5 Common Interview Questions

WVJC Composed The Top Five Most Common Interview Questions

Do you find yourself wondering what kind of questions you’ll be asked during a job interview? This is a common challenge that most job seekers face while preparing for an interview. Several interview questions allow the job seeker to share their work experience, educational experience, strengths, weaknesses, and desire to work in the position they’re applying for. Because we do not know our interview questions ahead of time, it can be difficult to prepare our responses. You want to ensure that you are ready to discuss your qualifications in a calm and organized fashion without preparing too much of a script for yourself. It is important to prepare phrases or examples that can be used to respond to similarly worded questions. Though we can never be sure of the exact question the interviewer will ask, we can prepare ourselves for questions that are asked more frequently.

Watch the video below to learn how to answer five common interview questions!


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