How to Enroll in Fall Classes
in the Covid-19 Era

September 18, 2020 | WVJC Staff

Covid-19—it is on everyone’s mind as the pandemic continues to sweep the nation. One may wonder how it will affect going to college. It is a valid concern in the age of uncertainty. We are taking all necessary safety precautions when it comes to Covid-19 at WVJC. Students, staff, and faculty all wear masks indoors. Everyone gets their temperature taken...

Lindsey Price – Graduate Highlight

| WVJC Staff

“I chose WVJC because they offer great, detailed programs to assist with giving you a kick start to your career! I also loved the flexibility of the online programs, because I was able to take care of my son, while also working towards my degree and working full time.” Lindsey was a graduate of WVJC’s Business Administration-Accounting program. Lindsey knew...

Molly Connell – Medical Assisting
Graduate to Nursing Student

September 11, 2020 | WVJC Staff

Molly Connell is a returning graduate from West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. She began her journey at WVJC in 2015 to pursue her Medical Assisting degree. At that time, Molly knew the medical field was her passion. She checked into WVJC and quickly discovered it was the place for her. Once enrolled and into the classes, she was happy to...

Cleah Slack – Student Highlight

| WVJC Staff

Cleah Slack graduated from Lincoln County High School in 2019. During her senior year, an admissions advisor visited her class to discuss the specialized associate degree programs at WVJC. After the presentation, Cleah knew she wanted to apply for college at WVJC. She was looking for a short-term program that would help prepare her for a career. Cleah said, “It...

Q & A With Nursing Student Cheryl Weise

September 4, 2020 | WVJC Staff

Did you ever go to college before, if so where and what was your experience? I haven’t really been in school since I was in high school twenty years ago. This whole experience is new and exciting for me. What were you doing before you decided to go to attend WVJC?  I  had my fair share of random jobs. I...

How to Enroll For Online Fall Classes
In The COVID-19 Era

| WVJC Staff

Living in a digital world has changed the way that we look at so many things, education included. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic these past few months, so many people experienced layoffs, furloughs, and company closures. While our campuses experienced temporary closures, like so many other schools across the country, WVJC Online continued to prepare students for a career. WVJC...

Practical Nursing Graduation – 2019

August 28, 2020 | WVJC Staff

Graduation, the day we long for from the day we begin any educational journey. It is a time to celebrate; celebrate your accomplishments not only for yourself,  but with friends and family. The day where reality sets in and you start into another part of your life journey. The dictionary defines graduation as “the receiving or conferring of an academic...

Brandee Clevenger – Student Highlight

| WVJC Staff

Brandee chose West Virginia Junior College’s Practical Nursing program because she wanted a school that was smaller to receive one on one attention and excellent outcomes. After doing some research, she found that the WVJC Bridgeport campus has maintained a 100% NCLEX pass rate, since starting the Practical Nursing program in 2015. After her interview, she knew she was interested...

Yolanda Bass – Student Highlight

August 14, 2020 | WVJC Staff

WVJC graduate, Yolanda Bass, enrolled in college at WVJC in 2013 because of the fast-track programs, location of the school, and friendliness of the staff and faculty. She graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration in 2014. After receiving her business training, she worked as an administrative assistant. Yolanda always had an interest in the medical field, and in...

Frank Wiechers – Faculty Highlight

| WVJC Staff

One of the new additions to the WVJC Bridgeport’s nursing faculty is Frank Wiechers. Frank has worked in a number of different positions in the medical field. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, he is now a part-time instructor for West Virginia Junior College. He initially became a certified wholesaler in Germany in 1997. He then started his medical career “last century”...