Medical Office Administration Graduate Highlight – Melissa Wolfe

Melissa WolfeLike most loving mothers, all Melissa Wolfe wanted in life was to provide a better life for her daughter, Joyce. She wanted Joyce to have the opportunities that eluded her when she was Joyce’s age. She wanted this for her daughter so badly that she didn’t think twice when it came time for Joyce to start her Medical Office Administration program at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown. Without hesitation, Melissa decided to make the necessary sacrifice for Joyce to succeed by driving the hour long commute from Oakland, Maryland to Morgantown every Monday through Thursday so Joyce could attend class. Little did Melissa know that her life was about to dramatically change as well.

Melissa settled into a routine. She would wake up early and get Joyce out of bed and then hit the highway. She would drop Joyce off for class and then she would decide how to kill time. Maybe she would go to Walmart. Maybe she would walk around High Street. Sometimes she sat in the car or in the campus student lounge.

It didn’t take long for Matt Hahn, WVJC’s Director of Adult and Online Admissions, to notice Melissa and inquire about her situation. “Matt approached me one day”, said Melissa. “He invited me to explore some programs and take a look at the classes. He said, ‘Why are you wasting time in the parking lot? Why don’t you get some knowledge and training and earn a degree just like Joyce?’ He was the one who gave me the courage to walk in the building and sign up for class.”

Melissa took a leap of faith and soon she found herself in a college where the instructors and staff care deeply for their students. All it took was a slight nudge and she found a revitalized passion for learning and a yearning to start a new career. Along the way, Melissa built long lasting relationships. Kacey Eagle, MOA Program Director, encouraged her daily and helped her realize, “You’re never too old to learn and believe in yourself. She made me see that I could do this and that I still had a few tricks up my sleeve!”

With renewed vigor and enthusiasm, Melissa became a dedicated and successful student. In just 18 months, she graduated and earned her specialized associate degree in Medical Office Administration and was able to walk across the stage with her daughter, Joyce, during their graduation ceremony.

Upon graduation, Melissa worked closely with Career Management Director, Samantha Esposito. They worked on her resume and interview training. She said, “Sam made a big impact in my life. She forced me to take the reins and take action. She gave me the confidence to get back out into the working world.” With Sam and Kacey’s assistance, Melissa is now working in an administrative capacity at a local hospital. While working, she has decided to enter WVJC’s online Medical Coding program to further enhance her skill set and set herself up for even further career advancement. She achieved her goal of watching her daughter Joyce graduate and is now focused on her own career goals of securing a position as a professional coder and eventually becoming a medical auditor. It’s safe to say that Melissa has come a long way from trying to decide how to fill a few hours while her daughter was in class, and is well on her way to an exciting career in the medical field.

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Medical Office Administration Student Highlight-Saianya Rose

Saianya RoseSaianya recently enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She was a student previously but didn’t finish her program due to a family matter. When she started to think about returning to school, she remembered how nice and caring everyone was and wanted to complete her degree at WVJC. In December of 2016, she lost her mother. That was when she decided it was time to get motivated to do something and when she made the final decision to return to WVJC.

When asked about her favorite part of attending WVJC she said, “Everybody is so loving and caring. The staff makes sure you are doing ok in your classes, and makes sure everything goes smoothly. My favorite class is Anatomy! Dr. Settle is funny. There is never a dull moment in his class. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mrs. Kaite and Mr. Batman too.”

After graduation, Saianya wants to be working as a Medical Office Administrator in a wonderful medical office.

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Online Medical Office Administration Student Highlight – Lisa Stapleton

Lisa StapletonStudents at WVJC Online come from many different backgrounds, but each student possesses a unique story. Lisa Stapleton learned about WVJC Online from a television commercial and was immediately attracted to the “online” component. “I liked the idea of learning online, while at home. Being recently widowed, and with a special needs son, I realized I needed something that had the potential of to provide me with support, both financially and mentally.”

West Virginia Junior College Online is Lisa’s first college and she is studying Medical Office Administration. “At 44 years of age, this is my first time attending any college. I was, and still am, a stay-at-home mom of one teenage son. In previous years, I worked in retail, mostly.”

Lisa chose the Medical Office Administration program because she has always enjoyed helping others and wanted to work in a professional office setting. “My favorite part of attending WVJC is the fact I can stay home, and learn online any time of day. I can take a break when I need to, which is fabulous.”

College is typically a life changing experience for students. It is a transitional time that influences a student’s future. “Attending WVJC has definitely put me in a mode of self-discipline. While learning at home is great, there are also many distractions. It is giving me peace, knowing that I am doing this to better my life, my son’s life, and to honor the memory of my late husband. He always had faith in me to pursue higher education.”

Lisa’s experience at WVJC has certainly been impactful thus far. “Instructors have all been so encouraging whenever I need it. Through some of the assigned discussions, my fellow classmates have taught me that I actually have some things in common with them!  Also, Miss Emily Hayes, my Admissions Rep, has been so very kind to me, and has given me confidence, especially given the fact that I’m an older student, to go ahead and pursue this degree.”

It is no surprise that Lisa has a clear vision for what she’d like to accomplish in the future. She envisions herself in an office administrative role close to home. “It would also be great to know my son would be attending college, at that time, perhaps at WVJC. Who knows?”

If you, like Lisa are looking for an online college that is supportive and encouraging, request information today!

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Student Highlight – Jordan Karickhoff

Jordan KarickhoffJordan Karickhoff is set to graduate at the end of this month with her Associates Degree in Medical Office Administration.  Her excitement to graduate and begin her career is visible every day at the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus.  Jordan attended West Virginia University immediately following graduating from high school and stayed for one semester. She enjoyed her classes but knew that they would not take her where she wanted to go.

After leaving WVU, she heard about WVJC and scheduled an appointment to learn more about what we offer and the benefits of attending an 18-month program.  Following her first appointment at WVJC, she could not wait to get started in the Medical Office Administration program.  Jordan chose WVJC because “it was a smaller college.” She says “I probably wouldn’t have gone to another college if I had heard about WVJC before.” Jordan loves the thought of working with medical records in a “little cubicle”. She loves computers, and working in the medical field has always been a dream of hers.

Jordan’s favorite part about WVJC is the family like structure and “the amazing friends I have made.  No matter the age difference, we all got along and helped each other out.” Her favorite teacher is Ms. Wygal. Jordan says, “She always made every class she taught fun and interesting; especially the CRA field trip to the cadaver lab in Morgantown.” That was an experience Jordan will always carry with her.

Jordan’s favorite junk food is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and in the next five years Jordan wants to have an amazing career and hopefully meet the “love of her life.”  However, for now, Jordan is happy that she is graduating from WVJC in the next month and has started the process of applying for jobs to begin her career.  Jordan’s ideal job after graduation is at WVU Medicine, and as her teacher I am proud to announce that she has already had two interviews with them.  Her career is looking bright and successful.  Jordan’s favorite quote to live by is “Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.”

If you, like Jordan are looking for a new exciting career in Medical Office Administration, call 304-842-4007 or Request Info today!!

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Employee Highlight – Kellie Moore

Kellie MooreIf you have ever requested information about one of our programs, chances are, you have spoken with Kellie Moore. As our Senior Admissions Representative and Training Manager, Kellie is your first contact with the school. When a request for information is made, Kellie is the one who calls, texts, or emails you. She is also responsible for scheduling interviews with prospective students where she explains our programs, talks about available benefits, and gives personalized tours of the campus.

Kellie Moore attended WV State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. While there, she was a news anchor for the WVSU news channel and also Vice President of the WV State University Public Relations Student Society. After graduation, Kellie found herself working for a local college. She never expected to be in that type of career, but found she really enjoyed working with students. Her love for people kept her on that career path and eventually led her here — to West Virginia Junior College!

When asked why she chose to work at WVJC Kellie responded, “I have always enjoyed working with students and helping them transition from being a student, to finding a career. When I interviewed with West Virginia Junior College, I could clearly sense the dedication they have to seeing each of their students succeed. That dedication, combined with the friendliness of the staff, convinced me this was definitely the right place for me!” Kellie has been part of the WVJC Charleston team for two years now. She says she gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing students she has enrolled now working in her local community. “I love to walk into a business and see one of my students! It truly thrills me to watch them thrive in a new career where they are happy and fulfilled. I’m just so glad I could play a small part in that.”

In addition to her love for people, Kellie also has a soft spot for animals. She has always been an ardent dog lover and has two adopted dogs of her own. Trooper and Willow are her “fur babies” who she dotes on every day. If her husband would let her, she would have a whole house full of puppies! She is also a huge advocate of rescuing animals from shelters. “Adopt, don’t shop!” has always been her motto. “There are so many animals out there who need adopted, I just think it’s a shame to look anywhere else.”

As for what she would like to do in the future, Kellie says she would love to travel the world with her husband. “There are so many amazing places I would like to see!” Every year they travel to a different Sandals resort to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This year marked their eighth visit to a Sandals location. “I just can’t help it! I love the Caribbean! Since we were married in Jamaica, the area holds extra special memories for us.”

We at West Virginia Junior College Charleston love Mrs. Kellie Moore dearly. Her ever-present smile, bubbly laugh and cheerful attitude are sure to brighten even the gloomiest day! If you ever need a quick pick-me-up, her office is the one to visit!

If you are considering coming back to school, or possibly enrolling for the first time, Kellie would love the chance to talk with you. She is passionate about helping students find their perfect career and can help you overcome any obstacles that might be standing in your way. Don’t waste another day working a job you dislike, give her a call today at 304-345-2820 and take those first steps towards a better future!

Student Highlight-Slena Skeens

Slena SkeensSlena Skeens had been working as a shift manager for a local Dairy Queen for three years. The long hours were tough and meant she did not get to spend much time with her five small children. After hearing her children say that they wanted to work at Dairy Queen like Mommy when they grew up, she immediately tried to dissuade them. She talked to them about the importance of school and making good grades, but they said they did not need an education because they wanted to be just like her. Well, that was all it took for Slena to make up her mind about going back to college!

Of course going back to college brought with it a new set of questions. Where will I go? Will I be able to afford it? What kind of school schedule will I have? Can I really do it this time? All of these things were going through Slena’s head, but she was determined to be a better role model for her children. She had attended Southern WV Community and Technical College for a while and had also done some online classwork through Virginia College. Neither of these options had seemed a good fit for her, so she knew that she wanted to go somewhere entirely different this time.

Having an interest in the medical field, but suffering from a fear of needles, Slena though that an administrative position in a medical office would be ideal. So, she typed Medical Office Administration into Google and hit Enter. The very first listing to pop up was for West Virginia Junior College! After looking at our website she decided to request some more information on our programs. At this point, Slena had no idea how searching for those three little words would change her life forever!

WVJC’s Adult Admissions Representative, Mrs. Kellie Moore, called Slena the very next day to speak with her about our school. While speaking with Kellie on the phone Slena burst into tears. She was just so scared and nervous! Kellie took the time to comfort Slena and let her know that while feeling this way is normal, she really had nothing to be scared of. Going to college is a lot of work, but it could also be a fun, exciting time for her. She invited Slena to come in and take a look around the campus, then they could talk more about the Medical Office Administration program to see if it would be a good fit for her.

After coming in and touring the West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus, Slena knew this was where she wanted to go to college. The program sounded amazing and she actually felt excited to be starting school again! “The atmosphere felt like I was home with my family; like this was where I was supposed to be.”

Slena began our Medical Office Administration program in August and has never once regretted it. She says, “I have enjoyed all of my classes so far. The Instructors really try to make things fun and interesting.” She also really likes the interaction between students and staff. “Everyone is just so open and friendly. You can talk to them and know they truly care.”

Slena has excelled academically at WVJC and has been on the President’s List for having straight A’s in every session! She says, “All of my President’s List Certificates are hung up on the wall for my kids to see. I want them to know that education is important and that hard work pays off.” Not only has Slena excelled in her academics, but she is also participating in our Work Study Program and is an active member of Read Aloud West Virginia where she reads to children at Flinn Elementary School. As for what Slena’s children think about education now — they are super proud of their Mommy and are striving to make straight A’s themselves!

If you, like Slena, want to set a better example for your children, please contact us here at the West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus. We would love to take you on a tour of our facilities and get you started in one of our exciting programs! Please call us at 304-345-2820 to learn more. Remember, it is NEVER too late to further your education!

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Admissions Highlight-Kristin Kirk

Kristin KirkDays come and go quickly, according to our High School Admissions Representative Kristin Kirk.  She strives to create opportunities for as many high school students as she can.  The excitement on the new student’s face’s, and seeing the excitement on the families of the graduating students faces keep Kristin motivated.

Kristin studied Communications and Marketing at Fairmont State University.  After college she began working at the Village Square Conference Center as an event planner.  During her work at the conference center, Kristin assisted couples in planning their weddings.  She enjoyed focusing on the details of their wedding in order to make their day special.  Even though Kristin enjoyed that job, it was just that—a job.  She wanted more.  Kristin began her career path as the High School Admissions Representative at the West Virginia Junior College in Bridgeport in September 2014.  Her desire to work with high school students within the school systems, and guide them through the college admission process was a motivating factor in accepting the position.

When discussing why she chose WVJC, she says, “I was immediately drawn to the atmosphere here at WVJC. I liked how friendly and helpful everyone was. I also liked the small campus, because I could see how well the teachers and students interact with each other.”  When I asked Kristin what her favorite part about working at WVJC she responded, “working with high school students during one of the most highly stressful, important times of their life. It’s a rewarding feeling that’s hard to explain.”

Kristin is not only motivated by her job, but by her family and friends. Kristin says, “In life there are only a few things that matter; God, Family, and Friends.  A perfect day for Kristin consists of spending time with her husband and 3 children.  Family, adventures, and traveling keep Kristin motivated, and she says that she encourages and challenges herself to “never live the same day twice.”  Kristin is most proud of her children “They are the highlight of my day.”  She is also proud of her husband for the support he provides, and the dedication he has for her and the children, and keeping them dedicated to anything they put their minds to.

Kristin gives thanks daily for her family, friends, and successful career.  Her goal is to continue to help high school students find their career path.  She hopes to always “make a positive impact on every student she meets, and help them achieve their own goals in life.” And, if she can, she would like to encourage and challenge each student, as she encourages and challenges herself, to “never live the same day twice.”

Online Medical Office Administration Program

Medical student in scrubs at computer

Last week we covered the basics on how to find an online school that best fits your needs; if you haven’t read it, Click Here. This week we are going to dive into WVJC-Online Medical Office Administration degree.

“I don’t want to be the one giving shots, I want to be the one calling the shots”.  Have you ever heard that statement before?  Let’s think about it a minute… leadership, management, responsibility, knowledge in multiple areas, trust, organization…. These are all key traits and word used to describe that statement. But what are we really talking about? How do you get to a position like that and not have to deal with blood and body fluids?

Well, one way is to earn a degree in Medical Office Administration from WVJC-Online. This degree will help to build a solid foundation which employers are looking for.  You will cover a vast array of knowledge dealing with topics including Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Medical Insurance and Coding.  But that is just the starting point… There are so many others areas that will be covered.  You will learn up-to-date computer programs being used in the medical field, how to ask questions and how to notate it.  It sounds like a lot, and it is. Especially if you are going to school online and have other obligations, such as work and family, in your life. That is why you ask yourself the questions that we talked about in our first blog in this series.

There are some other traits that generally fit with a student in WVJC-Online Medical Office Administration degree. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have these traits, you can’t do the program… that is not what I’m saying.  Do not come to my office and tell me that you rocked the Medical Office Administration Degree and have the organization skills of a hording squirrel, and expect me to be surprised.  You will be successful if you choose to be.  Ok, moving on to the traits. Because employers are looking for someone who is highly organized; the ability to keep track of paperwork physically, digitally, or both; as a natural trait will help. If you are one of those people who get excited about their filing system, are happy when they have everything in an order, and have a color coding system to check paperwork, then this may be a good degree for you.  Another trait is being a detailed-orientated person.  Being in the medical field requires you to pay attention to details.  Let’s give an example; you get a SOAP note from the doctor, you write it for the patient’s records, but you put left leg instead of right leg…. Now the guys comes in for his surgery and the notes say we are slicing and dicing the wrong leg. YIKES!!!

If blood and guts are not for you, but you still what a rewarding career in the medical field, the Medical Office Administration degree from WVJC-Online may be a good fit for you. Earning your degree can put you on the path to calling the shots.  As always, there are some personal traits that can help you get there, but as in everything, it is YOUR hard work and determination that will make you successful.

If you are interested in learning more about our online degrees here at WVJC-Online, call us at 304-296-8282 or request more information here HERE.

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Employee Highlight-Alice Middleton

Alice MiddletonAlice Middleton is West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport most valuable asset. She takes little credit but keeps the institution running.  Alice graduated from WVJC with an Associate’s Degree from the Medical Assisting program.  She then attended Fairmont State to earn a Business Degree.  That was still not enough for Alice, and she is currently completing her Master’s in Education through Fairmont State University while still working as the Front Office Manager at WVJC.  Alice lives by the words of Helen Keller “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Previously Alice was a Financial Comptroller and business owner at Candlesticks Seven Stars Inc.  However, Alice has worked for WVJC for eight years now. Everyday, she strives to work hard and make everyone that walks through the WVJC door feel right at home.

I asked Alice why she chose to work at WVJC.  She responded, “I was offered a wonderful opportunity to become a financial officer after graduating from one of WVJC programs. I felt it was an exciting opportunity and would be a great way to start the next chapter in my life.  When the opportunity arrived I knew it was the right fit for me.” Her favorite part of working here (besides being everyone’s work mom) is the relationship she has with her colleagues and students.  She refers to everyone at WVJC as her family. All of Alice’s co-workers, say her warm heart and compassion toward everyone brings a sense of community to WVJC.  Alice says “It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family.”  She is motivated every day to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Alice’s idea of a perfect day is “waking up to a beautiful morning full of sunshine and having breakfast with my son.  Enjoying playing with my two Pitbull’s named Apollo and Mia and then ending the day with shopping and a nice evening dinner with my family.”  Alice is most proud of her family and completing her education.  She ends everyday thankful for life, and looks forward to the next day’s adventures.  Alice’s long term goals include advancing further in her career here at WVJC.  In the future during her retirement, she would like to write a book and open a restaurant where families can enjoy a home cooked meal and have some fun family activities. Leave it to Alice to want to spend her retirement making others happy and giving back.

Student Highlight-Christina Ward

Christina WardSome people go to college right after high school, and some take a different path.  Christina Ward is an Army wife and loving mother of two.  As an army wife, and mother of two she quickly adjusted to being a devoted and supportive wife and mother while learning to navigate the ups and downs of military life.

Moving became a frequent part of their life, and she found that starting the life of her dreams seemed like an impossibility. Though she had everything she wanted as a wife and a mother, she struggled with a quiet desire to pursue personal goals, and expand her horizons professionally.

Christina and her family moved to WV in January 2016.  With her children rapidly approaching the dreaded school age she found her days seemed monotonous, and she wanted more for herself.  Her day in and day out routine became just that—a routine. Christina said, “ One day I was folding laundry (that never seemed to end) and I saw a WVJC commercial.  At that moment I knew what I needed to do next- “make the call.”  She called WVJC and spoke with our Admissions Representative Chasity Duarte.  I asked Christina-Why did you choose WVJC and she said “Because of Chasity!”  I had always wanted someone to just really talk to me and walk me through the whole process and make me feel comfortable.  She guided me through all of my questions and encouraged me to take the chance on myself.”   Christina, deciding it was time to do something for herself, and enrolled in school in the Medical Office Administration program.

Christina chose the Medical Office field because she knew she wanted to work in a VA hospital, but also knew that she wasn’t cut out for the blood of the Medical Assisting program.  Christina’s passion for the military, and the dedication it takes, still runs close to her heart. She wants to give back and do what she can in a Veterans Hospital.   Christina also recognizes that moving again is not out of the question for her and her family, so Medical Office Administration jobs are available anywhere life takes her.

I asked Christina what her favorite part about WVJC is, and she quickly responded with “The teachers! I wouldn’t be able to get through this without the guidance and support of so many WVJC faculty members.”  Ms. Holyfield, Ms. Wagel and Ms. Keturah Frye are three that she has relied on in many situations. She also likes the fundraisers.  “I enjoy being a part of something larger than me, and giving back to the community.  We may not always raise the most money, but we help in ways that we can.  I enjoy helping and watching other WVJC students and staff giving back.”

Christina’s idea of a perfect day is having a clean house, spending time with her family, the kids not having homework, and snacking on tacos and maybe some Peanut Butter Oreos.   Christina is quickly approaching graduation, and is eager to start a career in a Veterans hospital.   Every day she becomes more and more proud of herself as she gets closer to the end of her education at WVJC.  She has faced many obstacles in her life, but she can proudly say that at the end of the day “I took the chance and did something for myself that I desired to do.  And on top of that I continued to be a wife and a loving mother to my children.  They are my world but I set an example that I only dream they inspire to be like.”

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