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Are you a goal-oriented Ohioan who is looking to earn a degree with diverse career options? If so, then you should consider a business administration online program.

Businesses, in general, play an important role within the economy. They are diverse, ranging from large companies to mom & pop shops to nonprofit organizations. These businesses can be found all over Ohio, especially in cities like Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown. But the success of them depends on the people working there.

Earning a business administration associate degree can open up a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from the kind of position you hold to the type of company you work for. You just have to take the first step.

How to Earn an Online Business Administration Degree in Ohio

For many, earning a business administration associate degree seems like the logical first step toward their dream career, especially with a program that allows you to work and go to school. Some key points to remember:

  • Online business administration degree programs allow you to complete your coursework in your own time. Rather than driving and sitting in a classroom for several hours a week, you can complete your classes when you have time, whether it be early in the morning, in the afternoon or late at night.
  • In addition to the convenience and flexibility of these business administration online programs, another aspect that makes them so appealing is the program length.
  • At WVJC Online, for example, you can earn your business administration associate degree and be career ready in just 18 months.

So not only can you work while you take classes, but with WVJC Online you can also start your dream career sooner.

About Our Business Administration Online Program

The goal of WVJC Online is to provide quality, affordable education to students throughout Northeast Ohio. With our online business administration degree, you can work in a variety of businesses, organizations and nonprofits throughout the Cleveland area and beyond.

Some of the positions you may ultimately hold include:

  • Salesperson
  • Customer service specialist
  • Accounting assistant
  • Business manager/Assistant manager
  • Bookkeeping staff member

Whether you want to work in marketing, advertising, accounting, or human resources, our online business administration degree program is built to help prepare you for your future career.

Our curriculum is designed to teach basic marketable skills that you can utilize in future career endeavors. Some of the skills you will learn in this program include the fundamentals of:

  • Office management
  • Sales strategies
  • Customer service
  • Basic accounting
  • Small business management
  • Basic business law
  • Employee payroll management
  • Business marketing
  • Competency with programs like Microsoft Office

What you learn in our business administration online program will help you become part of a professional team and help you differentiate yourself during the job interview process.


How We’re Different from Other Online Business Degree Programs in Ohio

The curriculum in our business administration associate degree program offered in Ohio will not only teach you basic skills that you can use in your career, but will also help you gain hands-on experience.

As part of our online business degree program, you will be required to complete an externship with a business in the Northeast Ohio area. This will give you valuable real-world experience that can help you stand out from other job applicants.

You can also stand out in an interview with certifications, which can showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers. Unlike other business administration online programs offered in Ohio, our curriculum is designed to prepare you for certification exams.

Some of the exams you are qualified to take are:

  • Microsoft Office Excel Certification
  • QuickBooks Certification

Additionally, we are an online college which provides 24/7 technical support to our students throughout the Youngstown, Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas.

At WVJC Online, we truly put our students first.

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