Hunter Tustin – Graduate Highlight

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Before enrolling at WVJC, Hunter Tustin was trying to figure out the right career path for himself. He was graduating from high school and trying to determine if he should attend college. He decided to attend an 18-month program that would have him working in the field quickly. Hunter chose to attend WVJC Morgantown because his sister is a graduate, and he was able to experience some of the features of the school through her. Hunter gravitated towards the Clinical Medical Assistant program because he wanted a stepping stone into the medical field. Completing this program allowed him to achieve his goals quickly.

Hunter’s favorite part of attending WVJC Morgantown was the instructors. “They all cared about you,” said Hunter. Hunter’s favorite instructor at WVJC was Carrie Friend, the Medical Externship Coordinator. “She was very fun-loving, educational, and always had a hand out to catch you when you stumbled,” said Hunter. He also enjoyed attending the clinical classes throughout his program. “My favorite memories with WVJC were my clinical classes. They were difficult and a lot of work, but I had a great time learning new skills and meeting new people in those classes,” said Hunter.

Now that Hunter has graduated from the Clinical Medical Assistant program, he has been employed at a local family medical clinic and has decided to further his education. He sees himself earning a degree in American Sign Language Interpreting and Education within the next five years. “This will allow me to use both of my degrees to make a difference in the medical field and the deaf community,” said Hunter.

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