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WVJC Morgantown Student Services Director: Brittany Arruda

BArrudaBrittany Arruda joined the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown Campus, as an instructor in 2012. In 2013, she was promoted to Student Services Director.

Born in Ohio, Brittany moved to Pennsylvania and then to New York before she made Morgantown her home.  Her husband, Brandon, works as a psych nurse at WVU Healthcare. Three weeks after she relocated to Morgantown, she was hired by the WVJC as an adjunct instructor.

As one of the first instructors students meet, Brittany is influential in helping new students adjust to college.

“Brittany has an engaging personality and genuinely cares for her students, which creates an open line of communication for students who may be nervous about attending college,” said WVJC Morgantown Academic Director Leanne Cardoso.

Brittany teaches English Composition, Creative Writing and Research, Logic and Critical Thinking, Current Events, Keyboarding online and the occasional Effective Communications class.  She says her favorite part of teaching is the students and the instant feedback they provide.

To be successful, Brittany encourages students to come to class, to communicate and to be willing to learn.

Prior to joining the WVJC, Brittany worked in a plethora of different fields, ranging from customer service to managing a shipping-and-handling department.  She has written over 1,000 blog articles focusing on positive training, which is encouraging dogs through a partnership and relationship.

“You make it do what you want through building a connection with the dog,” she said.

She also has experience in agility training, competitive obedience training and sheep herding training.

Brittany attended State University of New York, at Brockport, where she earned her master’s in history. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Empire State College and her associate’s at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, N.Y.