Why You Should Choose An Accelerated Training Program

Have you been considering furthering your education? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a training program that allows you to balance family, work, and college. Or you want to avoid spending four to six years at a traditional school taking classes you won’t need in your career. If this sounds like you, attending one of WVJC’s … Read more

Rodney Wilson – Faculty Highlight

Meet Rodney Wilson, ATI Champion, and Simulation Coordinator! Rodney Wilson is the new ATI Champion and Simulation Coordinator for the WVJC Nursing program. He works with the nursing students by reviewing their progress and formulating plans to succeed for them in our program. Mr. Wilson’s other job is running simulation scenarios on the mannequins in … Read more

How An Accelerated Nursing
Program Can Benefit You

Have you been dreaming of a nursing career but are unsure how to start? Or have you been weighing your options within the healthcare field and have considered pursuing nursing? No matter your unique situation, one of West Virginia Junior College’s accelerated nursing programs could be a great fit for you! Nursing is a respected … Read more

Alison Galan – Student Highlight

Meet Practical Nursing Student Alison Galan! Alison Galan started her journey at West Virginia Junior College in December of 2022. Alison chose the Practical Nursing program, which allows her to obtain her diploma in 12 months. She stated that she chose the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport because “I always wanted to start my career … Read more

Hannah DeVos – Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Hannah DeVos! Before attending West Virginia Junior College, Hannah DeVos attended a community college in Pennsylvania. While she went there, she finished prerequisite courses and transferred to the Nursing program at WVJC. While attending school, she is also a mother of four amazing children who constantly love and support her while she … Read more

Mass Casualty Incident Simulation

On Friday, November 11, West Virginia Junior College held a Mass Casualty Incident Simulation for nursing students. This simulation is critical to the real-world training that we provide to our students. The simulation consisted of live actors and manakins. Students went through two floors where they assessed patients using a triage system of colored tags … Read more

How To Perform a Lung Assessment

Dianne Phillips, the ATI and Sim Lab Coordinator, and practical nursing student Alison Galan demonstrate how to perform a lung assessment on an adult patient. Alison had already knocked on the door for permission to enter, washed her hands, and identified the patient using two forms of ID. Relying on her knowledge of the anatomy … Read more

How WVJC Offers A Different
Educational Experience

At West Virginia Junior College, we know that every student is unique and deserves an educational experience that meets their individual needs. That’s why we have created a learning environment that works for students, regardless of their unique situation. WVJC offers a different educational approach, allowing students to balance their families and work schedules with … Read more

Cody Taylor – Staff Highlight

Meet Nursing Admissions Team Member Cody Taylor! Cody Taylor graduated from Moorefield Highschool in 2014 and received his CCMA from Eastern WV Community and Technical College. During high school and a little after graduation, Cody worked as a cavern tour guide for Smoke Hole Resort. He then started his career in healthcare, working as a … Read more