Alison Proffitt – Student Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Student – Alison Proffitt

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Alison Proffitt, a recent high school graduate, was looking for a college that would be a great fit. WVJC Bridgeport was Alison’s first school of choice. She said after touring WVJC, she knew it was the college for her. Alison stated that she chose WVJC “due to the ratio of students to teachers.” She also said “that she didn’t want to be in a big class with no one-on-one if needed.”

Alison chose the Dental Assisting program because she wants to become a dental hygienist eventually, and she thought dental assisting was a good starting point in the dental field.

When asked what her favorite part of attending WVJC is, she stated, “no one wants to see you fail they want you to succeed in every way possible.”

One of the most important accomplishments in Alison’s life is getting ready to graduate college with her sister, who will be the first two in their family to graduate. Another significant accomplishment for Alison is that she was offered a dental assisting job at her externship.

Alison’s professional plans for the future are to continue to strive in the dental field and become a dental hygienist!

Our WVJC dental assisting students receive hands-on training to prepare them to be career-ready. Click here to get a behind-the-scenes look at what our students learn in the dental lab!

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