WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting Student Highlight: Megan Stone

WVJC Medical Assisting | Bridgeport Medical Assisting | WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting“I chose to come to WVJC because I wanted to do something to better myself. The idea of always having to rely on someone to take care of me was terrible. I also wanted to be a good role-model for my future kids and any kids in my life; explained Megan.”

She loves WVJC Bridgeport so far.  “My favorite part of attending this school has been all the new people I have met. I have never been surrounded by so many people who truly care how you are and how you are doing. It has been an awesome experience for me and allowed me to grow so much as a person.”

Megan also loves the Medical Assistant Program that she is in.  “I chose this program because I am really good with people and my personality puts a smile on faces. The idea of helping people like I have been helped made me feel as if I was repaying the favor somehow.”

Student who complete the Medical Assisting program at WVJC learn how to take patient vital signs, assist with physical exams, collect medical specimens, check blood-sugar levels, perform laboratory tests, draw blood, sterilize medical equipment, assist with minor surgeries, give injections, complete certain heart tests, understand medical terms, prepare basic medications, understand privacy issues and work at the front desk of an office.

WVJC offers Medical Assisting at all three of its on-site campuses in Charleston, Bridgeport, Morgantown and now online.

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