Tammy Kaylor – Staff Highlight

The chances are if you have not already had courses with Tammy Kaylor as a pharmacy technician student or an allied health student, you will. Tammy is a proud staff member of WVJC Online who takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students. Check out the video below to learn more about Tammy’s background and experience.

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Rhonda Hardy – Faculty Highlight

Rhonda Hardy was born in Elkins, WV, and has remained in WV her entire life. She is married, with a son, daughter, 3 dogs, and a cat. During high school, Rhonda made plans to go to UCLA and become a marine biologist, but fate had other plans for her. She met the love of her life when she was 15 and he had no plans of leaving WV. The summer between her junior and senior year in high school, Rhonda moved in with his family to help take care of his mother who was terminally ill with cancer. That is when she discovered that nursing was her true calling.

Rhonda began her nursing career as an LPN in 2000. During this time, she worked as a float and step-down nurse at Fairmont General Hospital. In 2006, she returned to school at Mountain State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Summa Cum Laude. She continued to work at Fairmont General Hospital and became an Emergency Room nurse.

In the summer of 2019, she left Fairmont General Hospital and became a floor nurse at Grafton City Hospital because she felt like she forgot what it meant to be a compassionate and caring nurse.

In 2019, Pam Wilson asked Rhonda to join the West Virginia Junior College team in Bridgeport.  Rhonda excitedly accepted her new position as a practical nursing instructor. She recently accepted the Clinical Coordinator position for both nursing programs at WVJC Bridgeport. Her passion is educating students and feeling like she is making a difference. The students have made her see that making this change was the best decision for her. She loves that WVJC is such a close-knit family and so supportive of their staff and students. She cannot wait to start this new position to see where it may lead.

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Frank Wiechers – Faculty Highlight

One of the new additions to the WVJC Bridgeport’s nursing faculty is Frank Wiechers.

Frank has worked in a number of different positions in the medical field. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, he is now a part-time instructor for West Virginia Junior College. He initially became a certified wholesaler in Germany in 1997. He then started his medical career “last century” as an EMT in the USA, working in EMS. He received a bachelor’s in marketing and in management, cum laude, in 2002. He received his associate in nursing in 2007, and his bachelor’s in nursing, cum laude, in 2009. He started working as a nurse at a local hospital’s emergency department, where he became a clinical supervisor, and worked in a supervisory position until 2018. He furthered his education, and graduated with honors with his master’s in nursing, nurse practitioner tract, in 2017. Since 2018, he has worked as a family nurse practitioner at a local office, specializing in primary care, but currently, is reassigned to the emergency department due to the pandemic.

Frank became a US citizen in 2016, and speaks German and English. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two labrador retrievers, Maja and Sky. Frank is mostly tolerated by the feline inhabitant and ruler of their house, Smokey.

Throughout the years, Frank has taught students and new graduates in the emergency department, as well as his current position. He is looking forward to teaching the upcoming generation of nurses!

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Chelsea Abbott – Faculty Highlight

Chelsea Abbott is the Medical Program Director at WVJC Charleston. She graduated from WVJC Morgantown in August 2016 with a specialized associate degree in medical assisting. Chelsea is also a certified phlebotomy technician and certified medical assistant through the National Healthcareer Association. Before attending WVJC, Chelsea attempted other universities. She said, “I am so glad I chose WVJC for my education because it has helped me accomplish my career goals.”

After graduating from WVJC, Chelsea accepted a job at MedExpress as a medical assistant. She enjoys providing patient care in an urgent care setting. Chelsea is a great example of strong work ethic. In addition to working as a medical assistant, she is the Program Director for the Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Office Administration programs at WVJC.  Chelsea said, “I chose to work at WVJC because when I was in school it was like a home to me.”

When we asked Chelsea what she enjoys the most about working at WVJC, she said, “I love the people I work with. Our staff is one of a kind. We help each other and the atmosphere is always positive.” Chelsea is an excellent mentor for students and is a great problem solver. Students are comfortable approaching Chelsea for academic and personal support.  Chelsea said, “I am most passionate about watching students learn and bettering their future. I love being a part of their success.”

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Rachael Salvucci – Faculty Highlight

Hi everyone!  My name is Rachael Salvucci and I’ve been teaching at WVJC since 2013!  I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in English education in 2005, and then went on to receive my Masters of Education from The University of Pittsburgh in curriculum and instruction and earned my administration certificate in 2011. Teaching is my passion. I’ve been a high school English teacher in Pennsylvania for the past 14 years, and last year I was lucky to get some administration experience. I’m not sure if I’ll ever leave the classroom though – I love my students, both high school and junior college – and look forward to planning engaging lessons and building relationships with them.

I currently teach English Composition 101 and Research and Writing at WVJC Online. I absolutely love the online environment and feel that is where I excel the most. I’ve never had a class that I didn’t love, and my students so far in the past 6 years have been the best. I was introduced to WVJC through Brittany Nuzzo, and I fell in love with online teaching with my first class. Since I work full time as a public school teacher, it’s nice to come home after a long day and teach again – but on my couch and in my pajamas. I also love working remotely because I love to travel, and have been able to hold class in Italy, France, England, and many more countries and places in the US. My favorite part of working at WVJC is most definitely the people. Everyone I’ve met and worked with at WVJC has been amazing, helpful, and enthusiastic, so I can’t imagine a better place to work (part time for now).

I am mainly motivated by my 4 year old twin boys, AJ and Nino. I want to provide them with a great life, but I also want to be the best for them. I want them to see that it’s possible to find an enjoyable and satisfying career without compromising their values. I want to be a strong role model for them while also teaching them to be good people, and the way that I treat the people I work with will hopefully portray that.

I am most proud of my boys. They surprise me each and every day and I can’t believe that they are mine. They are amazing humans and most days outsmart me.

For the longest time I wanted to be an administrator, but the more chances I had to experience that career, the more I saw that I would miss teaching.  However, while I love being a high school English teacher, I would love to be full time in higher education, specifically a remote campus. My dream would be to do something I love while traveling the world.

Something interesting people might not know about me is that I love true crime. I listen to true crime podcasts on the way to and from work (and then am scared to get out of the car to walk into the building since I get to work by 6 am). Any time I can incorporate some true crime into my high school curriculum I do. What better way to get sophomores interested in literature than by reading/listening to/researching murders?  Some of my favorite podcasts are Up and Vanished, Lore, Bear Brook, Serial, and My Favorite Murder. Check them out and let’s chat! 🙂

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Samantha Esposito – Staff Highlight

“I wanted a position where I would be able to help and impact individuals while also supporting the community.  My position at WVJC has allowed me to do both!” – Samantha Esposito

As the Director of Career Management at West Virginia Junior College, Samantha Esposito assists WVJC students and graduates with employment opportunities upon graduation.  This is a responsibility that she takes very seriously.  “Working in Career Management, I knew that I would be able to impact student’s lives, while also supporting the employment needs of our community.”  For Sam, it is all about making an impact on her student’s lives.  When asked what motivates her, she had this to say.  “I don’t have one specific what or who, but many whos… the graduates. Their hunger to change their lives is what motivates me to do the best job possible.”

Samantha is motivated by the results of her students and her service to her community.  Prior to working at WVJC, she worked in student housing in the Morgantown area and the Ronald McDonald house prior to that. This path lead her to WVJC as a means to work in an environment that would allow her to use elements from both experiences to assist our students as they progress to the next step in their lives.  While at WVJC, she has continued to work within our community through service organizations such as the Morgantown Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Mon.

Student success is a cornerstone for us here at WVJC. The same can be said of how Samantha views her role her at the school.  “We are constantly enhancing the career management process and creating opportunities for our students and graduates.”  When asked what her favorite part about working at WVJC was, she said it is summed up by a “bunch of little moments.” These moments, as you can imagine, center around the success of her students.  “These little moments (are the) texts, emails, and even social media messages from students and graduates letting me know that have been hired, and how excited they are to start their journey into employment.  These messages reinforce that we are doing good things for our students, graduates, and community.”

Please visit wvjc.edu for more information on our Career Management services, our programs, or for more information on any other topic.  You can also call the school directly at 304-296-8282.

Rebekah Kube – Faculty Highlight

Rebekah Kube is the Clinical Coordinator for WVJC Bridgeport. She started her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the age of 19, but always had a passion for learning and for the nursing field. After five years of practice, Rebekah decided to go back to school. She obtained her associate’s degree in nursing from Lenoir Community College in Kinston, North Carolina. She then graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in Wilmington, NC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Rebekah is currently a Master of Science in Nursing student at Western Governors University and is excited to graduate in September. She is also considering continuing her education in a doctorate program.

Prior to being an educator, Rebekah’s background was primarily critical care. However, she has done a little bit of everything. Altogether, Rebekah has 13 years of experience as a nurse. She has been employed at WVJC since 2018 and truly loves her job and her students!

Originally from eastern North Carolina, Rebekah moved to Bridgeport, WV in January 2018. She has also lived in Orlando, Florida, but feels that North Carolina will always be her home. In her free time, Rebekah enjoys reading, going to the beach, binging Netflix, and painting. She mostly enjoys relaxing with her big rottweiler, Cooley.

Information Technology Faculty Highlight – Chris Hefner

Chris HefnerChris Hefner is a valuable asset of the West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport faculty. He is adored by many of our students, and works hard to keep his students engaged in classroom activities. In addition to being highly valuable to our staff, Chris is highly educated. Chris graduated from the Bridgeport campus of WVJC. He earned his associate degree in Information Technology in December of 2014. He also holds several certifications in his field. He understands the importance of continuing his education, and teaches his students the importance of this as well.
Before beginning his career at WVJC, Chris worked at Microsystems as an IT Technician. When asked why he made the choice to teach at WVJC he says, “I wanted to give back to the institution that gave me my degree.” Now, Chris is an IT adjunct instructor at WVJC. He teaches both entry level and advanced IT courses. Chris also helps the WVJC staff by being the onsite technician. His favorite part about working at WVJC is seeing his students be successful. He says, “Watching them succeed in their field and passing certifications. Knowing that I helped get them there is an amazing feeling.”
In addition to Chris’s successful career, he enjoys his home life with his wife and daughter. They inspire Chris daily and keep him on the right path. Chris is also motivated by his mentor Aaron Jones, WVJC Bridgeport’s IT coordinator. He says, “he keeps me forever in the IT mindset.” We hope that Chris is with us for years to come because we find his passion for teaching to be extremely valuable. He says, “I would like to continue to teach. I have found pride and accomplishment in watching my knowledge flow into students and make their lives better.”

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Faculty Highlight-Aaron Jones

Aaron JonesAaron Jones is known as WVJC – Bridgeport’s jack-of-all-trades. Aaron has an associate degree in Information Technology, Business Management and Executive Office Technology.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He has a great deal of previous work experience that pertains to his love for technology. Aaron has worked as a Dell, Sony, IBM and Lenovo Technician for Worldwide Tech Services. Some of you may have even heard him on the radio at WV Radio Corporation where he worked an IT position in the engineering department.

Today, Aaron is WVJC’s IT Program Director. He is responsible for the delivery and development of the Information Technology program and maintaining all the school technology.  We all have days where nothing seems to go right with our computers, and lucky for us, Aaron is just down the hall.  He made the choice to work at WVJC because he is very passionate about the IT field. He wanted to not only share his knowledge, but also, help others reach their career goals. When discussing his career at WVJC, he says “My favorite part about working at WVJC is getting to help individuals be successful in their field and passing along everything that I have learned to a future generation.”

Aaron finds his motivation from his family and from the success of his graduates. Every day he strives to do his very best and looks forward to continually helping the students of WVJC.  Aaron’s idea of a perfect day is being at home with his wife and little boy, but as his coworker, I know he also enjoys dressing up for comic-con. He said, “Being able to raise and support my beautiful family, and using the gifts I have been blessed with to provide knowledge and wisdom to future generations of the IT field is an incredible feeling.” Aaron hopes to continue to stay up to date with advancements in technology and hopes to always deliver the best and latest education to future generations.

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Nicole Holyfield – Faculty Highlight

Nicole HolyfieldNicole Holyfield is a West Virginia Junior College favorite. She is known by many of our students as the “cool teacher that makes us work hard but keeps things interesting.” Nicole is not only a valuable asset on our staff, but she is also highly educated.  She has a degree in psychology from Waynesburg University and in early education from Fairmont State. She has a Master’s in Education from Fairmont State University. Nicole strives to continually better herself and encourages her students to do so, as well.

Before beginning her career at WVJC, she was a preschool teacher, an adjunct professor at Pierpont Technical College, and an early childhood teacher. She eventually found her way to WVJC and is teaching general education courses.  Nicole chose to work at WVJC because she “wanted to work in a small college setting that allowed one on one time with students.  I think smaller classes make a bigger impact.”  Her favorite part of working here is interacting with the students and watching them grow throughout their education.  Nicole quickly gains the trust of her students and, as a result, they respect her and respond well to her teaching methods. We at WVJC can definitely see the passion Nicole has for teaching!

In addition to her successful career, Nicole enjoys her home life with her 8-year-old daughter. Her daughter inspires her to work harder because she knows she looks up to her.  A lesson she tries to teach her is, “Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.”  A perfect day for Nicole is spending the day at the beach with her daughter or a rainy day in bed watching movies or reading a good book. She is, of course, proud of her education and career, but is most proud of her daughter. “Family comes before anything,” she says.

For now, Nicole’s focus is WVJC students and continuing to watch them grow and become successful. She wants to leave them with the quote she lives her life by… “Every day may not be a good one but there is something good in every day.”