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West Virginia Junior College has been training and supporting students for many years with its WE CARE approach to education.
Watch the video below to hear WVJC students describe their positive college experiences.

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Lyndsey Medina – Student Highlight

January 24, 2020 | WVJC Staff

Lyndsey Medina is a Medical Office Administration student at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. Before Lyndsey enrolled at WVJC, she...

The Value of Short Term Degrees Online

January 17, 2020 | WVJC Staff

In today’s market, the need for specific skills is becoming extremely important and very necessary in many fields. The question...


At WVJC, we have a variety of college degree and diploma programs that can give you the skills and hands-on training desired by employers. Our experienced instructors in Morgantown, Bridgeport, Charleston, and those who facilitate our online course offerings, will provide the knowledge and career-readiness you’ll need to excel in your chosen field.

WVJC offers fast track career training in a setting that works with your busy life. We understand the challenges that life can throw your way, which is why WVJC offers instruction at three campuses across West Virginia, as well as online degree programs for students in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and surrounding states.

Whether you choose to pursue your career in-person or online, we believe in the importance of promoting hands-on training, individualized instruction and career-readiness for our students. If you’re a recent high school graduate or someone looking to receive training to help you advance or change your career, our student -focused courses can help you succeed. Choose WVJC if you’re considering career training and technical schools in West Virginia or a surrounding state!

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Campus graduates and graduates from online degree programs in WV, PA and OH

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