Dental Assisting Program

Charleston, WV– The Dental Assisting Program at West Virginia Junior College is all smiles in 2015!

Dental Coordinator Ms. Rebecca Hale received the 2014 Instructor of the Year Award at the Charleston Campus and she is continuing her hard work in 2015. The Dental Assisting program is blossoming with each day. Dental students are promoting dental hygiene on campus, teaching dental health in the community and fundraising for healthy smiles overseas.

The organization “SmileTrain” raises awareness about cleft abnormalities in underdeveloped countries. During the past few months Ms. Hale has encouraged her students to fundraise by selling $1 SmileTrain wristbands and wall hangers. All proceeds will be sent to the organization to help with the medical costs of cleft palate operations of children effected. The program hopes to donate $250 this spring.

Not only is the Dental Assisting program active in fundraising but they are also excelling in the academic department. Students attribute their success to Ms. Hale, saying she makes learning fun. While not every student learns the same, Ms. Hale takes extra time to ensure students grasp the material. She uses her knowledge and past in-field work experiences to ensure student success.

While 2014 has come and gone, Ms. Hale is working toward an even brighter 2015 in the Dental department. April is Dental Month at the college and the dental assisting students are already planning.

“My students are very enthusiastic and preparing events for April,” said Hale.

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