Mountain State Medical Specialties – Externship Highlight

At West Virginia Junior College, we not only provide you with small classes and a great experience, but also with a hands-on externship. During the end of your program, you will be assisted with finding a great site to provide the best hands-on experience for you. Many businesses in the area are more than happy to help our students become the best professionals they can be.

Mountain State Medical Specialties is just one facility that continuously provides our students with excellent hands-on experiences. They provide our students with the ability to see professionals at work every day, striving to be the best medical facility they can be. Mountain State Medical Specialties began in 1994 as a solo practice under the name of C. Bradley Franz, MD. He started his offices in Clarksburg and Elkins, WV. After some time it grew, the first dermatology associate was added, and Franz Dermatology Inc. started. The practice now known as Mountain State Medical Specialties includes providers in dermatology, family medicine, asthma, allergy care, and Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer.

At WVJC, we are confident in the care they provide to their patients by seeing how much they provide to the WVJC students. This site has many locations and is dedicated to hiring excellent medical staff.   We are thankful that they provide our students with the learning experience they do.

A recent graduate that completed her externship at Mountain State Medical Specialties couldn’t say enough about how wonderful it is there. She said, “Not only did I learn so much there, I became comfortable and felt like I was part of the family.” She was asked to join the team at Mountain State shortly after graduating from the Clinical Medical Assistant program. She is happily employed there and highly recommends them for your health care needs.

To learn more about WVJC’s externship program, request information here!

Angela Sharp – Student Highlight

Angela Sharp earned her Associate Degree in Medical Assisting from WVJC Charleston in 2017.  Angela decided to attend WVJC after she graduated from high school. She chose WVJC because of the convenience of being close to home and the small college environment. The flexible schedule allowed her to work while earning her degree. Angela said, “The staff is always friendly and the instructors actually care if we succeed.”

In 2019, Angela was accepted into the Specialized Associate Degree in Nursing program at WVJC.  She said, “I always wanted to be a Registered Nurse and the Associate Degree in Medical Assisting at WVJC was a great stepping stone to helping me achieve my goal.” We asked Angela what her favorite part is about attending WVJC and she said, “I love how small the classes are because I get to know everyone on a personal level. Even when we are stressed, the instructors and staff always make me feel better and encourage me.”

One of her best memories while enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC were group lunches in the student lounge. In addition to learning, WVJC encourages students to get involved with clubs. Student club members often host lunches in the lounge to raise money for non-profit organizations and student events. This extracurricular activity is a great way to meet other students, be involved with WVJC, and receive volunteer hours.

Angela’s ideal job after graduation is to work as a Registered Nurse in a hospital. She is interested in specializing in cardiology or becoming a travel nurse. If you are interested in taking the next steps to get into a medical career, request information here!

Jasmine Martin – Student Highlight

Jasmine Martin is an online Clinical Medical Assistant student at WVJC. Before attending WVJC, she attended a local community college and had a great experience. However, it did not offer a medical assisting program, which is what Jasmine really wanted to do.

Before Jasmine enrolled at WVJC Online, she worked full time as a stay-at-home mother. While she loved being a stay-at-home mom, she also always dreamed of working in the medical field. She wanted to be in a profession that would allow her to help others and have a career that would help her feel good about what she does. Jasmine chose WVJC because she wanted to be able to achieve the career goals she set for herself, but also wanted to continue to stay home with her child while going to school. The online program at WVJC has helped her make great strides in accomplishing both of these goals.

Jasmine loves the instructors at WVJC because they are kind, caring, and fully dedicated to helping her achieve her goals and excel in her career. Vicki and Chelsea, Jasmine’s clinical instructors were her favorites in the program. They made sure to give her all the information and constructive criticism she needed to succeed, and they also fostered a fun learning environment. Jasmine has enjoyed her WVJC experience so much that she has even recommended it to friends in hopes that they will also get the great experience she had and the opportunity to accomplish their goals as well.

In the future, Jasmine would like to come back to WVJC to attend the Nursing program and become a Registered Nurse. She hopes to fulfill this goal and become an RN within the next five years.

If you would like to learn more about WVJC, check out our website at

Student Highlight – Dani McCrobie

Dani McCrobieIn life it’s not the peaks that define us but the valleys. Dani McCrobie is an excellent example of persistence. When life pushes you to the breaking point a person has two choices. . . . get up or lie down. Dani McCrobie chose to push past her limitations. She proved to be resilient, brave and passionate to continue the pursuit of her dreams. West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown is excited to present Dani McCrobie’s student highlight.

When most little girls are dreaming about becoming a princess, cheerleader or a movie star, Dani’s goal was to be a member on a cardiopulmonary transplant team. Parents always tell their children to dream big . . . Dani took this advice to heart and did just that. To accomplish such a dream requires education, intensity, training, and perseverance. As a WVJC student Dani has demonstrated intensity in her passion, diligence in her training and constant perseverance in both academic and personal pursuits.

At the age of fourteen, Dani suffered a spinal cord injury during gymnastics training. This injury led to the detection of other health-related problems which resulted in a harsh reality. Dani was diagnosed at eighteen with postural orthostatic hypotension syndrome and hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome. At the age of twenty-one she has endured twenty-three surgeries.

Through these health related issues, Dani did not succumb to the devastation or setbacks.  Dani continued with uninterrupted effort. As Dani’s health stabilized she made a decision that impacted her life. Dani decided to pursue her degree as a Clinical Medical Assistant. WVJC presented her the opportunity to begin her medical training in an environment that was supportive, encouraging and provided individualized attention. “Thanks to West Virginia Junior College, I have been given 18 months to improve my heath while continuing my education in biochemistry while working as a Medical Assistant.” No matter what Danielle has faced in her life she continues to strive for her ultimate goal.

Life has a way of challenging us. Dani was faced with a medical reality that could have destroyed her dreams. She was able to meet each challenge with courage and enthusiasm. West Virginia Junior College is privileged to be a part of Dani’s educational journey.

For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program CLICK HERE

Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Megan Sturm

Megan SturmMedical Assisting student Megan Sturm knew that WVJC- Bridgeport was the right choice for her as soon as she stepped into the school. She instantly felt comfortable and welcomed.

She knew the Medical Assisting program was a good fit because she has always had the utmost respect for people in the medical field. She loves to help others and enjoys the hands on interaction and the feeling of making a difference.

When asked about her favorite part of attending WVJC, Sturm replied, “I love that everyone is always there whenever you need something, whether it’s to talk, vent, cry, or laugh.  It’s amazing to walk down the hallways and see how proud the school is of their graduates. It’s a huge motivation for me.”

Not only is Sturm a student at WVJC- Bridgeport, she also holds a part-time job at Kroger, was recently chosen to be a college work study, and is a mother.  “My daughter is my motivation to achieve my goals,” said Sturm.  She also names her grandma and her boyfriend, Brian, as big supporters.

Sturm takes pride in immersing herself in school activities and functions.  Being there for new students and letting them know about the amazing decision they have made to attend college helps her stay grounded, and makes her feel like she is making a difference in the lives of others.  “I would love for anyone that is thinking about furthering their education to know that this is a wonderful school, and will make a huge difference in their lives.”

“I would like to thank anyone who has been there for me, and motivated me to make a positive change in my life.  I want to thank my family for being there and the entire faculty and staff at WVJC- Bridgeport for making me feel welcomed at school, and for helping me with whatever it is I am going through.  Most of all, I want to thank God, for without Him being in my life, I doubt I would have made these great changes.”

Student Highlight – Christle Henderson

Christle HendersonEvery morning, Christle Henderson prays and reads her Bible before heading to the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown campus.

Christle, a Medical Assisting student who is planning to graduate in November, is also a Children’s Minister at Deer Park Church of God of Prophecy in Oakland, Md.

As a volunteer, she prepares lesson plans, develops games and provides entertainment for the children, along with hosting fundraisers and holiday events.

“Before a test, I pray and ask God to help me to recall the information I need,” Christle said.

When Christle was born, her parents wanted her to put Christ first.

“They named me Christ with an ‘le’ at the end, which to them, meant little Christ,” she said.

At WVJC, Christle learned about other faiths.  She said the study she completed on multiple religions helped her to understand the viewpoints of different students in her classes.

“Basically, I believe that we all follow one God and should follow the Golden Rule.  We learned about different cultures and touched on their backgrounds,” Christle said. “In general, whether it’s race, religion, or whatever, it’s about how the person themselves chooses to live their lives. People choose how to live, regardless of how they’re taught.”

She added that her logic and critical thinking course put into perspective all she believes and has learned so far, along with broadening the way she thinks about the world.

Christle said she liked meeting the faculty and staff and making new friends in the classroom.

As a CNA for eight years, she enjoyed adding new skills, such as ECG and phlebotomy. She would eventually like to become a Registered Nurse.

For new students, and current ones, she advises that they worry more about themselves and their studies instead of complaining about an instructor or what another student is doing. She suggests that students simply accept “how it is” and try to do their best.

“I just want to make a difference and take everything as positive, not negative. Even the bad things can turn out well,” Christle said.  “Always reach for your goals, and then when you reach them, make new ones.”

Christle recently celebrated her 12-year anniversary with husband Jarrad. She has two daughters, Justine, 9, and Josephine, 10.

For more information about the Medical Assisting program, call 304-296-8282 or visit

Student Highlight – Brandi Meadows

Brandi MeadowsBeing a mother, wife, and full-time student, Brandi Meadows of the WVJC eCampus is one busy woman. She enjoys taking care of people, which is one reason she enrolled in the medical assisting program and why she enjoys being with her family. So, it was quite surprising for her to find someone asking about how she was doing for a change.

“Wow, I don’t get asked many questions only pertaining to me often,” Meadows said. “I may not know how to answer.”


Half-joking aside, Meadows has demonstrated that although balancing life, work, and school is difficult, it’s something that can be done.


And, it can be done well, as Meadows has lived up to her perfectionist trait even through tough classes.


“I actually am doing great so far,” the medical assistant student exclaimed. “I recently made the President’s List by maintaining a 4.0 GPA and have had the best relationship with my instructors in each class.”


Video lectures, assignments, quizzes, and other projects often take a lot of time and effort to complete successfully. Like many students, Meadows worked on her time management skills to ensure she would complete schoolwork on time.


“The most challenging part of WVJC Online to me, personally, is the discipline to give myself enough time to do my assignments so that I am not pressured or worried if something goes wrong and I need to re-do them,” she said.


And, with the schedule of classwork, usually time with friends and family members take a dip. For Meadows – and many others – it is a difficult task to overcome if one does not see the bigger picture, have faith, and know there are many people, in her corner, rooting for her to succeed.


“I feel guilty a lot of times when my five year-old daughter wants me to play with her and I am busy with work or when my husband wants to sit on the couch and watch TV, but I want to finish my work,” Meadows said. “With that being said, my biggest supporters are God and, believe it or not, my instructors. When they tell me I am doing a good job, it pushes me to do better.”


Many instructors would agree that Meadows’ makes it easy to offer compliments. One medical instructor, Tammy Kaylor, has had Meadows in several classes and has always found her work to be exemplary.


“Brandi is such an excellent student,” Kaylor said. “Her participation is always wonderful and she is such a pleasure to have in class.”


Actually, one of Meadows’ favorite parts of the eCampus are the instructors and staff members that she has worked with while earning her degree. She specifically gave praise to Ben Larke, financial aid officer, who “was so helpful in explaining my financials to me and any other questions I had when I first started WVJC Online”.  Meadows said Mr. Larke made the process “very comfortable and easy”, especially since she had some hesitations about coming back to school.


She also enjoys the instructors, like Mrs. Kaylor, who have been a cheerleader for her success.


“My favorite part of attending WVJC Online is the way I’m treated by my Instructors and the staff,” she said. “They always make me feel that I am their priority and are willing to go to any length to see any problem I’m having through to the end, until it is resolved. I am always contacted back within 24 hours regardless of if it’s a weekend or weekday and am always satisfied with the results.”


Meadows’ work ethic and positive interaction with the staff began right at the beginning of her time at the WVJC eCampus. During the first couple weeks, Meadows was already demonstrating her grit and excellent work and continues to do so today.
“You can always tell Brandi strives to do well in everything she does,” David M. Grimes, Meadows’ student success instructor, said. “It’s reflected in her attitude and in her work. Doing the minimum is not good enough for Brandi and she only accepts the best out of herself. She’ll definitely realize that this trait will separate her from the pack and will open doors in her future career as a medical assistant and nurse.”
When you don’t find her nose in a book on typing away on the computer, you’ll mostly likely find Meadows fishing for bass or trout during the summer and fall months. If she does find time to relax on the couch with her husband, she may make him re-watch the movie, “Sweet Home Alabama” as she a “sucker for true love”.
But, for now, she’ll mostly be knee-deep in schoolwork, continuing to keep herself motivated on her journey for a better career.


All she has to do is look at her self-made Vision Board, which has pictures of where she wishes to be in her life within the next several years. There are photos that depict scenes of graduation, a medical assistant job, grades from RNA classes, and a Nurse.


All she has to do is look in the mirror to know she’s definitely making it happen.


“I am proud of myself for choosing to do something for me,” Meadows said. “I do not let anyone or anything interfere with it. I had this chance before and put other things before my education and I lost it. I won’t let it slip away from me this time.


“I am so thankful that things fell into place like they did and I was able to get into WVJC Online at just the right time. It has already been a wonderful ride and it’s only just begun. I know this is a foundation where my dreams will come true.”


WVJC Bridgeport Graduate Highlight: William Smith, Medical Assisting

William Smith PhotoWilliam T. Smith is a Medical Assisting Graduate from West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus.

One week after he completed his Medical Assisting program, he was hired at Biolife Plasma Services where he was hired as a screener which is responsible for taking patient vitals, iron and protein levels. After a few months, he was trained on performing VP and in October 2012, he was asked to be a technician to troubleshoot the Autopheresis machine. He traveled to Chicago for that training. In February 2013, he became the Center Supervisor and still holds that position today!

William chose to come to WVJC because of the atmosphere. “My Admission Representative, Darin, gave me a tour and I felt like I would get more one-on-one attention and hands-on training. The smaller classes were a good thing for me, as a nontraditional student.”

William remembers, “When I took the tour, I was undecided about which program to choose – Medical Assisting or Information Technology. As soon as the tour was over, I chose Medical Assisting because I liked the Lab. It felt like I was at an actual functioning medical facility.”

His favorite part of attending WVJC Bridgeport was getting to know the teaching staff and fellow students. He said, “I have a lot of respect for the staff and the knowledge they provided me is how I have been successful. As far as my fellow classmates, I met a lot of great people and I will always remember them and the fun we all had together.”

If William had advice to give other students, it would be to always keep a positive attitude and be proud of what you are doing!

William also stated, “I would say my biggest supporter other than my parents would be 3 people at the college at the time I was there would be MRS. Lehosit, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Cunningham. Mrs. Lehosit and Mrs. Williams I have the upmost respect for the both of them. I learned so much in their classes. Mrs. Cunningham she is one of the most positive people that I know she really is encouraging to the students in helping them get a job afterwards. I would like to mention Ms Gilbert she was the nicest person I think I have ever met in my life. I will never forget the ones that helped me out while I attended WVJC.”


WVJC Bridgeport Student Highlight: Denise Hayes, Medical Assisting

Denise HayesDenise Hayes is enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport.

“My favorite part of school is learning the knowledge of my classmates and the excitement of attending college as an older student,” she said.

Denise loves meeting new people and enjoy working toward a goal of obtaining her Medical Assistant Associate Degree and becoming a Certified Medical Assistant.

“The staff and faculty are always so positive, even when I feel like I can’t do it. I love the atmosphere at WVJC Bridgeport,” said Denise.

Denise has dreamed of attending college since she was two years old. She worked at her previous job for 22 ½ years and when circumstances changed, she knew she could jump on the opportunity to obtain an education.

“I was so excited to make the Dean’s List last quarter,” she said. “ It was definitely motivation for me to show that I can do it.”

There are several people that Denise would like to thank for her success in her program so far:

“I would love to thank, Mrs. Frye, because she has been such a motivation for me and given me such great support and if I was feeling blue and ready to give up, she was there for me. Thank you to Mrs. White, for being such a great teacher! I have learned so much from her and we both have a love for animals!! She has been quite the inspiration for me also!! Very soft spoken, and has such insight, not to mention she is one of the teachers older than me, haha. Had to throw that in, but a great, kind-hearted person! Then, Mr. Morgan – He was my glue in the beginning and would never would let me quit! I never went to college and he and I shared a special bond of him being my mentor!  He once even texted me from the ER to tell me that quitting was not in my vocabulary. “

WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting Student Highlight: Megan Stone

WVJC Medical Assisting | Bridgeport Medical Assisting | WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting“I chose to come to WVJC because I wanted to do something to better myself. The idea of always having to rely on someone to take care of me was terrible. I also wanted to be a good role-model for my future kids and any kids in my life; explained Megan.”

She loves WVJC Bridgeport so far.  “My favorite part of attending this school has been all the new people I have met. I have never been surrounded by so many people who truly care how you are and how you are doing. It has been an awesome experience for me and allowed me to grow so much as a person.”

Megan also loves the Medical Assistant Program that she is in.  “I chose this program because I am really good with people and my personality puts a smile on faces. The idea of helping people like I have been helped made me feel as if I was repaying the favor somehow.”

Student who complete the Medical Assisting program at WVJC learn how to take patient vital signs, assist with physical exams, collect medical specimens, check blood-sugar levels, perform laboratory tests, draw blood, sterilize medical equipment, assist with minor surgeries, give injections, complete certain heart tests, understand medical terms, prepare basic medications, understand privacy issues and work at the front desk of an office.

WVJC offers Medical Assisting at all three of its on-site campuses in Charleston, Bridgeport, Morgantown and now online.