We’re Here for You Through COVID-19

Our lives have dramatically changed in the last few weeks as we all adjust to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. From our movements being restricted, to learning to homeschool our children, to the heroes on the front lines battling this virus, we have all been affected.

At West Virginia Junior College, we want our students, our community, and our future students to know one thing: we are here for you and we will support you in every way possible. We’re all in this fight together, and we will get through it together.

Supporting WVJC Students

At WVJC, we are not just a college, we are a family. Throughout this difficult time, we continue to remain fully committed to our purpose of empowering change by creating opportunity.

We are committed to serving and supporting our WVJC student family through the COVID-19 pandemic. To enable our students to continue training for rewarding careers, our ground campuses are providing live remote classes for all students. Via these live remote classes, students can continue to gain valuable knowledge and develop professional skills, setting them up for successful careers.

Students may travel to campus to receive distance learning materials and other essential services, as educational institutions are considered essential businesses in West Virginia. We’re taking every precaution necessary to ensure our facilities are sanitized and are operating under social distancing requirements. All instructors are also available to remotely assist students with anything they need for those who cannot or prefer not to travel to campus.

To further support our students during this time, WVJC has created an Interim Leave of Absence Policy for active students in good academic standing, who are unable to complete or begin an externship due to COVID-19. We have also revised the current incomplete policy for students who cannot sit for their certification exams during this time. For more information and guidance on these policies, please visit the COVID-19 Information page.

Supporting the Community

In addition to continuing to supporting our students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highly invested in our community and dedicated to serving it by providing the local workforce with trained and qualified medical professionals.

With healthcare programs including Nursing, Practical Nursing, Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Dental Assisting, Medical CodingHealthcare Administration, and Pharmacy Technician, WVJC graduates are on the front lines fighting the virus, caring for sick patients, and providing critical support to hospitals and doctor’s offices.

We pledge to continue supporting members of the community and local healthcare teams by educating and training essential healthcare workers who are critical to saving lives during the pandemic.

Supporting Future Students

Due to COVID-19 and the mandatory restrictions on non-essential businesses, many people and families have been negatively impacted. There have been many people who have lost their jobs or been laid off, with millions all over the country who have applied for unemployment benefits.

With our purpose of empowering change by creating opportunity, we believe that WVJC has a responsibility to help people by providing them the opportunity to get retrained and back to work. With this in mind, we are now offering virtual campus visits for all potential students. Additionally, we are waiving all enrollment fees for applicants starting college in May or June of 2020. It’s our hope that this will help people who have been affected by providing them the opportunity to start their path to a more secure career.

We also understand that it’s hard for high school students who are dealing with this time of uncertainty while trying to make decisions about what to do after graduation. We encourage all high school seniors to explore our career training college degree programs that may lead to successful, rewarding careers.

To learn more about our healthcare and professional college degree programs, contact us today to schedule a remote admissions meeting.

Mapleshire – Externship Highlight

Mapleshire is a skilled nursing center located in Morgantown, WV. It serves patients in Monongalia County and its surrounding areas. West Virginia Junior College and Mapleshire have created a relatively new partnership that has continued to grow over the last two years.  Mapleshire accepts students from the Business Administration, Medical Office Administration, and Clinical Medical Assistant programs and is moving towards accepting Legal Office Assisting and Medical Coding students as they continue to expand. Their management consulting teaches the students about administrative services that support healthcare firms so they are best able to provide senior care across the region. With 17 skilled nursing facilities across West Virginia and 9 home health and hospice facilities in West Virginia and Ohio, they expect to expand even more in 2020.

When a student completes their externship with Mapleshire, they learn how to assist with the administrative process and case management which includes authorizations from insurance. This provides a wide range of knowledge to the student from the business side of healthcare.

As the case management aspect of Mapleshire continues to expand, students may start to see more full-time opportunities arise from their externship, which will lead to a great foundation for their career. Jessica Davis, a graduate of West Virginia Junior College, is now an administrative assistant and has a few words of advice for future graduates. “Keep an open mind and you never know where your career may lead you.”

Marlena Salmon – Student Highlight

Marlena Salmons is a full-time student, full-time mom, and full-time supporter. Marlena is earning her Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration at West Virginia Junior College Charleston. In addition to earning her degree, she is Federal Work Study and assists students with textbook and library needs. Outside of school, she is a mother to three children and is happily married. Although she has a lot of her plate, like many other students, Marlena always has a positive attitude and is excited to learn.

When asked why she chose the Medical Office Administration program at WVJC, Marlena stated, “I want to assist people with bettering themselves. To be a light in someone’s dark”. Marlena has always been inspired to reach out to those needing assistance. She grew up in an area where drugs and alcohol are on the rise. She said help is not always readily available and she wants to encourage change by offering support. With such focused compassion, it is no wonder Marlena’s dream job would be working in a medical office.

The Medical Office Administration program offers a wide variety of courses to prepare future graduates for the skills they need for a career in a medical office setting. Marlena is enjoying her classes at WVJC and said she would like to recognize Mr. Batman because, “he is always there to give a little push when needed.” Marlena would also like to thank Mrs. Mitchell for “helping me through one of my worst fears, public speaking.” Marlena’s favorite part about attending WVJC is the friendly staff and faculty. She said she also enjoys the fast track program and expressed her excitement for nearing graduation.

Marlena would like to share advice with others that are considering making a change, “Do it. There is no mountain too high to climb. The love and support you get from the staff and other students is wonderful.” Marlena also stresses that besides the academic support in the classroom, there is also a sense of community within the school itself. Marlena finished by saying, “There is no other place I’d rather be, the amount of love and support you receive at WVJC is beyond words. Life is full of ups and downs and having a good support system is all you need; the best support is here at WVJC.”

If you would like to know more about our Medical Office Administration program or another program at WVJC, please visit wvjc.edu for more information and apply today!

Lyndsey Medina – Student Highlight

Lyndsey Medina is a Medical Office Administration student at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. Before Lyndsey enrolled at WVJC, she had not attended college, but she had experience in the medical field. She worked part-time as a specimen collector for 7 years for a drug testing company out of Tennessee. When Lyndsey was asked why she chose WVJC and her current program, she responded, “I chose WVJC because it was close to my home and the hours worked with my busy schedule. I have been in the medical field for 16 years and I love helping people!” Lyndsey truly enjoys the small classes and being able to pick up her kids from school after her last class of the day.

Lyndsey is now in her second 6 weeks of the program, and has found Ms. Holyfield an inspiration. “She truly cares for every single one of her students.” After graduation, Lyndsey would like to work in a doctor’s office and be spending as much time as she can with her family. She says that she would refer anyone to WVJC Bridgeport because the staff is amazing and everyone is very friendly and helpful.

For more information on WVJC’s short term training programs and WE CARE classroom experience, request information here!

Mon Health Medical Center – Externship Highlight

West Virginia Junior College and Mon Health Medical Center have had a working relationship for the past few years. Mon Health Medical Center accepts Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration,  and Pharmacy Technician students to complete their externship hours with the facility, as well as Nursing students for their clinical hours. During the last few years, many students have not only completed their externship and clinical hours with Mon Health Medical Center, but have also been hired for full-time employment. Mon Health Medical Center has a large need for nurses and certified medical assistants, and West Virginia Junior College is proud to be affiliated with the facility.

Mon Health is always expanding, growing the opportunity for West Virginia Junior College students and graduates. Mon Health is the “parent” company of Mon Health Medical Center, Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital and Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital. It was formed in 1982 to aid in strategic planning and to manage all of its affiliated entities under a common philosophy. Mon Health Medical Center is the flagship member of Mon Health. The 189 bed hospital traces its roots back to the first hospital in Monongalia County in the early 1900s, and was officially established by an act of the Monongalia County Court in April 1943.

The hospital has a strong commitment to providing personalized care and service with compassion and respect to North Central West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, and the surrounding region. The more than 250 physicians with privileges at the hospital have a long history of dedication to the community and hospital, with a wide range of specialties including Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Oculofacial Surgery, Oncology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, and Rheumatology.

While there are a number of steps a student must complete before being able to start their externship or clinicals at Mon Health Medical Center, students are happy to oblige. Students are excited to not only have an opportunity to work in such an upstanding health center, but to also have the possibility of starting a career there. West Virginia Junior College is looking forward to the growth of Mon Health and our continuing partnership!

Kylee Wood – Graduate Highlight

WVJC Online’s Medical Office Administration program has many advantages. One of the greatest is the flexibility that exists to work within your own schedule and timeframe. This flexibility is what attracted Kylee Wood to the program when she started. For Kylee, being a mom and going to school had to work together. “WVJC offered me a way to get my degree without having to stop being with my children,” Kylee says. Another advantage that WVJC Online offers is a small class environment with hands-on learning opportunities. This was important to Kylee based on her past experience in a university setting.

Kylee knew that she wanted a career in the medical field. She had worked in the field and the opportunities for success were plentiful with the right training and certifications. Kylee worked with WVJC’s Admissions and Financial Aid departments to work out the details and began working her way through the 18 month associate degree program. Kylee’s favorite part about WVJC was the people. “The professors were so understanding and I enjoyed being able to learn in the comfort of my own home.  Kacey Eagle was my favorite professor. She was always helpful and very sweet.” Kacey is the Allied Health Program Director at WVJC.

Before Kylee knew it, her 18 months were over and she was graduating. WVJC’s Career Management Department assisted Kylee through the job search process where she ended up working at a pediatrics office close to home. “They are a great group of people to work for and I am proud to be a part of their team.” Kylee has a host of responsibilities, which include checking in patients, working in the front office, and determining insurance eligibility.

If you would like more information on WVJC, are near one of our conveniently located campuses, or desire to earn your degree online,  give WVJC a call at 877-25ONLINE or visit wvjc.edu.

Charleston – 2019 Graduation

Imagine, 18 months from now you are sitting with your classmates who are now your closest friends. You are wearing a cap and gown. You see instructors smiling at you. You see your family and friends beaming with pride. You hear clapping and the music starts. You stand, looking around at smiling faces. You realize you made it and you realize you are ready!  Looking back, you remember when you first started. You remember your courses, your training and most importantly you remember your why. Why did you want this career?

How to make a career decision is difficult sometimes, but once you find something you are passionate about, the easiest decision is where to go for education and training. For Gabrielle (Gabby) Hill, a 2017 WVJC graduate in the medical assisting program. Gabby was once a prospective student, who wanted to jump into the workforce successfully and fast! Now she has earned her specialized associate degree as a Medical Assistant. Gabby currently works at CAMC Family Center and is thriving.

Gabby says “One thing that has helped me in my career is learning the critical skill of phlebotomy. I use it every day. Being able to train in a small class and have one-on-one supervision and special attention helped me develop the confidence to do my job well.” Gabby also says, “One of the best feelings in the world was being in a program that was not only career oriented but also very supportive.” She says her instructors and WVJC staff were always willing to help her with course work or advice about life.

Gabby isn’t finished! She has decided to expand upon a successful start as a medical assistant and be a nurse. She has just been accepted into the new nursing program at WVJC that will be starting in September 2019. As a returning student, Gabby is eager to get started as she feels that WVJC will give her the same support and assistance she needs to obtain another degree. Gabby understands the meaning behind such a choice and the work it will entail.

On May 17th, 2019 West Virginia Junior College held their annual graduation ceremony! Over 80 graduates celebrated with their friends and family at Christ United Methodists Church in Charleston, WV. From Business Administration, Information Technology, Network Administration/Security, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Medical Assisting, students cheered as they switch their tassels from the right to left and moved into another exciting chapter of their journey. After the ceremony, many students expressed their excitement at the number of career opportunities they get to choose from.

Planning your future can be overwhelming with the how and why but with the care and support you receive as part of your courses, there is no question of where you need to go. At WVJC, student services include career training and job placement, personal advising and financial aid (to those who qualify). The best part of graduation is knowing you are well equipped with the tools you need for the job you dreamed of! Don’t let another year pass where you are not celebrating the next steps in your journey. Check out WVJC to find your way and enroll today!


Monongalia County Health Department – Externship Highlight

West Virginia Junior College and Monongalia County Health Department have had a working relationship for the last several years. The Monongalia County Health Department accepts WVJC students for externships from our Business Administration, Medical Office Administration, and Clinical Medical Assistant programs. Throughout the years, several students have not only completed their externships with Monongalia County Health Department, but have also gotten hired to work there upon graduating.

The Monongalia County Health Department has been in Morgantown since 1929, moving to their current office in 1975. Their mission is to achieve a healthy community by protecting and promoting public health through education, training, community awareness, advocacy and the provision of health services. There is a wide array of services provided at the Mon County Health Department including adult vaccinations, dental services, family planning, gynecologic services, and immunizations.

Students who complete their externship with the facility are able to get a wide angle view of medicine and business, allowing them to expand on their knowledge and skills. Students are able to be hands on at this facility while being taught by professionals who have been in the community for a number of years. Monongalia County Health Department is dedicated to focusing its efforts on making Monongalia County an even better place to live while serving the community on a daily basis.

The future of West Virginia Junior College and Monongalia County Health Department seems to be bright and rapidly growing. There is a need in Monongalia County for compassionate and responsible people to carry on all the great work this facility has done. West Virginia Junior College hopes to continue to fulfill that need for the facility and the community.

Katie Malone – Student Highlight

Deciding on a college can be an intimidating process for some. For Katie Malone, this process was rather easy…. the second time around. Like many of the students at West Virginia Junior College, Katie attended a different college prior to enrolling at WVJC. She enrolled at Westmoreland Community College, where she studied English. After two years at Westmoreland, she decided to call it quits. “They didn’t care about their students. Outside of class I never talked to my professors.”

Katie Malone

Katie decided to take a few years off, where she worked odd jobs, one of them being a receptionist job. After having a conversation with her mom who is a Registered Nurse, she decided she wanted to go back to school to study for a career in the medical field. When looking at schools this time around, Katie decided she wanted something more personalized. She found that at WVJC. “I was uncertain about going back at first. I didn’t want something like my previous college, but everyone [at WVJC] was so welcoming. It’s very personal and I knew after visiting just once that this was where I wanted to go.”

Katie started out in WVJC’s Medical Coding program. After talking with the Medical Coding program director Kacey Eagle, she decided she wanted to change lanes a bit and complete the Medical Office Administration program first, and then transition into the Medical Coding program. When asked what her favorite part of attending WVJC was, Katie said, “Well, I have a few favorite things. I love learning and so far I have learned many new interesting things. Most importantly, I love the interactions I have with my teachers and my classmates.”

When asked who her favorite teacher is, she laughed and said:

“Well, I want to give credit to a few particular ones. First would be Kacey Eagle. She changed my life. Kacey went out of her way, and actually got me my current job at the library. Second would be Lisa Frank. Lisa taught my english classes, and she believed in me when I doubted myself.”

Katie is very thankful for WVJC. “If you would have told me a year ago I would be this happy, I would not have believed you.”

Medical Office Administration Student Highlight- Heather Barton

Heather Barton

Heather Barton is a Medical Office Administration student at West Virginia Junior College-Charleston. She previously attended another school but didn’t have a great experience. At the time, Heather was working in fast food, but she knew she wanted to do more in life. She decided to try WVJC because it was close to home. She was ready to show herself that she had what it takes to go back to school and achieve her goals!

Heather chose to study Medical Office Administration because she loved the thought of working in a medical office and doing clerical work. Completing reports, scheduling appointments, and greeting patients is exactly what she wants to do.

“My favorite part of West Virginia Junior College is the staff. They hire instructors that care about your success as much as you do. These people are what makes WVJC an amazing school to go to! Heidi Borches has to be my #1 favorite. She is always willing to help you with whatever you’re struggling with on an assignment. She is an incredible person.” Upon graduation, Heather hope to become an entry level medical office assistant and eventually move up to a supervisor role. In five years, she would like to be in a career, be married, and have a place of her own.

For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended the Medical Office Administration program CLICK HERE