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West Virginia Junior College Expanding Programs and Classes

By Kelly Rippin, Monongalia and Preston County Reporter

Four year colleges aren’t for everyone and the West Virginia Junior College has adapted its programs to accommodate more people and more professions.

Students at West Virginia Junior College range from high school graduates to people in their 50s who were recently laid off.

They all have one thing in common: they are looking for a fresh start in a new career.

“I was a displaced worker. So, I decided to come to school to get an education and a career,” said Ed Blosser, a student at W. Va. Junior College.

Blosser is a medical assistant student at W. Va. Junior College, and his time there is already proving worthwhile.

He currently interns at Health Right in Morgantown, and recently helped save a patient’s life.

A gentleman came in for what he thought may be high blood pressure, but turned out to be a shellfish allergy.

“We’re taught to be aware. To look at the patient, sense and feel, and go with our instincts of what we think might be happening,” Blosser explained.

“That’s the highlight of what I do. Having these students come to me, and seeing what I call these ‘light bulb moments,'” said Heather Lucy, the director of nursing and health careers at W. Va. Junior College.

To expand on the medical assistance program, the junior college recently added a nursing program.

“It’s an evening and weekend program. A lot of them can still continue to work, at least part time, so they can focus on school, but still continue to work,” Lucy explained.

W. Va. Junior College offers six associate degree programs and is adding new classes to the legal office assistant program, to adapt with changing times.

“We’re really starting to look more into Marcellus Shale type of classes. We’ve added an additional states and property class so we can get more involved in that,” described Leanna Cardosa, the assistant campus director.

Classes are small at the junior college and the instructors are there to help the students succeed.

“I’m a person of 54 years old,” Blosser said. “I was skeptical coming in whether I could hold the information, but as I get out in my externship, everything is coming back to me. I have learned so much.

For more information on graduation rates, median debt of students who have completed their programs, and other important information, please visit our website at www.wvjc.edu/morgantown-programs. Our programs are equal opportunity employer/programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.