The Importance Of An Externship at WVJC

West Virginia Junior College offers many great experiences to help you start your career. From the instruction specific to your program, to the exceptionally dedicated staff and faculty, our staff does everything they can to help our students be successful. Additionally, all enrolled students participate in an externship that is specific to their program. Whether you are a residential or online student, an externship will be completed. These externships provide hands-on experience for our students in the field they will be working in.

The dedicated range of hours necessary to complete your externship is 90 or 160 hours. These hours are completed in a 12-week time span. WVJC has developed many relationships with reputable businesses in and around our student’s location of residency to assist with making their externship term go as smoothly as possible.

Being given the opportunity to work with a location site for your externship hours is beneficial in more than one way. This opportunity should be added to a professional resume, giving employers the opportunity to see hands-on experiences gained to partner with your education. Many WVJC students are offered employment opportunities from the locations at which they complete their externship.

WVJC strives for student success and promotes the valuable experiences that students are able to achieve within their externships.

To learn more about WVJC’s externship program, request information here!

WVJC Bridgeport’s Atmosphere Makes the Difference for Graduate Shelaina Jones

Shelaina Jones Oct. Grad. HighlightShelaina Jones is a recent graduate of West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Medical Office Management program.  She chose this program because of its solid future career outlook.

Shelaina tried other colleges before coming to West Virginia Junior College and explained that the atmosphere is what helped her make her decision.

She said, “At the other college I attended, I didn’t enjoy it because the campus is too big, the classes are too big and it was really hard to get to know others. It was different at WVJC. I made so many friends and between fellow students, the staff and faculty, you are never seen as just another face in the crowd.”

Now a graduate of the MOA program, Shelaina has a career working in her field of study in Bridgeport, WV.

Her advice to new students is, “Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be,” quoted by Rick Warren.

She says that choosing a person that supported her most is a hard decision. She explained, “I feel like everyone at WVJC is in your corner. I don’t know what I would have done without Nancy Gilbert – she was always there for me and helped me succeed!”

WVJC Bridgeport offers a wide variety of programs in healthcare, pharmacy, dental, technology and business. If you are interested in more information, visit or call today!