Top 5 Essential Soft Skills

What are soft skills? Soft skills are such as communication, teamwork, leading, and learning. Soft skills are not necessarily related to your field or career but are a broader skill set that makes you more effective at communicating and getting the job done. This video analyzes the top 5 most essential soft skills employers seek. These skills are networking, professionalism, teamwork, … Read more

Information Technology: How To Build A Computer Demonstration

How To Build A Computer West Virginia Junior College’s Information Technology students worked together to bring you this demonstration video highlighting what they’ve learned during their time in the accelerated associate degree program. In part one, you will see the parts of the computer, Jordan will go over more about each part, and then Andrew … Read more

Real-World Skills Demonstrations
Part 3

WVJC Students Practice Basic Skills! WVJC presents part 3 of student demonstrations. Watch as medical office administration student Tamika walks us through different scheduling techniques used within the medical field. As part of the associate degree program, students take an effective communications course. Students at WVJC enjoy a hands-on environment daily to grow and enhance … Read more