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WVJC-Bridgeport 1st Practical Nursing Class Graduates with 100% NCLEX-PN Pass Rate!

We are very proud of these 5 ladies who successfully completed the Practical Nursing Program in 2015. All graduates successfully passed their NCLEX-PN exam shortly after graduation. When we asked the graduates what they would say to our 2016 class of Practical Nursing hopefuls, they responded with the following:

Practical Nursing Class


mallory bundy“Congratulations for being chosen to experience an adventure like no other! Being accepted into this program is an achievement you should be proud of.”

“I remember what it was like to be you: the shaky, sweaty palms fumbling with medication vials, the unbearably early mornings, queasy stomach, and how could I ever forget the toe-curling smells? I can vividly recall the many breakdowns I had in the wee hours of an all-nighter before a big exam, hyperventilating and being absolutely certain I wouldn’t pass. I mean, how can anyone do well on multiple-choice questions with four correct answers?”

“Every calm and collected LPN, RN and Nurse Practitioner was once a wide-eyed nursing student who nervously stepped onto the floor for their first clinical day. What you are going through is an experience that binds nurses of every type together; we have all been there. There is a process that turns normal everyday people into exceptional nurses, but the road sure isn’t an easy one. Stay focused and driven on your goals and you will be unstoppable.”

 Mallory Bundy LPN


tammy ketterman“To the class of 2016, I would like to congratulate each of you on your success in passing the TEAS test. Your journey is just beginning. It is one that you will carry with you forever. You will want to scream, cry and throw crazy tantrums throughout the year, but in the end it will be worth every second. Things will get tough and tension will be high at times, but just remember, you are all in the same boat; you all are striving to become nurses. This program is not a joke; it is a lot of hard work. You must be dedicated to the program if you wish to succeed. Don’t let anything discourage you from living your dream. You will develop friendships throughout the year that you will carry with you forever. You have excellent instructors who want you to succeed, show them respect and know that everything they do, they are doing for you.”

 Tammy Ketterman LPN



neda hartley“Congratulations future nurses! This will be one of your greatest accomplishments. This year I will have to admit was very hard and long. Stay focused and come prepared. Do your best and He will guide you the rest of the way. Don’t fret the small stuff and keep personal life personal. Always remember this is what you wanted and only you can achieve it.”

 Neda Hartley LPN



amy you“Welcome to WVJC! I am so excited for you and all the fun times you will have this year. Firstly, remember what it feels like to walk into that classroom on the first day because before you know it, it will be the last day. This year will be filled with ups and downs but by the end you will appreciated it all. Every memory you make here will go with you for the rest of your life and you will carry it with you throughout your nursing career. These people will be your family so treat them well. They will be the ones to pick you up on your weak days and encourage you. Nursing school is unlike any other and it’s tough. Stay dedicated and always remember the reason you chose to sit in that seat. I’m so proud of you and I wish you all the luck in the world.”

 Amy You LPN



jennifer knight“Congratulations on your enrollment in the 2016 WVJC LPN class! It will be a hard year that is well worth it. Time will fly by and before you know it you will be graduating this program as nurses. This program will be an unforgettable journey and will make each of you amazing nurses. In the beginning you are strangers pursuing a common goal of becoming nurses, and in a few short months you will be sitting for your NCLEX to become licensed nurses. You will all make friendships that will last a lifetime and in the end, you will become a family.”

 Jennifer Knight LPN