in class.”


Actually, one of Meadows’ favorite parts of the eCampus are the instructors and staff members that she has worked with while earning her degree. She specifically gave praise to Ben Larke, financial aid officer, who “was so helpful in explaining my financials to me and any other questions I had when I first started WVJC Online”.  Meadows said Mr. Larke made the process “very comfortable and easy”, especially since she had some hesitations about coming back to school.


She also enjoys the instructors, like Mrs. Kaylor, who have been a cheerleader for her success.


“My favorite part of attending WVJC Online is the way I’m treated by my Instructors and the staff,” she said. “They always make me feel that I am their priority and are willing to go to any length to see any problem I’m having through to the end, until it is resolved. I am always contacted back within 24 hours regardless of if it’s a weekend or weekday and am always satisfied with the results.”


Meadows’ work ethic and positive interaction with the staff began right at the beginning of her time at the WVJC eCampus. During the first couple weeks, Meadows was already demonstrating her grit and excellent work and continues to do so today.
“You can always tell Brandi strives to do well in everything she does,” David M. Grimes, Meadows’ student success instructor, said. “It’s reflected in her attitude and in her work. Doing the minimum is not good enough for Brandi and she only accepts the best out of herself. She’ll definitely realize that this trait will separate her from the pack and will open doors in her future career as a medical assistant and nurse.”
When you don’t find her nose in a book on typing away on the computer, you’ll mostly likely find Meadows fishing for bass or trout during the summer and fall months. If she does find time to relax on the couch with her husband, she may make him re-watch the movie, “Sweet Home Alabama” as she a “sucker for true love”.
But, for now, she’ll mostly be knee-deep in schoolwork, continuing to keep herself motivated on her journey for a better career.


All she has to do is look at her self-made Vision Board, which has pictures of where she wishes to be in her life within the next several years. There are photos that depict scenes of graduation, a medical assistant job, grades from RNA classes, and a Nurse.


All she has to do is look in the mirror to know she’s definitely making it happen.


“I am proud of myself for choosing to do something for me,” Meadows said. “I do not let anyone or anything interfere with it. I had this chance before and put other things before my education and I lost it. I won’t let it slip away from me this time.


“I am so thankful that things fell into place like they did and I was able to get into WVJC Online at just the right time. It has already been a wonderful ride and it’s only just begun. I know this is a foundation where my dreams will come true.”