Kylee Wood – Graduate Highlight

WVJC Online’s Medical Office Administration program has many advantages. One of the greatest is the flexibility that exists to work within your own schedule and timeframe. This flexibility is what attracted Kylee Wood to the program when she started. For Kylee, being a mom and going to school had to work together. “WVJC offered me a way to get my degree without having to stop being with my children,” Kylee says. Another advantage that WVJC Online offers is a small class environment with hands-on learning opportunities. This was important to Kylee based on her past experience in a university setting.

Kylee knew that she wanted a career in the medical field. She had worked in the field and the opportunities for success were plentiful with the right training and certifications. Kylee worked with WVJC’s Admissions and Financial Aid departments to work out the details and began working her way through the 18 month associate degree program. Kylee’s favorite part about WVJC was the people. “The professors were so understanding and I enjoyed being able to learn in the comfort of my own home.  Kacey Eagle was my favorite professor. She was always helpful and very sweet.” Kacey is the Allied Health Program Director at WVJC.

Before Kylee knew it, her 18 months were over and she was graduating. WVJC’s Career Management Department assisted Kylee through the job search process where she ended up working at a pediatrics office close to home. “They are a great group of people to work for and I am proud to be a part of their team.” Kylee has a host of responsibilities, which include checking in patients, working in the front office, and determining insurance eligibility.

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Medical Office Administration Student Highlight- Heather Barton

Heather Barton

Heather Barton is a Medical Office Administration student at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She previously attended another school but didn’t have a great experience. At the time, Heather was working in fast food, but she knew she wanted to do more in life. She decided to try WVJC because it was close to home. She was ready to show herself that she had what it takes to go back to school and achieve her goals!

Heather chose to study Medical Office Administration because she loved the thought of working in a medical office and doing clerical work. Completing reports, scheduling appointments, and greeting patients is exactly what she wants to do.

“My favorite part of West Virginia Junior College is the staff. They hire instructors that care about your success as much as you do. These people are what makes WVJC an amazing school to go to! Heidi Borches has to be my #1 favorite. She is always willing to help you with whatever you’re struggling with on an assignment. She is an incredible person.” Upon graduation, Heather hope to become an entry level medical office assistant and eventually move up to a supervisor role. In five years, she would like to be in a career, be married, and have a place of her own.

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Medical Office Administration Graduate Highlight – Melissa Wolfe

Melissa WolfeLike most loving mothers, all Melissa Wolfe wanted in life was to provide a better life for her daughter, Joyce. She wanted Joyce to have the opportunities that eluded her when she was Joyce’s age. She wanted this for her daughter so badly that she didn’t think twice when it came time for Joyce to start her Medical Office Administration program at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown. Without hesitation, Melissa decided to make the necessary sacrifice for Joyce to succeed by driving the hour long commute from Oakland, Maryland to Morgantown every Monday through Thursday so Joyce could attend class. Little did Melissa know that her life was about to dramatically change as well.

Melissa settled into a routine. She would wake up early and get Joyce out of bed and then hit the highway. She would drop Joyce off for class and then she would decide how to kill time. Maybe she would go to Walmart. Maybe she would walk around High Street. Sometimes she sat in the car or in the campus student lounge.

It didn’t take long for Matt Hahn, WVJC’s Director of Adult and Online Admissions, to notice Melissa and inquire about her situation. “Matt approached me one day”, said Melissa. “He invited me to explore some programs and take a look at the classes. He said, ‘Why are you wasting time in the parking lot? Why don’t you get some knowledge and training and earn a degree just like Joyce?’ He was the one who gave me the courage to walk in the building and sign up for class.”

Melissa took a leap of faith and soon she found herself in a college where the instructors and staff care deeply for their students. All it took was a slight nudge and she found a revitalized passion for learning and a yearning to start a new career. Along the way, Melissa built long lasting relationships. Kacey Eagle, MOA Program Director, encouraged her daily and helped her realize, “You’re never too old to learn and believe in yourself. She made me see that I could do this and that I still had a few tricks up my sleeve!”

With renewed vigor and enthusiasm, Melissa became a dedicated and successful student. In just 18 months, she graduated and earned her specialized associate degree in Medical Office Administration and was able to walk across the stage with her daughter, Joyce, during their graduation ceremony.

Upon graduation, Melissa worked closely with Career Management Director, Samantha Esposito. They worked on her resume and interview training. She said, “Sam made a big impact in my life. She forced me to take the reins and take action. She gave me the confidence to get back out into the working world.” With Sam and Kacey’s assistance, Melissa is now working in an administrative capacity at a local hospital. While working, she has decided to enter WVJC’s online Medical Coding program to further enhance her skill set and set herself up for even further career advancement. She achieved her goal of watching her daughter Joyce graduate and is now focused on her own career goals of securing a position as a professional coder and eventually becoming a medical auditor. It’s safe to say that Melissa has come a long way from trying to decide how to fill a few hours while her daughter was in class, and is well on her way to an exciting career in the medical field.

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Medical Office Administration Student Highlight-Saianya Rose

Saianya RoseSaianya recently enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She was a student previously but didn’t finish her program due to a family matter. When she started to think about returning to school, she remembered how nice and caring everyone was and wanted to complete her degree at WVJC. In December of 2016, she lost her mother. That was when she decided it was time to get motivated to do something and when she made the final decision to return to WVJC.

When asked about her favorite part of attending WVJC she said, “Everybody is so loving and caring. The staff makes sure you are doing ok in your classes, and makes sure everything goes smoothly. My favorite class is Anatomy! Dr. Settle is funny. There is never a dull moment in his class. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mrs. Kaite and Mr. Batman too.”

After graduation, Saianya wants to be working as a Medical Office Administrator in a wonderful medical office.

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