Earn Your Information Technology Diploma with WVJC!

Have you always been interested in computers but lacked the skills to be an information technology professional? At WVJC, we offer students like you the chance to fine-tune your skills with our high-quality IT training.

The world of technology is exciting, fast-paced, and constantly changing. If you are someone who enjoys technology and could see yourself working in the sector for a living, an information technology diploma may be your answer!

In this IT program, you will take a variety of information technology courses where you will learn to troubleshoot computers and understand how they work. As a further component of your IT training, you will also build websites, manage networks, learn business management skills that employers are looking for, and much more.

“WVJC has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The skills and knowledge I received lead me to my current job as a systems administrator. Without WVJC, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
– Ryan Bell, IT Program Graduate

What to Expect from Our Information Technology Courses

Students looking into information technology programs can count on the IT training from WVJC as a resource to jumpstart their careers in a growing field. Within the program, students can expect to learn how to do the following:

  • Build websites
  • Manage computer networks
  • Build computer systems
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Advise online security and privacy issues
  • Perform computer maintenance
  • Build, network, and manage servers
  • Manage databases

Applying Your Skills

Our information technology courses provide the knowledge needed for a wide range of skills. Students who work hard to earn their education could choose to take their futures in many directions upon graduation.

Some of the possible paths that students could pursue with their information technology training include:

  • Running computer networks for a company
  • Working as a computer service technician
  • Working as a computer repair person
  • Working as a computer consultant
  • Answering customers’ computer questions at a help desk

Our Externship Options Will Compliment Your Completed IT Training

One factor that makes us stand out from other information technology programs and computer schools is our opportunities for local externships.

At WVJC, we know your goal is to get in to your dream career fast. We’ve designed our Information Technology program to meet your career goals and the needs of local employers. Experience with IT that goes beyond the classroom is a great way to improve your marketability to employers.

Within our Information Technology courses, students will complete an externship as part of the program. This on-the-job training allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned in the real world with real people. This experience is invaluable and also allows you to showcase your skills to employers in your area who hire IT professionals.

Learn More About Our IT Training and Certification Prep

Not only does our Information Technology program prepare you to be job-ready, but it’s also designed to prepare you for certain Pearson VUE certification exams which can strengthen your appeal in your field. Some of the certifications our students are qualified to take upon completing their information technology courses include:

  • Certified Cisco Entry Network Technician (CCENT)*
  • Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)*+
  • A+ Certified Technician*
  • Network+ Certified**
  • Server+ Certified**

West Virginia Junior College is incorporating Cisco training into our information technology programs that will prepare students to create and manage network infrastructures. Cisco is the recognized worldwide leader relative to information technology infrastructure.

WVJC will also deliver a comprehensive Cisco learning experience to help students develop ICT skills for entry-level career opportunities and globally recognized career certifications.

Students will receive extensive training within our information technology courses to understand and manage the Open System Interconnect (OSI). Emphasis will be placed on understanding the 7 layers’ information “packets,” as students will have to transcend to complete the electronic communicative process.

*Required/Included in Tuition/Fees

**Optional at own expense

+Optional at Bridgeport 

Certified Cisco Entry Network Technician (CCENT)

WVJC students will also be trained to sit for the CCENT certification, which is the first level exam encompassing CISCO skill sets. Training for this certification focuses on programming CISCO routers utilizing the Command Line Interface (CLI) to manage subnets, thereby streamlining and making digital communications more efficient.

Additional IT training includes managing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers which automatically leases IP addresses and other information for individual work stations.

Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)*

At select campuses, our students will then prepare to sit for the CCNA certification. This advanced certification will further the student mastery of the CLI which will allow the student to perform and create more complex programming routines utilizing CISCO routers and switches.

Within our information technology degree courses, students will also become proficient with the Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) as well as develop higher level security skills including building more complicated firewalls.

*Not available at all campuses.

“As a graduate of the IT program at WVJC, I can honestly say that the support given by the instructors goes above and beyond any other college.They will gladly take time out of their day to offer assistance and ensure your success in the program.” – Brain O’Dell, IT Program Graduate

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