United Hospital Center – Externship Highlight

Externships allow students to experience real-life skills in their field of study, in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge from the experts in the field. At WVJC, all students have the opportunity to participate in an externship where they get to interact in their field of study.

One of WVJC Bridgeport’s incredible externship partners, who we have worked with for years, is United Hospital Center. One of the programs UHC offers an externship program for is Information Technology. With this externship program, IT students work with the men and women in the IT field, experiencing everything from server management to network management.

Brian Williams works closely with the IT externs through the UHC Department of IT. He, along with other members of his team, work with information technology students on projects ranging from routine IT maintenance to new project installation. WVJC students get to work with industry professionals either one on one or in large groups to perform these various tasks and gain valuable experience.

Brian stated that the benefits of externships include the ability to see large infrastructure in action, ongoing project management, and viewing customer support in person. Brian recently moved into his role and is excited to see what the future will hold as WVJC and UHC’s partnership continues to grow.

WVJC Bridgeport encourages students and graduates to learn from many different sources to better facilitate their education and experience in their field of study. If you are interested in gaining hands-on experience in your chosen career field while still in school, don’t hesitate to reach out at wvjc.edu!

Study Tips: How to Overcome Test Anxiety

We know that preparing for a test can be, at times, overwhelming and a little stressful. Being prepared can really help you overcome the anxiety that often comes with taking a test. Read on as we provide a few study tips!

1. Create Pre-Tests

  • Matching
  • Fill in blanks
  • Essay/short answer
    • (For in-class short answer and essay questions consider having a blank sheet of scrap paper to jot down ideas before organizing your final answers on the test.)

2. Over Prepare

  • Go above and beyond what you think is necessary to prepare for a test.
  • Write, re-write and write again.
  • Review your notes out loud.

3. Apply a key word in the definition to the term (instead of trying to remember the entire definition)

  • Make connections that make sense to you.
    • For example:  Introspection – the act or process of looking into oneself.
    • introspection + oneself (Now on the test when you are to define or match the term introspection you will remember it has to do with oneself.)

Emma Cannon – Admissions Advisor Highlight

“ I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”- Emma Cannon

Emma Cannon is an Admissions Advisor at WVJC Online. As an Admissions Advisor, it is her job to guide a potential student through the admissions process. She tends to create a close bond with the students that she works with.  It is very common to find her chatting with her students, helping them over the “bumps in the road” that happen from time to time. She teaches her students her own philosophy on goal setting. She says, “I have learned to acclimate my goals based upon life’s everyday challenges. That makes them more achievable.” Emma not only teaches her students this philosophy, but lives by it herself.

Emma has been working in the admissions department for more than a year.  She came to work at the school to advance her career, but did not expect the experience she has since had. “I wanted to give my son a better life…It has been the best decision, and the most rewarding career that I have ever had.”  If you ask most faculty and staff at WVJC, they would agree that helping our students achieve their goals is the best part of what we do. In Emma’s words, “I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”

Emma’s personal motivation has always come from within, but she credits her son for the level of motivation that she has each day. “After my son was born, my motivation doubled because I had two lives to be responsible for.” Emma uses this motivation to help our students head down the road to a great career and a great life. Emma believes that there is a solution to every problem. She lives her life that way and uses that philosophy to help every student, and potential student, that she works with. “I still encounter obstacles every day, but I never give up and, instead, always find a way.”

If you have ever thought about going back to school, give Emma a call at the school and ask her about WVJC’s many online associate degree programs.

Kylee Wood – Graduate Highlight

WVJC Online’s Medical Office Administration program has many advantages. One of the greatest is the flexibility that exists to work within your own schedule and timeframe. This flexibility is what attracted Kylee Wood to the program when she started. For Kylee, being a mom and going to school had to work together. “WVJC offered me a way to get my degree without having to stop being with my children,” Kylee says. Another advantage that WVJC Online offers is a small class environment with hands-on learning opportunities. This was important to Kylee based on her past experience in a university setting.

Kylee knew that she wanted a career in the medical field. She had worked in the field and the opportunities for success were plentiful with the right training and certifications. Kylee worked with WVJC’s Admissions and Financial Aid departments to work out the details and began working her way through the 18 month associate degree program. Kylee’s favorite part about WVJC was the people. “The professors were so understanding and I enjoyed being able to learn in the comfort of my own home.  Kacey Eagle was my favorite professor. She was always helpful and very sweet.” Kacey is the Allied Health Program Director at WVJC.

Before Kylee knew it, her 18 months were over and she was graduating. WVJC’s Career Management Department assisted Kylee through the job search process where she ended up working at a pediatrics office close to home. “They are a great group of people to work for and I am proud to be a part of their team.” Kylee has a host of responsibilities, which include checking in patients, working in the front office, and determining insurance eligibility.

If you would like more information on WVJC, are near one of our conveniently located campuses, or desire to earn your degree online,  give WVJC a call at 877-25ONLINE or visit wvjc.edu.

Tyler Chinchilla – Graduate Highlight

Tyler Chinchilla, CCMA, is a May 2018 Clinical Medical Assistant graduate. Tyler chose WVJC Bridgeport after attending Fairmont State University for a short period of time. Tyler chose to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant because healthcare has been something that he has always wanted to do. “Learning more about the role of a medical assistant made it set in stone,” he adds.

Although classes were tough for him, he had his friends there for motivation. “It was almost like a competition to keep each other motivated, whether it was studying with flashcards or reviewing for a test. We turned it into a game almost. The teachers were a huge motivation too. There isn’t one teacher that you can’t go to if you’re struggling with an assignment. WVJC is really like a second family.”

Tyler currently works at Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center in Morgantown, WV, where he was hired a little over a year ago. He performs skills such as taking vital signs and phlebotomy, and has a lot of patient interaction. In the Head and Neck Cancer Clinic that he oversees, he gets to set up for minor office surgeries and procedures such as, flexible laryngoscopes and assisting with different biopsies.

After interviewing Tyler as a graduate, he had a few pieces of advice to give the current students.

“You 100% can do this. It’s hard right now but I promise you all can do it. Manage your time to where you aren’t ‘killing yourself’ to try to get things done. Really think back on Ms. Holyfield’s or Mrs. Porter’s Student Success class. It helped me a ton. Don’t doubt yourself, especially in lab class. If I can do it, so can you!”

Centerville Clinics – Externship Highlight

Centerville Clinics is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), a non-profit community based health organization. Centerville Clinics has ten facilities across the state of Pennsylvania. The facilities provide comprehensive primary care, dental, and mental health services to people in all spectrums of their life. Centerville Clinics also helps patients access specialty and hospital care services not available at the center. Centerville Clinics participates in most Managed Care programs. Centerville Clinics is providing unique care to those in the state of Pennsylvania, while accepting new patients at each of its facilities.

Centerville Clinics accepts Clinical Medical Assistant students from West Virginia Junior College to complete their 160-hour externship, making the experience enjoyable, while also preparing them for employment. With the number of facilities in the area, Centerville Clinics is able to give students a wide array of experience in different departments.

There are many requirements to complete an externship at Centerville Clinics. Students must successfully pass a drug test, background check, and obtain a child abuse clearance. Students must also have up to date immunization records and complete an educational course. This process prepares the student for requirements that will have to be completed when they are going through the employment process.

Centerville Clinics is a site that is ever growing and has continued to teach Clinical Medical Assistant students what their future will look like in the field. West Virginia Junior College is proud to work with a site that is professional and continuously growing.

Sean Wilfong – Student Highlight

“I have really enjoyed the relationships that I have made, and continue to build, with fellow students and staff, while also getting directly involved with my community.”  – Sean Wilfong

As we travel paths in our lives, very rarely are they straight.  Sure, we all have the best of intentions to meet a goal directly. Often, though, we are met with obstacles or choices that change our trajectory as we travel towards our goal. Sean Wilfong’s path is a great representation of this.

Sean’s journey began with WVJC Morgantown last winter, but his path started well before that. Sean has attended college in the past. “I was still a young kid with little sense of direction and clueless to where I wanted to end up or who I aspired to become.”  It was after this realization that Sean went on to serve in the Marine Corp.  After the military, Sean ended up back in WV working in manufacturing, where he stayed until he was laid off.

It was then that he realized he had two choices. “I was in the process of falling back on the route that would eventually send me back to the military.  Then I learned about WVJC and their short-term associate degree programs…and set my sights on that.”

Sean chose WVJC because of the job placement assistance available after graduation.  He chose his program because he wanted “to better my knowledge in personal finance and be able to grow within the business environment.”  As a student, Sean became impressed with his instructors.  “..an instructor is likely to stop (a lecture) in its tracks to present a real-life example.”

What Sean did not realize is that he would become an integral part of WVJC, building relationships with his classmates, faculty, staff, and administration in a positive way.  Not only a great student, Sean has also managed to become an important figure on campus and was even selected as President of Student Government.

Sean hopes to start his own business in the future.  “I would like to start my own business and become my own boss, be it through real estate or a similar venture. Life experiences have taught me that working for money is not happiness. My goal is to make my money work for me and to enjoy my job, whatever it may be.”

Haley Travis – Graduate Highlight

Meet Haley Travis, our graduate highlight for this week! Haley graduated from WVJC’s Medical Assisting program in June 2018. She enjoyed her time at WVJC Charleston very much and was thrilled with her experience in the MA program.

Haley works for the Cabin Creek Health System’s school-based clinics in eastern Kanawha County. She works side-by-side with the school nurse and the school counselor onsite, using a variety of skills she learned in the MA program at WVJC.

Haley says the WVJC staff were amazing to her and helped her with life-changing events she experienced while enrolled in school. Haley said she “was able to stick with the program because the staff cared so much about me.” Haley emphasized that the staff actively assisted with course work, financial aid, and graduate requirements. “They support you if you try and they support you even when you don’t know how you will do it.”

WVJC creates a supportive, family oriented environment for students to succeed. Haley said that even among the students, there was so much support and encouragement. “We had study groups, Facebook groups, and anything we could do together to help each other,” she beamed. At WVJC, students in programs together often develop strong bonds and lasting friendships. Haley said she often thinks about her time at WVJC and the support she received.

Haley rotates through different clinic sites each day throughout the week. Working within the schools, Haley has become a specialist in opioid addiction family care, not just assessing the ill students. A large part of her job is to help students who are dealing with the devastating opioid crisis when they feel they don’t have anyone else to talk to. Cabin Creek Health Systems has made strides in supporting families through this health crisis, by providing onsite counseling for at-risk elementary and middle school students who have had addiction issues at home.

This wasn’t the first job Haley had out of school. Like many graduates, she tried other jobs and wanted to find the perfect fit. Haley said that she wasn’t looking for this particular position and she fell into it when she heard about a clinic spot opening. “I didn’t know about such a job, or anything else I would be doing, except for the medical part. I love that part of the job as a medical assistant. I didn’t know I would be interacting with the students as a counselor, but I’m so glad I’m able to be there for them.”

When asked about the counseling portion of her job, Haley speaks enthusiastically about her interactions with the students. “I will speak to them and let them know that someone cares about them and their situation.” Haley said the school and the board of education are aware of these issues and try to support the students as well, but more is needed because it’s such a huge problem.

When asked what part of her training at WVJC has helped her in this position, Haley said her time in her Medical Ethics class. “I talk to the kids and help them understand the situation, but also let them know they have opportunities too, “she said. Haley stressed that the best she can do for students is to be there for them when they feel no one cares. Haley also noted that the Lab course was very helpful in her daily work with medical assessments and follow-ups.

Haley has several schools she goes to in the area, and she is responsible for assisting with overall medical care in each one. The counseling part has come about because of the needs of kids in crisis. Haley mentioned there are needs for more positions and people like her to help students from the fallout of the opioid epidemic.

When asked what inspired her to pursue a career in medical assisting, Haley said her grandmother was a registered nurse. She admired her grandma for going above and beyond her regular duties as a nurse. “Instead of charting and going back to the desk, my grandma would sit with the nursing home residents, because sometimes no one else would be there for them to talk to. She would reach out to them and take care of them.” Haley said she had the opportunity to shadow her grandma once while in middle school and was inspired to follow in her footsteps. Haley carries a lot of what her grandmother taught her, and still carries her grandma’s stethoscope into the schools to provide care and counseling, just as her grandma did.

If you’re inspired to carry on a tradition of caring like Haley has, consider a fast track path to success that starts at WVJC. We offer many programs that can put you in a position to give back to your community and beyond. Request information now to get started today!

Rebekah Kube – Faculty Highlight

Rebekah Kube is the Clinical Coordinator for WVJC Bridgeport. She started her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the age of 19, but always had a passion for learning and for the nursing field. After five years of practice, Rebekah decided to go back to school. She obtained her associate’s degree in nursing from Lenoir Community College in Kinston, North Carolina. She then graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Wilmington, NC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Rebekah is currently a Master of Science in Nursing student at Western Governors University and is excited to graduate in September. She is also considering continuing her education in a doctorate program.

Prior to being an educator, Rebekah’s background was primarily critical care. However, she has done a little bit of everything. Altogether, Rebekah has 13 years of experience as a nurse. She has been employed at WVJC since 2018 and truly loves her job and her students!

Originally from eastern North Carolina, Rebekah moved to Bridgeport, WV in January 2018. She has also lived in Orlando, Florida, but feels that North Carolina will always be her home. In her free time, Rebekah enjoys reading, going to the beach, binging Netflix, and painting. She mostly enjoys relaxing with her big rottweiler, Cooley.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Nursing admissions process

One of the most commonly asked questions of our admissions department involves entry into the Nursing program. For most people, when considering the healthcare field for employment, they think of becoming a nurse (RN). As you read this, you probably have an image of one in your head…scrubs, stethoscope, white shoes, and a kind demeanor. The person in your mental image may be someone that you have met, someone that took care of you or a family member in a time of need, or maybe even your future self!  Now, the reality is that there are MANY types of healthcare professionals (Medical Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, etc.) that fit the image you have created, but you have decided that this person is an RN and that is what you want to become.

The question is, how?  The guide below will help give you a picture of what it takes to navigate the Direct Admittance Nursing (RN) program at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown.

Step 1: Call the WVJC campus at 304-296-8282, request information on our website, or even walk into the campus to ask for more information on the program.

Step 2: Work with our Nursing admissions advisor to schedule a campus visit personalized to determine your needs, your correct fit, and the right timing for you.  YES! While becoming a Nurse is the goal, how and when that happens is very much personalized to your needs and situation.

Step 3: Schedule your TEAS exam or consider our TEAS Prep Program, first, to prepare for the exam.  Most Nursing programs require an entrance exam of some sort, and at WVJC, it is the TEAS. This is an exam designed to test your knowledge as the ACT or SAT would…but with a heavy dose of science. You should plan on spending 3-5 hours at our campus on test day, and be sure to study in advance (see TEAS Prep program option mentioned above). The key in this step is to keep moving forward. Choose a path, TEAS or TEAS Prep, and commit to it. There is little time to waste as space in the program is limited and competition is high.

Step 4:  Complete the Nursing application.  The components of this application can be, and are recommended to be, completed as you are preparing for the TEAS exam. The nursing application includes your TEAS scores (showing passing and competitive scores), your application, a fee, multiple essays, letters of reference, transcripts from high school and all post-secondary schools you have attended, and any other items requested by your nursing admissions advisor.

Step 5:  Interview with the Nursing Program Director. Think of this as you would a job interview. Be prepared, confident, and dressed appropriately. If accepted by the Program Director, you move on to step 6.

Step 6: Meet with Financial Aid:  At this point, you have been accepted into the program, and meeting with financial aid is the next step on your way to becoming a nursing student. In this step, you will meet one-on-one with a financial aid representative who will walk you through the college financial aid process and help you determine what aid you may qualify for.

Step 7:  Complete clearances, immunizations, and health screenings prior to orientation.  This is one of the last steps, but a very important one as you prepare for orientation and the start of classes.

Step 8:  Attend orientation and begin classes.  With all of the required steps and approvals out of the way, you are now ready to begin your ultimate task, being a student who is fully committed to the rigor of the nursing program, striving to be successful for the next 18 months and, ultimately, walking across the stage as a graduate of WVJC’s Nursing program.

We know that taking that first step can be a little daunting but the faculty and staff at WVJC will be there with you every step of the way! For more information on WVJC’s nursing program, or any of our other allied health programs, please visit our website at wvjc.edu!