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Student Highlight – Tommie Harless

tommie harlessFor many college students the atmosphere of a college campus is the most important element to their success. This was the case for Business Management  student Tommie Harless.

Tommie Harless, born and raised in Charleston, knew he needed an education to secure a bright future. After trying another school in the area that didn’t fit his needs, Harless went to work in the State Capitol Building. He enjoyed working and the people in that department, but when his position was terminated he was faced with a decision: Go to school or get another job?

Harless decided he enjoyed working but wanted a more secure future. After his first attempt at another school, Harless chose West Virginia Junior College for the specialized classes and the short time frame it takes to earn a degree. When asked about his experience at WVJC thus far he said, “It’s been good, real good. It’s fun and different. I’m used to working all the time so this is fun!”

He also says the environment at WVJC is different than other schools. “The environment is relaxed and it fits my personality,” Harless said. He added, “The faculty and staff are very helpful and supporting, if they don’t have an answer they’ll find someone who does.”

Harless can already see the results from attending classes regularly. Student Success Strategies and English are the courses Harless just completed and he is very proud of his work. “Both classes are beneficial but in English I actually enjoy writing, which I never did before. Dr. Roth is a cool dude,” Harless stated.

Tommie’s plans for his future are to work for a business firm or for the state. Another option is to be business partners with his brother. “My brother is more IT and we could create a game and I’d manage the business aspects of that,” Harless said.

When asked who his biggest supporters are, without hesitation he said his Mom and Granny. “Mom asks every day how school is going and Granny, she always asks when I see her. They’re my biggest fans.”

Outside of school Harless works part time at McDonalds. When he isn’t studying or at McDonalds he enjoys chilling with friends, watching sports and “playing the game” (video games).

Tommie’s story is similar to other students’ stories. Finding the right school is the key to success!