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Business Administration Student Highlight – Hunter Fox

Business Administration

Hunter Fox attends West Virginia Junior College Morgantown where he is earning his associate degree in Business Administration.  He is a graduate of East Fairmont High School and WVJC was his first choice for college!  He wanted to go to a school with smaller classes and instructors who know their students by name and are there for you when you need advice or assistance.  In his words, “WVJC checked all those boxes for me.” 

Hunter has worked for the last 7 years at Old Navy and chose the Business Administration program because he finds the corporate world to be interesting and full of opportunity and new experiences. Hunter wants to use the knowledge and skills he gained from West Virginia Junior College to obtain a higher position in the business world, ultimately leading to a new role in West Virginia or even abroad.  As with many decisions in life, Hunter realizes that deciding to further his education was his own personal journey, but through it all, he is lucky to have had the added support of a large group of friends and family. 

His advice to WVJC students is to use the supportive network of staff and Instructors. He knows from personal experience that they are willing to help in any way they can. One instance that stands out for Hunter was during one of his Accounting classes.  Both Chad Callen, Campus President and certified CPA, and Ryan Langley, Director of Instructional Design and Technology, took time out of their busy schedules to assist him and his classmates during this detailed and number intensive class. 

Hunter likes the diversity of students at West Virginia Junior College and has found that his classmates were another great source of knowledge, experience, and support.  In his words, “WVJC has students from every walk of life, each who have knowledge you can use to better your life.  Some may have faced the same struggles you may be facing now and can help advise you on the best choices.” 

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