Travis Gyorko – Staff Highlight

Meet Executive Administrative Assistant Travis Gyorko!

Travis Gyorko | WVJC

Travis Gyorko is a West Virginia Junior College alumni who recently returned to take on the executive administrative assistant position. He graduated in 2020 from the accelerated Associate’s Degree program in Business Administration. While attending West Virginia Junior College, Travis served as the Student Government Association President. Before Travis took on this role at West Virginia Junior College, he was a unit clerk at a local hospital in Morgantown, WV.

When asked why he chose to work at West Virginia Junior College, he said, “I applied to work at WVJC because I felt that this position would get me into a more professional environment with a better chance to grow my career.” During his time here, Travis’ favorite part has been the staff. “Everyone has been very helpful with various aspects of my job. It is really nice to know that I can go to anyone for help with any questions I may have.”

Travis is currently the Executive Administrative Assistant at West Virginia Junior College, assisting WVJC Online and Morgantown’s administration with numerous tasks. His position is incredibly vital in this world of education, and he plays a crucial role in ensuring that our students have a smooth and efficient experience.

When it comes to motivation, Travis is the one who motivates himself. He wants to be a business owner one day, so he is always working on learning new things and being the best he can be. Over the last five years, Travis has worked on preparing a business plan so that it will be a success when he is ready to begin that journey.

Travis is proud that he returned to school and finally got his degree. He wanted to do this, and accomplishing this goal has benefitted him in many ways. The accelerated associate degrees that WVJC offers were the perfect fit for Travis and could be for you too!

When Travis has free time, he likes to spend it outdoors, and he is always looking for new places to hike or adventure. He also has a bit of an artistic aside, and drawing or painting are a few of his favorite hobbies.

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