Medical Office Administration – Program Highlight

Are you interested in working in a vital role in the healthcare system? WVJC Online is proud to offer an associate degree in Medical Office Administration (MOA) that highlights the importance of leaders within various medical fields outside of direct patient care. “This is our most versatile degree. This diverse program allows you to learn … Read more

Kylee Wood – Graduate Highlight

WVJC Online’s Medical Office Administration program has many advantages. One of the greatest is the flexibility that exists to work within your own schedule and timeframe. This flexibility is what attracted Kylee Wood to the program when she started. For Kylee, being a mom and going to school had to work together. “WVJC offered me … Read more

Medical Office Administration Student Highlight- Heather Barton

Heather Barton is a Medical Office Administration student at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She previously attended another school but didn’t have a great experience. At the time, Heather was working in fast food, but she knew she wanted to do more in life. She decided to try WVJC because it was close to home. She … Read more

Medical Office Administration Graduate Highlight – Melissa Wolfe

Like most loving mothers, all Melissa Wolfe wanted in life was to provide a better life for her daughter, Joyce. She wanted Joyce to have the opportunities that eluded her when she was Joyce’s age. She wanted this for her daughter so badly that she didn’t think twice when it came time for Joyce to … Read more

Medical Office Administration Student Highlight-Saianya Rose

Saianya recently enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She was a student previously but didn’t finish her program due to a family matter. When she started to think about returning to school, she remembered how nice and caring everyone was and wanted to complete her degree at WVJC. In … Read more