Online Medical Office Administration Student Highlight – Lisa Stapleton

Lisa StapletonStudents at WVJC Online come from many different backgrounds, but each student possesses a unique story. Lisa Stapleton learned about WVJC Online from a television commercial and was immediately attracted to the “online” component. “I liked the idea of learning online, while at home. Being recently widowed, and with a special needs son, I realized I needed something that had the potential of to provide me with support, both financially and mentally.”

West Virginia Junior College Online is Lisa’s first college and she is studying Medical Office Administration. “At 44 years of age, this is my first time attending any college. I was, and still am, a stay-at-home mom of one teenage son. In previous years, I worked in retail, mostly.”

Lisa chose the Medical Office Administration program because she has always enjoyed helping others and wanted to work in a professional office setting. “My favorite part of attending WVJC is the fact I can stay home, and learn online any time of day. I can take a break when I need to, which is fabulous.”

College is typically a life changing experience for students. It is a transitional time that influences a student’s future. “Attending WVJC has definitely put me in a mode of self-discipline. While learning at home is great, there are also many distractions. It is giving me peace, knowing that I am doing this to better my life, my son’s life, and to honor the memory of my late husband. He always had faith in me to pursue higher education.”

Lisa’s experience at WVJC has certainly been impactful thus far. “Instructors have all been so encouraging whenever I need it. Through some of the assigned discussions, my fellow classmates have taught me that I actually have some things in common with them!  Also, Miss Emily Hayes, my Admissions Rep, has been so very kind to me, and has given me confidence, especially given the fact that I’m an older student, to go ahead and pursue this degree.”

It is no surprise that Lisa has a clear vision for what she’d like to accomplish in the future. She envisions herself in an office administrative role close to home. “It would also be great to know my son would be attending college, at that time, perhaps at WVJC. Who knows?”

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