Densel Chapman – Student Highlight

Meet Cybersecurity Student Densel Chapman

Densel Chapman attended college before West Virginia Junior College at another institution where he was in the Electrical Technician program. His time there was pretty good, and his instructor, Jeff Greenly, was a very knowledgeable electrician and a phenomenal instructor. Before deciding to attend WVJC, Densel worked as an industrial electrician for a company in southern Pennsylvania. He is also a kickboxing coach at a local martial arts gym in Morgantown. After speaking with a few different online schools in-state and out-of-state, Densel decided WVJC was the best choice for his education.

Densel Chapman - Student HighlightWVJC had an accelerated program in Cybersecurity, more resources for student utilization than he could name, and it is local to him, in case he ever needed to go in. Densel spoke with a few friends who talked with him about IT, especially Cybersecurity. Densel researched the field and average salary, the extremely steep upturn in job growth, and the nearly countless positions and opportunities the field holds.

Densel’s favorite thing about WVJC is the large outpouring of support. He often gets an email or text from different faculty members or instructors just checking in on him and asking if he needs anything. Densel’s favorite instructor thus far is Mr. Daniel Neal. He is very knowledgeable and informative. He is quick to answer any questions I have when they arise. Densel is very excited about all of his cybersecurity classes but especially about the ethical hacking and cybersecurity defense classes.

Ideally, Densel would like to get into a career as a SOC Analyst or an Ethical Hacker, but he is sure there are many avenues he can explore once he is working in the field. In five years, Densel would like to be making a great salary in a mid-higher tier position for a great Cybersecurity company. It would be a wonderful added bonus if the position was remote, as well!

Densel has already recommended WVJC and the Cybersecurity program to a few friends. Densel said, “Everyone is so helpful and eager to lend a hand or an ear at WVJC. They really show that they care about your success, which you do not see as often from other educational institutions.” When asked about what advice he would give to someone looking to start school at WVJC, Densel said, “When I reached out, I was clear that I was browsing schools and there was never any pressure on me to choose WVJC. Of course, the admissions team member I was speaking to wanted me to choose WVJC, but she encouraged looking around and choose the school that would behoove me on my path to success in Cybersecurity. That spoke volumes to me because that is not the same response that I received from the other institutions I was researching.”

“There are a ton of resources for students to utilize throughout your scholastic journey at WVJC, as well as AFTER you graduate. You can always reach out to the career management team for help with resumes, job applications, interview prep, and many more helpful options. I am very happy with my educational experience thus far, and I am ecstatic to continue and graduate!”

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