Allie Yoho – Faculty Highlight

Meet General Education Instructor
Allie Yoho!

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Allie Yoho is a new faculty member at WVJC Bridgeport, and she is a general education instructor. Ms. Yoho graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Human Biology. She is also a graduate of the University of Florida, where she pursued a Master’s in Forensic Medicine.

Ms. Yoho’s prior work experiences include working as a lab assistant in a biology lab at West Virginia Wesleyan College and as an intern at the Buckhannon-Upshur Health Department.

When asked what attracted her to apply for this position, Allie stated, “My background is working with college-level students. It is rewarding to see them figure things out and accomplish goals, no matter how big or small.”

Allie stated that she chose WVJC because she likes the small campus environment; it reminds her of the one-on-one experience she had at West Virginia Wesleyan. Her favorite part about working for WVJC is the students. She also enjoys the fast-paced environment and how it motivates the students. She states, “It is great to see the progress they make throughout the six weeks.”

When asked what motivates her, she stated, “her friends.” When you surround yourself with individuals who have goals and the motivation to keep improving, it rubs off on you. Seeing others succeed should give you the energy to keep pushing. She is also most proud of her academic achievements and the drive to keep going.

So, what is a day-to-day work life look like for Allie: My day begins with having a cup of coffee and snuggles with my dog. I like to listen to music on the way to work. After my first class, I try to stay up on grading throughout the day, so I give my students timely feedback. I compose emails to make sure students are staying up to date. My students come into my class for office hours. I like to make weekly outlines of what is excepted that week, as well as what to look forward to next week. After I leave work, I run errands or go home; then I go to the gym, where I work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Allie is a certified personal trainer and health coach, holding certifications in self-defense and strength & conditioning as well. Her job as a trainer and health coach revolves around keeping her clients motivated and accountable, and she tries to transition the mindset to my students here at the college as often as she can. Allie keeps track of her clients’ progress, being there for them 24/7, not just at the gym. Health means way more than just physical abilities, but mental as well. As their coach, she has to remind them that a fitness journey is not at all linear and it is a competition with yourself. Her personal favorite workout is boxing and Grit cardio, and her least has to be running. She would rather do one hundred burpees than run one mile. In the spring/summer, she gives tennis lessons around the area. It is her favorite sport; she grew up playing since age 10, being All-State in high school. She tries to play as often as she can as an adult.

Something interesting about Allie that many people do not know is that she is a daredevil. She loves trying new things, including and not limited to white water rafting, rock repelling/climbing, and ziplining. Skydiving is on her to-do list for this summer.

Ms. Yoho’s long-term career goal is to become a professor in the forensic field and solve cold cases. She said after teaching at WVJC, she considered working on her doctorate degree to make this dream come true.

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