Chandice Litton – Student Highlight

Chandice Litton started the Dental Assisting program at West Virginia Junior College in June 2020. Before coming to WVJC, Chandice was attending Braxton County High school. Chandice wanted to become a dental assistant and knew that WVJC had a dental program. When she visited WVJC to see the program, Chandice really liked how small the class sizes were. She knew that with smaller class sizes, she wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. She also enjoyed that the classes were hands-on and would help her understand and learn more in the classroom.

What Chandice loves most about attending WVJC is the friendships she has made while attending the school. She said, “with the classes being so small, you can socialize with everyone allowing you to make friendships with your classmate.” She also likes that you get to know the teachers well, making it easier to talk to them when you have a question about class.

The Stephen A. Callen Memorial Scholarship* was awarded to Chandice. She said, “I was in shock and very surprised. I was very excited and thankful to have been the one chosen for this scholarship, as it would be very helpful in paying for my college education.”

Once Chandice graduates from WVJC, she intends to work as a dental assistant in general dentistry. She doesn’t believe she wants to work with a specialist. She enjoys many things involving different aspects of dentistry, but general is the best option for her.

To learn more about WVJC’s Dental Assisting program, request information here!

*For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.

Meet Dental Assisting Program Director, Ariel Alderson!

Six weeks come and go quickly, according to one of our newest faculty members Ariel Alderson.  She is new to the teaching field but not new to dental assisting world.  According to Ariel, “having the opportunity to educate in the field she is passionate about is extremely rewarding.”  Even though the six weeks fly by as an educator, the knowledge gained and the positive work environment drives the students and Ariel to continued success.

Ariel graduated from West Virginia Junior College’s Dental Assisting program in 2014.  She graduated from the WVJC Dental Assisting program and couldn’t wait to join the workforce. She was ready and excited to put her skills and knowledge to work.  She began her Dental Assisting career with Dr. Lacy, Weidman and Hazey.  This was an exciting time in her life because she was finally putting her passion into place and striving to continue to learn more from the hands on experience under such great dentists.

After some time in the dental field, Ariel knew that her passion to work in the field was not enough.  She applied for the Dental Assisting job at WVJC, where she wanted to not only show off her talents but also help the young minds of today learn the importance of their jobs and day to day responsibilities.   She began her career at WVJC in 2018  as the Dental Assisting Coordinator.  After only a few months of teaching, she is confident that she made the right choice and takes great pride in her job every day “in guiding the young minds toward success.”

When Ariel is not at work she is spending time with her family.  She married the love of her life Tyler in 2015.  They now share two daughters that take up most of their time but “they wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Every day, Ariel and her husband, strive to be the best parents they can be so that one day they will be just as successful as they are.

Ariel is not only a wife, mother and teacher but passionate about her health as well.  She sells “IT Works” on the side to not only make some extra money, but to help the world know and understand the importance of a healthy life style.

Dental Assisting Student Highlight – Kelsey Casto

Kelsey CastoWhen choosing to attend college and obtain a degree there are many aspects to consider. Does the college offer the program I am passionate about? Do the instructors offer individualized support? Will my schedule be flexible? These are just a few vital questions to ask when exploring your options.

Dental Assisting student, Kelsey Casto says she chose to transfer to West Virginia Junior College for two main reasons.

“I chose WVJC because I wanted to be a dental assistant and I knew a lot of people there have children so the staff would work with schedules well.”

Kelsey began her journey at the Charleston campus in February of 2015. Since enrolling she has served as a model student to her classmates and thrived in academics.

Originally, Kelsey was interested in pursuing a career in pediatric dentistry but through her courses and labs she has discovered she is most interested in family dentistry or orthodontics.

Upon graduating in August 2016, she hopes to begin her career in dentistry close to her hometown of Ripley, WV.

“I love my dental classes! I love how hands-on the courses are,” says Casto.

While balancing classwork and family life is not always easy, Kelsey says her son is her main motivation to succeed.

“My son, Ace, keeps me motivated to complete my education and obtain my degree.”

Outside the classroom you can catch Kelsey outside playing with Ace, at hometown baseball games or most recently, at their fishing pond. Kelsey says her son loves to fish and with flexible class schedules and every Friday off, there is plenty of time for memory making with her son, family and friends!

The Charleston Campus is proud to announce the Dental Program Chair, Mrs. Rebecca Shamblin, received the “Instructor of the Year” award for the second year running. It makes a huge difference in students’ education when their instructors are passionate and student focused. If becoming a Dental Assistant is a journey you would like to explore, call the campus today at 304-345-2820 and schedule your personal tour!

Classes are now enrolling for summer!

Dental Assisting Graduate Highlight – Jesse Rose

Jesse RoseFor some students starting college can be daunting, especially because it is unfamiliar territory. However, West Virginia Junior College Charleston is not just any college. The staff and faculty support students from the initial admissions meeting to graduation and beyond. Certified Dental Assistant, Jesse Rose, knows this first hand.

Jesse was not nervous about starting college because he had always been interested in the dental field.

He says one of his favorite parts of college was getting to meet so many people and making friends. Not only were his classmates encouraging and supportive but Jesse says he always felt supported by the WVJC employees.

“The faculty was nice and encouraging. I have to thank Ms. Hale [the Dental Program Coordinator]. She was always encouraging and so supportive,” said Rose.

Throughout his time in the Dental Assisting program, Jesse excelled. Jesse maintained a high GPA and graduated in September 2014. Today he works as a Certified Dental Assistant for Wilson Martino Dental.

Jesse advises future and current dental students to push themselves and follow their goals.

“Do what you love and love what you do. Aim high and shoot for the stars because you just never know what you just might achieve,” encourages Rose.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dental Assisting Program at West Virginia Junior College call 304.345.2820 today!