Chantel Garrett – Student Highlight

Medical Assisting student, Chantel Garrett, decided to contact WVJC to learn more about our fast-track healthcare programs. Chantel attended a local community college before attending WVJC, but it was not the right fit. When she entered the doors at WVJC, she knew she selected the right college to further her education! She said, “I decided to attend WVJC because of the atmosphere and support from every person I interacted with.”

Chantel has always been interested in the medical field. She said, “I love to take care of people and help others.” Before attending WVJC, Chantel was working as a caregiver. She enjoyed her job, but she felt stuck. Chantel understands the importance of education and is excited about her career opportunities once she earns her diploma.

The classes at WVJC are designed for students to get hands-on training, so graduates are ready for careers upon graduation. Chantel‘s Medical Assisting Diploma program is flying by. She has already completed her clinical lab classes, so she now has the skills to complete vital signs, phlebotomy, EKG, assist with minor office surgeries, and so much more!

We asked Chantel about her favorite part about attending WVJC, and she said, “The open-door policy is my favorite. I know someone is always available to listen to me.”

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Summer Parsons – Student Highlight

Legal Office Assisting student Summer Parsons has been attending WVJC since May 2020. Prior to starting college and after high school, Summer took a year off. She said she was feeling “stuck” in Morgantown and was beginning work as a server. She decided that it was time for her to make a change and followed her heart to begin her career in the legal field!

When deciding where she would attend college, Summer knew that she was not ready to begin a 4-year degree. She wanted something a little faster that would still allow her to obtain a good career. At the time, she was not completely sure what she wanted to do in the legal field, and she also did not want to spend all of the money that a 4-year college costs if she was not sure of her path. With this being said, she knew she was interested in the legal field because she was always involved in politics and wanted to advocate for others. Summer wants to make a difference, and she knows this program will allow her to do so!

During Summer’s time at WVJC, she has made some amazing connections with her instructors. In particular, she said, “Bryce (Adkins) and Dustin (Blankenship) would have to be my favorites. They have helped me with so much.” She said that they both helped her academically and with personal issues, going above and beyond what she expected.

After graduation, Summer plans to go on and get her bachelor’s degree in public policy. She hopes this will allow her more opportunities to work in either criminal defense law or family law. This decision is based on her desire to help others and be their voice when they do not have one. The passion Summer has for the legal field is shown through her work and her goals! She is also hoping to pursue higher education somewhere warmer. Her family is from Florida, so that may be the place calling her name! In conclusion, Summer emphasized multiple times how she loves going to WVJC and tells all of her friends that are struggling with finding what they want to do or who need a good support system to come to WVJC!

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Learn About Career Services At WVJC Online

Do you know what career management services at WVJC Online has to offer you? If not, you will not want to miss this video as the Director of Career Management, Brittany Remington informs you about three of the several benefits that career management has to offer. Career Management is available to assist students throughout their journey here at WVJC Online. This means from the moment that students enroll, during the duration of their time at WVJC Online, and after students graduate, the career management team can answer any question, assist with job searches, as well as provide continual refresher services for interviewing skills and updating your resume.

Students will be assigned to their career management director at the beginning phases of their program. They will continue to develop that relationship with their career management director throughout their program, so by the time graduation comes, the student has a career plan. If you are in need of career assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brittany Remington, as she will direct you to your assigned career management director.

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André Brumfield – Student Highlight

WVJC Information Technology Student André Brumfield began taking classes at WVJC in August 2020. Before starting classes at WVJC, Andre worked in a factory making ignition coils for Chrysler vehicles. He had never attended college before and was working 50 hours a week with only one day off in the factory. André decided to come to WVJC after seeing the success of his friends. André said, “I have a couple of friends who had graduated through the program, and I noticed that they were hired for jobs in their field almost immediately.”

André chose to go into the Information Technology field for multiple reasons. André said, “I have an interest in learning about computer hardware and software as well as learning how the devices connect to each other.” He added, “I also believe that Information Technology is a field that will only become more valuable as time passes.” Although André says he has enjoyed the entire program, his favorite classes so far have been Introduction to Computer Hardware and Introduction to Networking. His favorite experience in the program to date has been building his own computer. “Being able to apply the knowledge I learned in class in a physical environment with actual hardware helped tie everything in together,” André said.

Thinking forward to his time following graduation, André knows that there are numerous career opportunities open to him as an IT professional. He is excited about getting to apply the knowledge he is learning in a practical way. André said, “The ideal job after graduating for me would be working with PC’s hands-on in an environment when I can help people.” He also added, “In five years, I would like to be settled into a job that I’m comfortable and proficient at.”

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Practical Nursing Graduation – 2019

Graduation, the day we long for from the day we begin any educational journey. It is a time to celebrate; celebrate your accomplishments not only for yourself,  but with friends and family. The day where reality sets in and you start into another part of your life journey.

The dictionary defines graduation as “the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.”  Many of us look at graduation as a day of accomplishment and success, which you should.  Some question, “Am I told old to walk at graduation?” The answer is no.  Accomplishments should be celebrated at all ages and at all times in our lives.

In December 2019, West Virginia Junior College celebrated the success of eleven practical nurses as they walked across the stage at Via Veneto’s in Bridgeport. On this special day, we celebrated not only their accomplishments but also looked back upon the journey to get them where they are today. The laughter, hard work, dedication, many sleepless nights, and countless study sessions finally became a reality, that they were overwhelmingly proud of.  Family, friends, and instructors glowed in happiness in the success of not only the completion,  but also the level of professionalism from this group of ladies.

After graduation, they continued to accomplish many more achievements. Every December 2019 practical nursing graduate passed their NCLEX exam, which officially gave them the title of “Licensed Practical Nurse.”  Not only were they proud of themselves but also of each other. Together as a team, they continue to grow and prosper.  Each graduate also quickly obtained employment after graduation and are happy to be in the healthcare field, a dream they all had since they were little. “Every nurse is drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, or to help.”  – Christina Feist-Heilmeier, RN.

At WVJC Bridgeport, you become a part of a small family. The small classes and the one on one attention you receive, are like no other.  We offer many different programs within our WVJC family and we always celebrate everyone’s accomplishments during graduation.

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Graduate Highlight – Candice Barr

Candice BarrCandice Barr is a hardworking mother, wife, and student. She went to Fairmont State University after she graduated from high school, but stated that she “didn’t realize the importance of [her] education then”.  While attending WVJC Online, she has been working part-time jobs to care for her daughter who has special needs and also taking care of the rest of her family. Candice decided to make this important life decision after seeing a commercial for WVJC that made her wonder about her future and the possible career options ahead of her.

Candice has always enjoyed working as a CNA, but says that she knew she could never make a living at it without her degree.  She enjoys working with people, especially when she is able to help them get healthier, so our Clinical Medical Assistant program was perfect for her!  When asked about her favorite part of the program Candice said, “the versatility, no matter what time I had free to do my schoolwork, WVJC was there with fair deadlines”. Candice attributes many people to helping her succeed along the way, most notably her professors, who made her experience at WVJC memorable. “Mrs. Carrie Friend taught me the ins and outs of the clinical setting and it prepared me for my externship and I am grateful for that”. Candice was offered a part-time position at her externship site and credits her success in her program to the experiences she has had.

Candice is now a certified Clinical Medical Assistant with an associate’s degree from WVJC.  “I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing the feat of having a degree.  I hope it’s an example to my children of what they can achieve.” She continues to be an inspiration to her children and many others and she hopes to continue her education in the future by earning a Master’s degree!

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Graduate Highlight – Akwasi Opoku-Achampong

Akwasi Opoku-Achampong and childrenAkwasi Opoku-Achampong graduated in 2017 from WVJC’s Medical Assisting Program. Akwasi is a dedicated father and student. Before going back to school, Akwasi was a Behavioral Health Clinical Auditor who specialized in Medicaid overpayments. After contemplating the future of his education, Akwasi choose to come to WVJC after he heard one of the college’s commercials on the radio. He recalls that moment in his life, “it was very appealing to me, so when I got home I jumped on my computer to do a little research. Everything I found was intriguing and exciting so I called to check it out”.

Akwasi is married with two children. He wanted to start a program that he could successfully complete and was able to build upon in the future. During the course of his Medical Assisting program at WVJC, he also enrolled in a program to earn his Geriatric Nursing Assistant Certification, which helped him become licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

His favorite part about WVJC is the willingness of all the instructors and staff to help him succeed. As Akwasi described, “It was so evident that I just wanted to do whatever I could not to let them and myself down”. He also enjoyed his clinical labs. He felt supported throughout the entire journey at WVJC. When asked about the people at WVJC who affected him the most, Akwasi answered: “Erin Goldman, Admissions Representative was the first person I talked to. She was able to answer all my questions which contributed tremendously in my decision making. Paula Johnson, Financial Aid Representative made the process painless and hassle free. Last but not the least, Rayan Matthews, Clinical Medical Assistant Program Director kept encouraging and pushing me through my classes. I don’t know what I would have done without Rayan’s help. She is a great leader”.

Although Akwasi wondered if he would ever be able to reach his goals, he was very proud to see his children witness their father’s graduation. It was very motivational and inspirational to them, he described. Akwasi wants to further his education and go on to be a nurse practitioner in the future.

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For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program CLICK HERE