WVJC Students

Cody Everson – Student Highlight

Meet Morgantown Nursing Student Cody Everson Cody Everson’s educational journey began at another institution, where he initially embarked on his academic pursuits. While he found his time largely positive, he felt a lack of personalized support from tutors or instructors. However, his professional journey took an intriguing turn when he transitioned to the Rockefeller Neuroscience … Read more

WVJC School Of Nursing at Mon Health Orientation

WVJC partnered with Mon Health to create the WVJC School of Nursing at Mon Health, and it started its second nursing cohort this April. This orientation is designed to help students get familiar with the Mon General campus as well as get students the necessary login information for their classes. Students can make a great … Read more

Mental Health Resources For Students

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month!  Were you aware that a significant number of college students are experiencing one or more mental health challenges? According to a 2022-23 Healthy Minds Study, a majority of 59% of college students face these concerns. As you balance family, life, and college, it is important to realize that you … Read more

Laila Minigh – Student Highlight

Meet Information Technology Student Laila Minigh Laila Minigh’s transition from South Harrison High School to West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) marked a significant milestone in her academic journey. As she stood at the threshold of higher education, she carefully weighed her options, ultimately drawn to WVJC by its proximity and the promise of intimate class … Read more

Mobile Nursing Lab Visits

The West Virginia Junior College is proud to announce that Florence, our mobile nursing lab, is available for school visits! Our faculty and staff will bring the one-of-a-kind mobile nursing lab to your school for hands-on interactive labs for your students! We can park Florence in your school parking lot and walk groups of students … Read more

Nyles Riggs – Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Nyles Riggs Nyles Riggs embarked on his academic journey at another institution, where he encountered the initial challenges of building rapport with professors. Despite his efforts, forming meaningful connections proved elusive. Seeking a more conducive learning environment, Nyles transitioned to a smaller career center, where he completed his education, laying the foundation … Read more

Schannon Dennison – Student Highlight

Meet Schannon Dennison, HR Student Highlight Straight out of High School in 1991, nothing would do for Schannon Dennison but to go to WVU. She had high hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. From the first night, she hated being there and was so homesick. Schannon finished that semester and enrolled at Glenville State, changing … Read more

Medical Assisting Student Chasity Bailey

Watch as medical assisting student Chasity Bailey discusses her favorite parts of WVJC. Taking the 18-month Clinical Medical Assistant program associate degree route, Chasity enjoys her one-on-one time in the classroom and the attentiveness of a small classroom environment. The hands-on learning environments at WVJC allow students to learn by doing before getting started in … Read more

Practical Nursing Simulation Lab

The recent simulation lab experience at our WVJC Bridgeport campus was a pivotal learning opportunity for our practical nursing students. Students delved into essential nursing skills in this dynamic setting, including blood draws, vital signs assessment, IV administration, and blood pressure monitoring. Experienced faculty members guide the simulation labs. Students engage with cutting-edge healthcare mannequins, … Read more

WVJC Charleston Student Success Stories

Student success stories at WVJC come in all forms. From graduation to passing a big test or purchasing a first home, they all deserve to be celebrated. Watch as Chris, Kylie, and Najee share their success stories during their time here at West Virginia Junior College. Be successful now by requesting more information and speaking … Read more