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WVJC continually seeks highly qualified, dynamic individuals committed to education, opportunity, diversity, and student success. When making hiring decisions, each candidate is measured against our Core Values (WE CARE). By cultivating team members that share our common core values, we are being precisely intentional about the culture being created within our organization and on our campuses. This culture is what differentiates us, specifically in the way we delivery our education and superior student services. It is through this culture (i.e. the cumulative effect of the people within our organization) that we are able to fulfill our Purpose of creating change by empowering opportunity. Apply using the form below to be a part of that change!


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“I LOVED going to school here. The small classes were the best. It helped me feel more comfortable going to class and it felt like it was easier to learn. The instructors were also amazing. I felt like I could ask them anything and they would take as much time as I needed to explain things I didn’t get. I am thankful for the degree I got there and I love my career as a medical assistant!!”

– Maria Powers (May-Powers), WVJC Graduate

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A wide variety of full-time and part-time opportunities exist at WVJC. We encourage you to apply for employment regardless of whether or not there is currently an open position for which you are qualified or desire. We regularly review applications and maintain a list of qualified applicants for when opportunities become available.

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