Student Highlight-Slena Skeens

Slena SkeensSlena Skeens had been working as a shift manager for a local Dairy Queen for three years. The long hours were tough and meant she did not get to spend much time with her five small children. After hearing her children say that they wanted to work at Dairy Queen like Mommy when they grew up, she immediately tried to dissuade them. She talked to them about the importance of school and making good grades, but they said they did not need an education because they wanted to be just like her. Well, that was all it took for Slena to make up her mind about going back to college!

Of course going back to college brought with it a new set of questions. Where will I go? Will I be able to afford it? What kind of school schedule will I have? Can I really do it this time? All of these things were going through Slena’s head, but she was determined to be a better role model for her children. She had attended Southern WV Community and Technical College for a while and had also done some online classwork through Virginia College. Neither of these options had seemed a good fit for her, so she knew that she wanted to go somewhere entirely different this time.

Having an interest in the medical field, but suffering from a fear of needles, Slena though that an administrative position in a medical office would be ideal. So, she typed Medical Office Administration into Google and hit Enter. The very first listing to pop up was for West Virginia Junior College! After looking at our website she decided to request some more information on our programs. At this point, Slena had no idea how searching for those three little words would change her life forever!

WVJC’s Adult Admissions Representative, Mrs. Kellie Moore, called Slena the very next day to speak with her about our school. While speaking with Kellie on the phone Slena burst into tears. She was just so scared and nervous! Kellie took the time to comfort Slena and let her know that while feeling this way is normal, she really had nothing to be scared of. Going to college is a lot of work, but it could also be a fun, exciting time for her. She invited Slena to come in and take a look around the campus, then they could talk more about the Medical Office Administration program to see if it would be a good fit for her.

After coming in and touring the West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus, Slena knew this was where she wanted to go to college. The program sounded amazing and she actually felt excited to be starting school again! “The atmosphere felt like I was home with my family; like this was where I was supposed to be.”

Slena began our Medical Office Administration program in August and has never once regretted it. She says, “I have enjoyed all of my classes so far. The Instructors really try to make things fun and interesting.” She also really likes the interaction between students and staff. “Everyone is just so open and friendly. You can talk to them and know they truly care.”

Slena has excelled academically at WVJC and has been on the President’s List for having straight A’s in every session! She says, “All of my President’s List Certificates are hung up on the wall for my kids to see. I want them to know that education is important and that hard work pays off.” Not only has Slena excelled in her academics, but she is also participating in our Work Study Program and is an active member of Read Aloud West Virginia where she reads to children at Flinn Elementary School. As for what Slena’s children think about education now — they are super proud of their Mommy and are striving to make straight A’s themselves!

If you, like Slena, want to set a better example for your children, please contact us here at the West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus. We would love to take you on a tour of our facilities and get you started in one of our exciting programs! Please call us at 304-345-2820 to learn more. Remember, it is NEVER too late to further your education!

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Online Medical Office Administration Program

Medical student in scrubs at computer

Last week we covered the basics on how to find an online school that best fits your needs; if you haven’t read it, Click Here. This week we are going to dive into WVJC-Online Medical Office Administration degree.

“I don’t want to be the one giving shots, I want to be the one calling the shots”.  Have you ever heard that statement before?  Let’s think about it a minute… leadership, management, responsibility, knowledge in multiple areas, trust, organization…. These are all key traits and word used to describe that statement. But what are we really talking about? How do you get to a position like that and not have to deal with blood and body fluids?

Well, one way is to earn a degree in Medical Office Administration from WVJC-Online. This degree will help to build a solid foundation which employers are looking for.  You will cover a vast array of knowledge dealing with topics including Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Medical Insurance and Coding.  But that is just the starting point… There are so many others areas that will be covered.  You will learn up-to-date computer programs being used in the medical field, how to ask questions and how to notate it.  It sounds like a lot, and it is. Especially if you are going to school online and have other obligations, such as work and family, in your life. That is why you ask yourself the questions that we talked about in our first blog in this series.

There are some other traits that generally fit with a student in WVJC-Online Medical Office Administration degree. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have these traits, you can’t do the program… that is not what I’m saying.  Do not come to my office and tell me that you rocked the Medical Office Administration Degree and have the organization skills of a hording squirrel, and expect me to be surprised.  You will be successful if you choose to be.  Ok, moving on to the traits. Because employers are looking for someone who is highly organized; the ability to keep track of paperwork physically, digitally, or both; as a natural trait will help. If you are one of those people who get excited about their filing system, are happy when they have everything in an order, and have a color coding system to check paperwork, then this may be a good degree for you.  Another trait is being a detailed-orientated person.  Being in the medical field requires you to pay attention to details.  Let’s give an example; you get a SOAP note from the doctor, you write it for the patient’s records, but you put left leg instead of right leg…. Now the guys comes in for his surgery and the notes say we are slicing and dicing the wrong leg. YIKES!!!

If blood and guts are not for you, but you still what a rewarding career in the medical field, the Medical Office Administration degree from WVJC-Online may be a good fit for you. Earning your degree can put you on the path to calling the shots.  As always, there are some personal traits that can help you get there, but as in everything, it is YOUR hard work and determination that will make you successful.

If you are interested in learning more about our online degrees here at WVJC-Online, call us at 304-296-8282 or request more information here HERE.

For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program CLICK HERE