Online Clinical Medical Assistant Highlight-Racheal Huggins

Rachael HugginsChoosing to continue your education after high school is a big decision that impacts not only your life but those closest to you. WVJC-Online Medical Assisting student Racheal Huggins made that very choice when she decided to attend WVJC-online for her Associate degree. Racheal is what is generally called, a non-traditional student; meaning that she waited a few years after high school before attending college. Making the decision to wait on attending college is both a blessing and a struggle to many online students.

When Racheal started inquiring about applying to WVJC-Online for Medical Assisting, she already had family obligations that were her number one priority, a husband, and her four-year-old daughter. Finding a college that gave her the flexibility to continue in her role as wife and mom, was a concern that weighed heavy on her mind. During her attendance at WVJC-Online, she had the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with instructors, hands-on clinicals close to home, and the support of all staff members at WVJC-online. Needless to say, Racheal found her balance between college and family life that ultimately put her on the path to graduate from WVJC-Online with her Associate degree in Medical Assisting. She is continuing to make WVJC-Online and her family proud with dedication and persistence.

Racheal started as a young mother and wife with aspirations to better herself and set an example for her daughter. She started the process by taking that first step and asking questions about online college and how it can fit into her schedule. If you have always wanted a career in the medical field, and are not sure where to start, take Racheal’s advice and take that first step with us at WVJC-Online today!

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