WVJC and Moodr Health Partner For New Mental Health Initiative

WVJC and Moodr Health Collaborate For Nursing Student Mental Health Support ProgramMoodr and WVJC Collaboration (1)

West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) and Moodr Health have partnered to introduce an exciting pilot program that prioritizes mental health during nursing education. This innovative initiative, launched at the WVJC Charleston campus, is set to provide crucial support for a nursing cohort of 50 students in the WVJC School of Nursing at Raleigh General program as they embark on their nursing journey this spring. 

The WVJC School of Nursing at Raleigh General nursing training program prepares students in the Beckley, West Virginia, area to work as nurses at Raleigh General Hospital upon graduation. This innovative program offers students the opportunity to earn their nursing education with some additional flexibility through online didactic courses paired with hands-on lab and clinical experiences at Raleigh General Hospital and occasional use of one of WVJC’s Mobile Nursing Lab during evenings and weekends.

“As a partner facility of the West Virginia Junior College nursing program, Raleigh General Hospital is excited about the innovative collaboration between WVJC and Moodr Health,” said Marsha Jamison, VP Chief Nursing Officer at Raleigh General Hospital. “Mental health is a crucial aspect of nursing education and practice, and we applaud WVJC’s proactive approach in prioritizing the well-being of their students. The skills and resilience cultivated through this program will undoubtedly benefit our healthcare team at Raleigh General Hospital, and we look forward to welcoming these graduates as they embark on their careers in nursing.”

Moodr Health is a proactive digital healthcare solution that provides assessment, treatment, evaluation, and support for mental health challenges. Nursing school is a rigorous process that can cause students significant mental stress. The collaboration between WVJC and Moodr aims to establish a higher standard for mental health support during nursing education. 

Many of WVJC’s student nurses are non-traditional adult learners who must balance family, work, and their education. This demographic faces unique challenges and stressors, including the accelerated nature of the 18-month hybrid Nursing program. Making mental health a priority is beneficial for students during their education and into their careers, equipping them with the skills and resources to handle the stress of working in the nursing field. 

Michelle Hopkins, Chief Customer Success Officer at Moodr Health, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with WVJC. “We are thrilled to partner with West Virginia Junior College to provide ongoing well-being support to nursing students,” she said. “At Moodr Health, we are committed to empowering individuals to prioritize their mental and emotional wellness, and this partnership allows us to extend our support to a dedicated group of future healthcare professionals.”

WVJC was one of the recipients of the Moodr Early Innovator Grant, which awarded the institution $11,250 to support initiatives that align with Moodr Health’s mission of proactive mental health support. This grant underscores WVJC’s commitment to developing innovative approaches to supporting students’ mental health needs, particularly within the demanding context of nursing school. 

Chad Callen, CEO of WVJC, emphasizes the importance of mental health for students, “The accelerated nature of our nursing program at WVJC undoubtedly intensifies the inherent stresses of nursing school. Recognizing this, we’ve embarked on a strategic partnership with Moodr Health to introduce Life Coach Navigators for our students,” he said. “This initiative is not just about navigating the rigorous demands of nursing school, but equally about managing life’s challenges alongside. Our aim is clear: to enhance student success. Consequently, we anticipate this will lead to an increase in the number of qualified nurses ready to serve our hospitals and communities.” 

This partnership between WVJC and Moodr Health signifies a significant stride toward prioritizing mental health within nursing education. This initiative will enhance student success and cultivate a generation of resilient and compassionate healthcare professionals who can positively impact their communities by equipping students with the support and resources needed to navigate the challenges of nursing school and nursing careers. 

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