Clinical Medical Assistant Student Highlight – Kasmira Kinzer

Kasmira KinzerKasmira Kinzer is a medical assisting student at WVJC Morgantown campus. She attended WVU for a couple years before making the decision to switch to WVJC. “I met some great friends there, but academically, I didn’t have a good experience. Teachers didn’t care whether people came to class or understood the material.” Kasmira also disliked that she was required to take several classes that didn’t even relate to her major or future career. As a result, she made the decision to attend a school that more closely aligned with her professional interests. We are glad she made the choice to come to WVJC!

Kasmira also chose WJVC because she could tell that “everyone on the staff team genuinely cared about the students and that we succeed in our careers.” She picked the Clinical Medical Assistant program because she has always been interested in the medical field and wanted to have a career where she can work hands-on with patients.  Prior to attending WVJC, Kasmira worked as a shift manager at Panera Bread but she knew that she wanted to explore other career options and she understood that she would need to further her education to pursue her passion. “Since attending WVJC I feel like there is a purpose to life. Before being accepted I was thinking of joining the Army because I wasn’t happy at my job and knew I didn’t want to be in that career path long-term.” Kasmira finally feels that she has found her passion and is excited to move forward with future career opportunities!

Kasmira’s favorite thing about WVJC is that she feels comfortable with her teachers, specifically to ask them questions or for help and they always make time for her if needed. The person that has affected her life the most while being here is Rayan Matthews. “She was once in my shoes graduating from the same program through the same school. She also pushes me to be great and to pursue higher education after graduating from the Clinical Medical Assistant Program.” In five years, Kasmira would like to have her Bachelor’s Degree and then go on to pursue her dream of becoming a Physician’s Assistant.

If you, like Kasmira are interested in the medical field and looking for a college where the staff cares about their students, request information today!

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