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Technical Support Department – Behind the Scenes

behind the scenesThere are many parts to the machine that is West Virginia Junior College that help keep us running efficiently. One of the most important parts, which not many people think about, is the Technical Support Department. At WVJC, our Technical Support Department is made up of 2 people, Ryan Langley and Chelsea Hicks, both of whom serve over 200 students to help resolve their technical issues.

Ryan makes learning at WVJC Online possible. He meticulously builds each course. Without him we wouldn’t have the amazing course offerings that we offer our students. He works hours upon hours perfecting each and every course so they can be utilized by each student to prepare them for an amazing career.

Chelsea also plays an important role on the WVJC team. She is always here to answer student phone calls with any technical issue that may arise. With most schools, that would only include technical issues within their courses. At WVJC Online, we know that students need a working computer to be able to submit coursework. Therefore, we are here to not only help within a course, but to also fix the computer itself. Chelsea also hosts the New Student Orientations so our students know exactly what to anticipate when starting classes.

Between the two of them, Ryan and Chelsea are a vital component to helping WVJC run successfully. This could mean taking weekend phone calls or bringing a student’s computer to the office to work on. They are very dedicated to their craft and to assisting the student body. So next time you talk to someone that’s a part of WVJC’s Technical Support Department, make sure you thank them for all their hard work!