WVJC Morgantown High School Day

WVJC extends a warm invitation to local high schools, showcasing the myriad opportunities it provides to prospective high school graduates in the community. Engaging with lab instructors, students gained insights into the diverse programs offered at WVJC, delving into the unique offerings of each discipline. The interactive session allowed students to acquire hands-on experience and explore the enriching educational avenues available.

In a delightful culmination of the event, students were equipped with valuable knowledge and took home souvenirs from various program stations. An exciting element was also introduced: the chance to win WVJC-themed rewards. This opportunity presented itself after students successfully completed a game that tested their understanding of the information acquired throughout the day.

This initiative serves as an informative bridge between the institution and potential students and fosters a dynamic and engaging learning environment. It emphasizes WVJC’s commitment to providing not just education but an enriching and enjoyable educational journey. Explore these helpful tips for future college students! Join us in 2024! Request More Information Today!

Preston County High School Day