Financial Aid

5 Steps To Becoming A
Medical Assistant at WVJC

Have you been considering a career in the medical field, where you can both help patients and perform medical office administrative duties? If this sounds like you, enrolling in a medical assisting training program at WVJC may be a good fit for you! At WVJC, students have options regarding the type of training programs they … Read more

Kevin Jones – Student Highlight

West Virginia Junior College’s Kevin Jones talks about his role in financial aid and as an information technology student during the evening program. Juggling both, Kevin maintains a positive and helpful attitude that many find contagious. He can offer students and staff a calm, cool, and positive vibe no matter the circumstance. To speak to Kevin about … Read more

Jean Baker – Staff Highlight

WVJC Staff Highlight – Jean Baker, Financial Aid Officer As the new Financial Aid Officer at the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport campus, Jean Baker is looking forward to helping people attain their higher education goals by supporting them through the financial aid process. In her employment at WVJC, she has found an organization that … Read more

Kevin Jones – Staff Highlight

Kevin Jones is a Financial Aid Officer at WVJC Charleston. Since he started in May of 2021, he has grown to cherish his role in fostering the opportunities of our students. “I get to interact with people who take on challenges to better themselves for their families and careers. I am proud to be a … Read more

Christina Hayslett – Staff Highlight

Christina Hayslett is a Financial Aid Officer at WVJC Charleston. She finds it fulfilling to work at WVJC because of the many lives she can be a part of, as she watches students grow into confident and successful individuals. “These are real people, mothers, fathers, first time-students, all making an effort to do and be … Read more

Thankful For Our WVJC Charleston Students

WVJC offers short-term, career-focused programs in Nursing, Clinical Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Business Administration, and Network Administration/Security. At WVJC, our purpose is to empower change by creating opportunity. We believe in a WE CARE approach to helping students succeed in their education. This Thanksgiving, our staff and faculty would like to … Read more

8 Steps To The WVJC School of Nursing Admission Process

Updated Content 04/03/2024 Embarking on the journey to a career in nursing is an exciting path filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, before donning the scrubs and stethoscopes, future nurses must first navigate the nursing admissions process. This process initially seem daunting, but WVJC is here to help you prepare for this … Read more

Sheena Pack – Financial Aid Representative

Sheena Pack is the Financial Aid Representative at WVJC Charleston. She graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  She took this position because she had an interest in working in higher education and felt that she would be able to successfully help the students through the financial aid process. When she … Read more

Different Types Of Federal Student Aid

Financial aid can come from several sources to help you pay for college. These sources can be federal, state, school, and private sources. The U.S. Department awards over $120 billion dollars every year in grants, work-study funds, and low-interest loans.  There are three different types of federal student aid. Grants and Scholarships – money you … Read more

Financial Aid Process, Not As Scary As It May Seem!

Preparing for college requires quite a bit of homework.  First, you need to find a field of study that you’re interested in. Then, you have to determine if that field of study can provide you with the life you want to lead once you have completed college and start into the workforce.  Once you have … Read more