Chantel Garrett – Student Highlight

Medical Assisting student, Chantel Garrett, decided to contact WVJC to learn more about our fast-track healthcare programs. Chantel attended a local community college before attending WVJC, but it was not the right fit. When she entered the doors at WVJC, she knew she selected the right college to further her education! She said, “I decided to attend WVJC because of the atmosphere and support from every person I interacted with.”

Chantel has always been interested in the medical field. She said, “I love to take care of people and help others.” Before attending WVJC, Chantel was working as a caregiver. She enjoyed her job, but she felt stuck. Chantel understands the importance of education and is excited about her career opportunities once she earns her diploma.

The classes at WVJC are designed for students to get hands-on training, so graduates are ready for careers upon graduation. Chantel‘s Medical Assisting Diploma program is flying by. She has already completed her clinical lab classes, so she now has the skills to complete vital signs, phlebotomy, EKG, assist with minor office surgeries, and so much more!

We asked Chantel about her favorite part about attending WVJC, and she said, “The open-door policy is my favorite. I know someone is always available to listen to me.”

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Branson Crites – Graduate Highlight

Branson Crites originally enrolled at West Virginia Junior College in the Information Technology diploma program. He graduated in 2020 and decided to re-enroll in the Network Administration Security degree program. Branson made this choice because he wanted to get the most out of his education. He enjoyed his first 12 months and didn’t want his education experience to end. In June 2021, he graduated with two degrees from WVJC.

Branson’s favorite part of WVJC is making friends. “Getting to know fellow students and even staff was helpful in getting comfortable with school again, which helped me stick with it,” he says.

Branson’s favorite teacher at WVJC is Ms. Holyfield, who teaches many general education courses and manages the library. Branson stated, “Ms. Holyfield has been instrumental in my success as a student. She has always been there when I needed her, and she never has any problems letting me be myself. I know that even after my time as a student ends, she will always be there for me.” Having someone in his corner every step of the way at WVJC gave Branson the confidence he needed to excel in his courses.

After graduation, Branson would love to have a job that gives him hands-on experience working in the IT field. When asked how he would like his life to be in five years, Branson replied, “In five years, hopefully, I will have learned a lot more about information technology management and maybe turn toward education. Helping others learn about what I am passionate about seems like a great way to live life.”

Branson also stated that “WVJC is the environment that is ultimately set up for you to succeed, and all the support you could need is available.” Branson is very excited to have graduated and hopes to find a great job. He feels confident that he will be a valuable asset to any company he finds employment with. His certifications and experience gained through his externships have given him the knowledge and confidence to get out there and start working in the field he is passionate about.

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Business Administration Graduate Highlight – Shana McCormick

Shana McCormickShana McCormick is a Business Administration diploma graduate of WVJC Online. When Shana was looking into online schools, she wanted to find a good fit for herself and her family. She stated “I really wanted to be able to better support my family and get this for myself.” Shana chose WVJC Online because “I heard from a friend how wonderful it was, along with how well the school works with a hectic schedule.” Shana is married with 3 children and needed flexibility to be able to maintain her home life while achieving her educational goals. After choosing WVJC, Shana chose the Business Administration program because she is very organized, has a take charge attitude, and has the ability to get things accomplished. Shana said the skills she learned within the Business Administration program can be applied in all aspects of her career. Shana’s favorite part, if she had to pick one, about WVJC Online was “the one on one help that you can acquire just by simply reaching out to an instructor. They will walk you through what you need and make sure you are learning the skills you are going to need in the work place.”

Like Shana, not everyone knows what they want to do straight out of high school. They may not even know in their 30s, but that should never stop someone from trying. If Shana could give new students one piece of advice, it would be, “Go into your program with an open mind and ready to learn. Do not rush through. Listen to your lectures and don’t wait until the due date to do all your work! Make a weekly plan with all your assignments and do them accordingly. You get what you put in with an online degree. Find someone that has your back. Find your “village.” These are going to be the people who are cheering you on when you want to quit. They make you want to be better. Do not listen to people who think it is too much for you.”

As Shana neared the end of her school journey, she encountered a few hardships. She wanted to personally thank Brittany Nuzzo, WVJC Online’s Academic Dean. “Thank you Brittany for everything that you did for me during a very hard time in my family’s life. When you go to school, you become family!” Shana couldn’t have put it any better. We at WVJC are family.

Shana also has her husband to thank from top to bottom. Shana’s husband had several health problems during the time she was attending school, but he was always cheering her on. She said, “There were times life got tough and I wanted to quit. It’s human nature. He always built me up when I was crumbling down, even days he didn’t feel like smiling.”

In the beginning, prior to first starting school, Shana said that family life was calm, except chasing around two toddlers. Though, about two months in she learned she was going to have another baby. “College was a dream, but we were told months before we wouldn’t have any more children, so this was a dream too. I had several health issues with my pregnancy, but persevered. I remember hours after I had my son, I was in the hospital, doing schoolwork on my laptop. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it.”

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