Breanna Lepka – Student Success Story

Our Student Success Story of the Month, Breanna Lepka Embarking on the path of higher education is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. For Breanna Lepka, a devoted stay-at-home mom for nine years, this transition was more than just a change—it was a transformative experience that redefined her aspirations. The choice to enroll at West … Read more

Why National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certifications Are Important

Content Updated 05/08/2024 Are you looking for a healthcare training program that provides valuable training through classroom development, hands-on training, National Healthcareer Association certification* preparation, and an externship experience? If these qualities are necessary for your education, then a WVJC allied healthcare training program could be a great fit for you! Earning industry certifications can … Read more

Online Cybersecurity – Program Highlight

Content Updated 05/15/2024 You’ve probably heard about the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry. Still, many people do not fully understand the impact of good online practices on everyday life. WVJC Online is here to help you better understand cybersecurity and why it matters! By delving into the world of cybersecurity, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of … Read more

Why You Should Choose WVJC’s
Clinical Medical Assistant Program!

Have you been considering attending a medical assisting training program? Medical assistants are versatile and valuable healthcare team members that help with the daily flow of medical offices. Continue reading to learn more about why choosing one of WVJC’s medical assisting training programs can benefit you and your future career! Program Options As a WVJC … Read more