Travis Gyorko – Graduate Highlight

Travis Gyorko, student-turned-employee!

Travis Gyorko - Graduate Highlight
Travis Gyorko graduated from WVJC in 2020 with his Associate Degree in Business Administration. His college journey started when he graduated from high school and attended WVU, which he says wasn’t a good fit for him at the time. He decided to attend WVJC for Business Administration because he aims to open his own brewery someday and felt that the business administration degree would help him pursue that goal.

His favorite part about attending WVJC as a student was the instructors. They allowed him to learn everything he could about running a business, and he could tell that each one cared about their student’s success. He enjoyed every instructor he took a course with because of their commitment to their students. His favorite class was Fundamentals of Taxation, which was surprising to him. He says that understanding and properly doing taxes is vital to everyday life, even outside of a business career.

If he were to give advice to new and current students at WVJC, he would say, “Always be prepared for your classes and fully absorb the information the instructors teach you.” When asked if he would recommend WVJC to a friend, he said, “Yes! Any program is a great stepping stone into what you want to do in life. Most of the classes are smaller, so you have more of a voice than you would in bigger classes at other institutions.”

Travis is currently our Executive Administrative Assistant here at the WVJC Morgantown Campus. Prior to coming to work here, he was a unit clerk at Ruby Memorial Hospital. He chose to come to WVJC because he wanted to work in a more professional environment and learn more about running a business. He stated that working here makes him feel like he’s using his knowledge from his business degree with the daily tasks he completes. He says that WVJC has definitely prepared him for the future because, during his time here, he has learned a lot about the business operations of the school, which is very important to him. He likes that he has learned how to run a business properly during his time here as a student and an employee.

Travis’s favorite part about working at WVJC is the people. He said that everyone he works with on a daily basis has always been extremely helpful, and he likes knowing that he can go to anyone at any time for help if he needs it.

Travis says he motivates himself daily because he is always striving to learn new things and try to be as helpful as possible. He’s most proud of finally returning to college, graduating with his degree, and earning a 4.0 along the way!

During his free time, he loves to be outdoors and go hiking. He also enjoys painting, drawing, and crafting too! Something people may not know about Travis is that his favorite weird thing to collect is bottle caps.

You will most likely see Travis on the Morgantown Campus at the front office desk, so be sure to say hello the next time you are in the building!

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