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Student Highlight – Cortney Brown

It had never been her thing – showing up to school, dealing with classmates, and everything else that goes hand-in-hand with earning a high school degree.   So when high school graduation finally came, college was the last thing on Cortney Brown’s mind, but five years later, she decided to dip her toes into academia […]

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Staff Highlight – Ashley Stinnett

CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia Junior College Charleston is excited to introduce our new Academic Dean, Ashley Stinnett! Ashley chose to come to WVJC to help others. “I wanted to help individuals achieve their dream of a better quality of life by getting a great education.” So far, Ashley’s favorite part of the job is […]

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Student Highlights: Brianna Harlan & Missy Helmick

MORGANTOWN – The separation of some 60 miles doesn’t keep Missy Helmick and Brianna Harlan, two medical assisting students at the WVJC eCampus, from engaging in a lively class discussion about drug testing. As part of their Anatomy and Physiology III class, both learners participate in the latest week’s discussion forum. Helmick poses her opinion […]

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WVJC Charleston Student Highlight – Joshua Bias

CHARLESTON, WV – Josh Bias chose to come to WVJC Charleston for the IT program in summer of 2013. Not only was he looking for a program that interested him, but he was also looking to better his education. Josh knew that the IT program would be a great fit. He said, “I’ve always been […]

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