Sarah Jackson – Graduate Highlight

WVJC is eager to introduce you to one of our 2020 Nursing graduates, Sarah Jackson! Sarah started working toward her goal of working in the medical field by completing the Clinical Medical Assistant program. Upon completing and obtaining employment as a medical assistant at the Pediatric Clinic through WVU Medicine, Sarah realized that she loved the healthcare field. It made her want to further her education to “learn how to help people in more ways!”

When determining where to go to college, Sarah said, “I chose WVJC because they were invested in my success. When I chose to go to nursing school, I wanted that same feeling. That kind of tight-knit feeling is why I would recommend WVJC. The small class sizes make it very personal and having a degree in 18 months was appealing. My instructors were caring and dedicated to making us the best nurses we could be. I also made great friends along the way. My favorite instructor was Joanne! She was so special to all of us and was always there to talk when we were having a tough time.”

A required part of the licensing process in WV is the NCLEX. Sarah expressed how she “felt confident that the program gave me all the information I needed to pass the boards.” The school utilizes classroom instruction, ATI curriculum and HURST review to help students to prepare for the NCLEX. Though ATI was not Sarah’s favorite thing, she said it “really did help me with my critical thinking skills.” When asked if Sarah felt prepared for the NCLEX she exclaimed, “As prepared as anyone can be for the scariest test of their life! I knew if I kept studying I would pass, though.”

Sarah now works on a Trauma floor. “It’s a fantastic place to learn how to be a nurse in the real world and prepare me for any future career changes.” Sarah shared this picture with us after she survived her first night on the trauma floor. Her ideal job is working in an emergency department. Long-term, she hopes to find herself living in Oregon working in an ED (Emergency Department) and “loving my life as a nurse!”

If you are interested in starting nursing school, request information here!

WVU Medicine – Externship Highlight

WVU Medicine is taking the state of West Virginia by storm and WVJC is very proud to work with the company. WVU Medicine is the state’s largest health system and private employer. WVU Medicine is comprised of nine hospitals throughout the state: J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, Braxton County Memorial in Gassaway, Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson, Potomac Valley Hospital in Keyser, Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Buckhannon, and United Hospital Center in Bridgeport.

WVJC and WVU Medicine have been able to create a seamless externship program for both students and the sites. Students must complete EPIC Training prior to starting their externship and go through modules of patient care. This creates the foundation that students will use throughout their externship experience. The two companies have been able to work together to place a significant number of students in externships, in fields ranging from Clinical Medical Assisting to Information Technology. WVJC and WVU Medicine are dedicated to working together to find the best fit for the student. Students have completed externships in a wide variety of clinics and offices through WVU Medicine. This includes, but is not limited to pain clinics, pediatrics, family medicine, physician centers, surgical specialties, and urgent care.

The future of this relationship is bright and ever growing. A completed externship gives students the confidence they need to be able to apply to WVU Medicine for employment. It also helps them to develop a  plan for what area they would succeed best in. WVU Medicine recommends treating any and all externship hours like a job interview. The entire time a student is at the site, they are expected to be professional, competent, and punctual. There is no better job preparation than being on site and working in a real-world environment. WVJC is excited to continue partnering with WVJC Medicine to produce West Virginia’s next generation of professionals.

Dustin Talton – Graduate Highlight

Dustin Talton is a recent graduate of our Clinical Medical Assistant Program at WVJC Online.  When he started his journey to look for an online school, he had to have a few very important criteria: a strong education in his intended field and the flexibility to work around his work and family life.  Dustin found what he needed when he took an online college tour at WVJC Online. In fact, after he started his classes he found that he really enjoyed his experience in the Clinical Medical Assistant Program!  The flexibility of the online classes was a great fit for his lifestyle.

Dustin was able to receive hands-on training through his clinicals.  This in-person experience gave him the opportunity to engage with his classmates and build personal relationships.  Clinics added a, “cool way to mix up the learning experience and also implement the hands-on training”. During his time at WVJC Online, Dustin experienced many different classes but found that he really enjoyed his classes with Jeanette Kelly.  He loved learning the different procedures and said she was very helpful and involved, even when it came to his externship.  Dustin says Jeanette went above and beyond her job description.  His experience at WVJC Online was more than he could ever hope for and he was very happy with the way he was able to further his education.   He has recently accepted a position with WVU Medicine and is eager to expand on his knowledge in the medical field.  Dustin highly recommends WVJC Online to not only friends and family, but also high school students that he is involved with as he coaches young athletes.  Dustin is a firm believer that attending WVJC Online for the Clinical Medical Assisting program was the best option to accomplish his goals and fast track his new career.