Travis Kimmel – Faculty Highlight

Meet Travis Kimmel, Assistant Program Director of Cybersecurity

Travis Kimmel embarked on his academic journey by completing his Associate’s Degree in Information Technology from the Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology in Uniontown, PA. This institute, a former sister site of WVJC, provided him with foundational knowledge in the field. Building upon this, Travis pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from California University of Pennsylvania, culminating in 2021. This academic background laid the groundwork for his illustrious career in the realm of information technology.

Travis Kimmel - Faculty HighlightOver the span of 10-12 years, Travis has amassed a wealth of experience across various roles, predominantly within the healthcare IT sector. His focus has largely revolved around supporting the Oracle Cerner electronic records platform across diverse organizational landscapes. Travis’s professional odyssey commenced in 2013 at Uniontown Hospital, where he started as a Desktop Technician.

His expertise and dedication led him to transition seamlessly into the role of Systems Analyst, where he provided invaluable support for Oracle Cerner solutions, particularly in Device Integration. With over six years of enriching experiences at Uniontown Hospital, Travis ventured into a new chapter at Mon Health Medical Center. Here, he assumed the position of Application Analyst, continuing his steadfast support in analogous areas. Travis briefly explored the role of a Cerner Consultant, offering legacy support for systems, before returning to Mon Health in 2022, this time as a Senior Integration and Reporting Analyst. Beyond the confines of the healthcare domain, Travis has also lent his expertise to various establishments such as Kingfish Worldwide, Best Buy/Geek Squad, PIHT, TeleTech, and Kmart.

Travis serves as the Assistant Program Director of Cybersecurity at WVJC. His role not only underscores his proficiency in the field but also resonates with his innate passion for imparting knowledge and shaping the minds of future professionals. Despite the predominantly online nature of his interactions with students, Travis relishes the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and guide them toward success in their chosen career paths.

Travis takes immense pride in obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, a milestone that took perseverance and determination. Despite encountering setbacks at various colleges and universities over the years, he remained resolute in his pursuit of higher education. Recognizing the importance of academic achievement in fulfilling his career aspirations, Travis was driven to succeed. His personal experiences of balancing full-time work, full-time online schooling, and maintaining relationships with loved ones have fostered a deep connection with students facing similar challenges. Travis firmly believes in their potential to succeed, drawing from his own journey as inspiration.

Looking ahead, Travis is determined to apply his resilient mindset toward pursuing a master’s degree, recognizing it as the next step in his academic and professional journey. His overarching career objective is to transition into IT Leadership roles and contribute meaningfully to developing information systems that positively impact society. Travis envisions these systems as tools for facilitating knowledge acquisition in areas individuals are passionate about, thereby fostering personal growth and societal advancement.

Concurrently, Travis is committed to obtaining his master’s degree to deepen his expertise in the field of information technology. He views advanced education as essential for staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies, positioning himself as a leader and innovator in his field.

Beyond his professional ambitions, Travis offers a glimpse into his personal life by sharing that he is an identical twin, with Tyler as his younger counterpart. Despite their physical similarities, Travis and Tyler possess distinct personalities that serve as distinguishing factors for those who know them. This unique bond adds richness to Travis’s identity and enhances his interactions with others, providing insight into the complexities of human connection and individuality.

In essence, Travis’s journey encompasses both academic and personal growth. He is driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to make a meaningful impact in both professional and societal spheres. Travis embodies resilience, determination, and the capacity to inspire others on their own paths to success through his dedication to lifelong learning and his unique perspective as an identical twin.

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