Pharmacy Technician Student Highlight – Cassie Hart

Cassie HartCassie Hart is a WVJC student who is expected to graduate from the Pharmacy Technician program in February of 2018. When Cassie graduated high school, she began studying Safety at Fairmont State. She attended FSU for one semester, but knew something was missing. She wanted a college that was smaller, more personable and closer to home. She found WVJC!

She loved WVJC after learning more about the Pharmacy Technician program. The fact that it was so close to home was an additional benefit! Cassie chose the Pharmacy Technician program because she knew several people working in the field and heard many positive things about it. She was most excited to learn how many different types of jobs are available in the field. You can work in hospitals, retail environments, and different kinds of pharmacies! “There are great job opportunities in the pharm tech field,” she says.

Cassie’s favorite part of attending WVJC-Morgantown is the hands-on element of the classes. “WVJC has made me think about my future more and has really affected my life”. Cassie says that the most influential person during her time at WVJC has been Jamie, her Pharmacy Technician Director. “Jamie has taught me so much. She helps me a lot and gives her students a lot of one on one attention.” In five years, Cassie hopes to be working as a Pharmacy Technician at Mylan Pharmaceuticals or Ruby Memorial Hospital.

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Clinical Medical Assistant Student Highlight – Kasmira Kinzer

Kasmira KinzerKasmira Kinzer is a medical assisting student at WVJC Morgantown campus. She attended WVU for a couple years before making the decision to switch to WVJC. “I met some great friends there, but academically, I didn’t have a good experience. Teachers didn’t care whether people came to class or understood the material.” Kasmira also disliked that she was required to take several classes that didn’t even relate to her major or future career. As a result, she made the decision to attend a school that more closely aligned with her professional interests. We are glad she made the choice to come to WVJC!

Kasmira also chose WJVC because she could tell that “everyone on the staff team genuinely cared about the students and that we succeed in our careers.” She picked the Clinical Medical Assistant program because she has always been interested in the medical field and wanted to have a career where she can work hands-on with patients.  Prior to attending WVJC, Kasmira worked as a shift manager at Panera Bread but she knew that she wanted to explore other career options and she understood that she would need to further her education to pursue her passion. “Since attending WVJC I feel like there is a purpose to life. Before being accepted I was thinking of joining the Army because I wasn’t happy at my job and knew I didn’t want to be in that career path long-term.” Kasmira finally feels that she has found her passion and is excited to move forward with future career opportunities!

Kasmira’s favorite thing about WVJC is that she feels comfortable with her teachers, specifically to ask them questions or for help and they always make time for her if needed. The person that has affected her life the most while being here is Rayan Matthews. “She was once in my shoes graduating from the same program through the same school. She also pushes me to be great and to pursue higher education after graduating from the Clinical Medical Assistant Program.” In five years, Kasmira would like to have her Bachelor’s Degree and then go on to pursue her dream of becoming a Physician’s Assistant.

If you, like Kasmira are interested in the medical field and looking for a college where the staff cares about their students, request information today!

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Business & Legal Student Highlight- Shaquann Shaw

Shaquann ShawAfter graduating from University High School in Morgantown, Shaquann Shaw found himself in a situation similar to many other newly minted graduates.  He was unsure.  He didn’t know his next step or which direction life would take him.  He knew he had to survive.  He was thinking about college, but work seemed like the more feasible option.  He was searching.

Shaq thought he had no choice so he went to work.  He tried a little bit of everything.  He worked 3 or 4 different jobs. He hustled to find other work on the side doing manual labor.  He found some stability working as a salesman at a shoe store, but he realized he wanted more and his life vision began to take shape.  He knew he needed college to get to where he wanted to be. He set his sights on earning a degree in Business Administration with the vision of one day owning and operating his own funeral home and crematory.

The transition to college didn’t go smoothly for Shaq.  With working 8 hour shifts, he decided to attend a National Online University based off a brochure he stumbled upon leaving work.  It sounded good to Shaq.  They had a business program and he could study around his work obligations.  What he didn’t anticipate was the lack of support.  The college he chose struggled to meet his needs.  Their technical department was unresponsive and unreliable.  He started late due to technical issues and never caught up.  He felt that he could never communicate with instructors and instead of going the extra mile to contact them he succumbed to frustration.  “I ultimately just gave up,” he said.

Morgantown Legal and Business Student

Shaq new he couldn’t go out without a fight, so he sought alternatives.  He looked at West Virginia University, but was weary of such a large institution.  Finally, the stars aligned and he found West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown.  He requested information about the Business Administration program at WVJC and after being contacted by the Director of Admissions, Matt Hahn, he scheduled a college visit.

At that first meeting, Shaq realized WVJC had a personal touch and the courses he needed to one day open his business.  He figured versatile training in all aspects of business from management, to sales, to marketing and advertising would prepare him for his journey.  He decided to give it a shot!

It’s a decision that so far has paid great dividends for Shaq.  He has excelled as a student in what he describes as, “a stress free environment of gratitude and support.”  He works closely with Brittany Nuzzo, the Academic Dean, and applauds her effort to help him reach his goals.  Now, Shaq can see the finish line. He not only has his business degree in sight, but he is also working toward a degree in Legal Office Assisting.  His plans are to complete both programs and obtain an externship in a law office and eventually work as a paralegal.  From there the goal is to combine the business and legal training and skills to one day open his Funeral Home armed with the knowledge and ability to ensure its success!  Quite the story of progress for a young man who not long ago was unsure of where to turn and which direction life would take him.

If you, like Shaquann are looking for a college with versatile training and a personal touch, request information today!

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Pharmacy Technician Graduate Highlight – Kaylynd Frazier

Kaylynd FrazierKaylynd Frazier graduated from WVJC’s Pharmacy Technician program in May 2017. She attended both our online and on-ground campuses so that she could graduate sooner. “I graduated almost 3 months before my original date. It was wonderful!” Before attending WVJC, she worked several years doing odd jobs but wasn’t quite sure which direction she wanted to go. Her friend, Cassandra, who attended WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program, told Kaylynd about her experience and persuaded her to explore the college. “The first day I met with Matt, I knew I wanted to attend with WVJC,” Kaylynd said. “Matt laid everything out really well and I loved that I wasn’t required to take a bunch of general education courses that weren’t related to what I wanted to study.”

Kaylynd chose the Pharmacy Technician program because she has been interested in the field since high school. Not only did WVJC provide her the assistance she needed to graduate, it also provided her the opportunity to earn a reliable career that has opportunity for advancement. Kaylynd now works full time as a Pharmacy Technician at American Rx Pharmacy!

Kaylynd’s favorite part of attending WVJC was the support from the administrative team and how helpful and supportive they were during her journey. The person who was most influential to her during her time at WVJC was her instructor Kathy because she treated Kaylynd like family. Kacey, the Medical Office Administration director, was also extremely helpful. She loves them both!

In the next five years, Kaylynd would love to be advancing with American Rx, but it is so happy with her current position that she would happily stay exactly where she is.

If you are looking for a new and exciting career as a Pharmacy Technician, request information today!

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Student Highlight – Bobby Viands

Bobby ViandsThe formula is simple.  When you combine passion and intelligence with drive and work ethic, the result is success.  Since Bobby Viands enrolled in West Virginia Junior College’s Network Administration/Security Program in January of 2017 that’s what he has experienced . . . Success!

Bobby’s story isn’t unusual.  There’s been challenges and setbacks.  After completing his senior year of high school, like many students, he decided to attend a traditional 4-year institution. Bobby had a fairly positive experience, but something was missing.  “It was a fairly nice place, but it lacked relationships.  I didn’t feel like there was anyone there who was in my corner,” he said.

While attending the four year institution, Bobby also encountered life adversity.  There were trials and tribulations.  These struggles included the grief caused by several deaths in his family and the impact those deaths had on a family dynamic.  Bobby needed a change and a fresh start, so he headed to Morgantown.

Bobby realized that he needed a source of income so he secured work at a local call center.  While working he rediscovered that his passion in life was computers. He had previous exposure to computers while in high school. Bobby knew that he wanted to earn a degree that would make his parents and grandparents proud, but he wanted to do it on his own terms.  He began searching for the right environment, where hands on experience was as valuable as lectures.

Bobby found WVJC.  He was familiar with the campus from spending time in downtown Morgantown. He realized there was a career enhancement scholarship available to WVJC through his employer TeleTech.  He dove into the program head first while enjoying “the downtown atmosphere with the smaller college setting.”  He has also excelled in the classroom working with IT Program Director Robin Addis on a daily basis.  He said, “She really sees my potential, gives me a lot of responsibility, and believes in me.”  The results can be seen through his academic progress.

There has been sacrifice involved.  Bobby is busy, but in his mind being busy equates to productivity and a sense of accomplishment.  He attends class from 8a.m. until 12 p.m. and then spends more time in the computer lab honing his craft.  From there it’s off to work from 3:30 p.m. until midnight.  The dedication has already paid off as Bobby has earned his CCENT Cisco certification and is in the process of obtaining three additional certifications which include the A-Plus, CCNA, and Cisco Security.

Bobby has a plan and a vision. He knows the effort he exerts now will be rewarded in the future.  In the coming years he anticipates utilizing his degree and certifications in the area of network and server administration.  He wants to assist the community by contracting with small businesses to launch their computer networks.  It is a dream that seems quite obtainable for a young man who has embraced his education with such determination.

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WVJC Morgantown Staff Highlight: Diane Hevner

WVJC Morgantown Staff HighlightThe face of the front office will celebrate her 16th anniversary Nov. 7, with the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown campus.

In Sept. 1997, Diane Hevner graduated from the WVJC with a diploma in Office Technology and Office Processing.

“Diane is the first person our potential students hear and see,” said Jessica Nuckles, High School Admissions Representative. “Her demeanor and attitude toward them help to create a positive enrollment experience.”

Jessica added that the staff also sincerely appreciates her dedication to making sure there’s coffee in the morning.

Diane said her favorite thing about her position is interacting with all of the students. She said she also had quite a good time last year with Rodney Murray, now a WVJC Medical Assistant graduate, by putting a large photo of him on the WVJC Christmas tree.

Diane and her husband, Paul, have two daughters, Lori and Debbie, and three grandchildren.  They also have a dog, Peaches, and a cockatoo, Poppins.

“Without Diane in the front office, it’s as if the WVJC comes to a halt,” said Holly Hildreth, WVJC Career Management Director. “She takes care of so many things, and I hope that she realizes that she is an integral part of our organization.”

WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting Graduate Enjoys New Career

Tiana MorganTiana Morgan decided West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus was the right choice for her because it gave her the opportunity to get an education while still caring for her son and working.

She explained, “The schedule was flexible and the program was only 18 months. I felt that this program was made for people who have other responsibilities, but who still want to further their education.”

Tiana decided that Medical Assisting was the right choice for her.

“I chose Medical Assisting because I feel there will always be a demand for skilled healthcare workers. I have the skills and the knowledge to work in a variety of healthcare settings and I have more job stability and security because of the skill set I obtained at WVJC Bridgeport,” she said.

She enjoyed the flexible course schedule and short length of program at WVJC the most. “It’s very intense, but it gives you the ability to continue to have a life outside of school. In addition to that, I really enjoyed the Career Preparation Class. It helps give you all the tools you need to ace an interview and land your dream job,” Tiana explained.

Tiana currently works for WVU Healthcare at the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center as a Registered and Certified Medical Assistant and is continuing to further her education.

Tiana said her best advice for new students is to GO TO CLASS! “I think the most important thing for students in any program to know is that you will get out of the program what you put in. 100% dedication will give you 100% results. The hours can be long and the work can be challenging, but the benefits when you finish are amazing.”

She would like to thank her friends and family for their support and her instructors for pushing her and guiding her to something bigger and better.

She said, “I feel like my instructors genuinely care about their students and truly strive for them to succeed. I appreciate the roles that everyone played in helping my get where I am today. So many people stood behind me and helped me tremendously, even if they didn’t realize how much it meant at the time: My grandma, my aunt, and my boyfriend, especially. Whether it was watching my son so I could go to class or finish some homework, staying up late with me to go over terminology note cards to even just giving me a pat on the back for a job well done – I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Student who complete the Medical Assisting program at WVJC learn how to take patient vital signs, assist doctors or nurses with physical exams, check vision, collect medical specimens, check blood-sugar levels, perform laboratory tests, draw blood, sterilize medical equipment, assist with minor surgeries, give injections, complete certain heart tests, understand medical terms, prepare basic medications, understand privacy issues and work at the front desk of an office.

WVJC offers Medical Assisting at all three of its on-site campuses in Charleston, Bridgeport and Morgantown and it now offers it online. For more information, click here!