Dayna Ferrari – Student Highlight

Clinical Medical Assistant student Dayna Ferrari started attending WVJC in August 2020 after graduating from Capital High School.  Dayna said, “My decision to attend WVJC was an easy one.” Dayna has always had an interest in the medical field. She said, “WVJC Clinical Medical Assistant program is fast-track, has smaller classes, and offers a flexible schedule which gave me the confidence to start my college education.”

The Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC offers various courses that provide students hands-on training in clinical skills for entry-level positions working in any setting in healthcare. Dayna said, “My favorite class so far is Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Settle. I have always been enthralled by the inner workings of the body and how it functions.” Another favorite class of Dayna’s is her medical assisting lab class taught by Program Director Chelsea Abbott. She said, “I find the lab work very interesting and hands-on, which helps me focus and retain the information I have learned.”

Dayna has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for two years. She enjoys helping people but is looking forward to expanding her scope of practice as a Certified Medical Assistant. After graduation, Dayna wants to work as a medical assistant in a pediatric setting. Her long-term goal is to become a Registered Nurse in the pediatric wing of a hospital, married, and have her own home and start a family. In her free time, Dayna enjoys binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix and researching medical issues taking place around the globe.

We asked Dayna if she has any advice for a new student, she said, “My advice to new students would be to make sure you start on a strong foot, don’t be afraid to talk to your instructors, they understand everything that is going on, big or small.  Get involved in the school; it will help you to succeed more.”

Dayna said, “I would absolutely recommend WVJC to friends and family! Growing up, I always needed one-on-one communication with my teacher; not only did I get that at WVJC, but it also offered an environment where I could focus and buckle down.  The staff is also very understanding in regards to your life outside of school, and the flexible schedule makes it easier to keep my job and focus on my studies without becoming overwhelmed.”

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Tonya Williams – Student Highlight

Tonya Williams is a medical assisting student at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport.Tonya began her higher education journey in 1999 at Fairmont State College and by the end of 2000, she found that it wasn’t quite the right fit for her. Tonya took some time off and became a pharmacy technician at a local CVS. As she moved through her time there, she caught herself wanting to know more and understand the medication she was handling every day. After some research, Tonya found West Virginia Junior College.

During her tour of the campus, Tonya noticed how nice the size of the classes were compared to her last college experience. She really could see that the students were able to have one on one time with their instructors and that mattered most to her, in addition to a quality education. After her tour, she decided that the Clinical Medical Assistant program was a good fit for her. Tonya tells us her favorite part of attending WVJC is “the helpful instructors and class sizes.” Her favorite class is Clinical Laboratory Procedures because she gets to draw blood!

After graduation, Tonya wants to be working as a certified medical assistant helping veterans. In 5 years, she wants to be living comfortably with a full or part-time job with minimum debt. Until then, she will take a relaxing day at camp.

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WVJC Bridgeport Student Highlight: Denise Hayes, Medical Assisting

Denise HayesDenise Hayes is enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport.

“My favorite part of school is learning the knowledge of my classmates and the excitement of attending college as an older student,” she said.

Denise loves meeting new people and enjoy working toward a goal of obtaining her Medical Assistant Associate Degree and becoming a Certified Medical Assistant.

“The staff and faculty are always so positive, even when I feel like I can’t do it. I love the atmosphere at WVJC Bridgeport,” said Denise.

Denise has dreamed of attending college since she was two years old. She worked at her previous job for 22 ½ years and when circumstances changed, she knew she could jump on the opportunity to obtain an education.

“I was so excited to make the Dean’s List last quarter,” she said. “ It was definitely motivation for me to show that I can do it.”

There are several people that Denise would like to thank for her success in her program so far:

“I would love to thank, Mrs. Frye, because she has been such a motivation for me and given me such great support and if I was feeling blue and ready to give up, she was there for me. Thank you to Mrs. White, for being such a great teacher! I have learned so much from her and we both have a love for animals!! She has been quite the inspiration for me also!! Very soft spoken, and has such insight, not to mention she is one of the teachers older than me, haha. Had to throw that in, but a great, kind-hearted person! Then, Mr. Morgan – He was my glue in the beginning and would never would let me quit! I never went to college and he and I shared a special bond of him being my mentor!  He once even texted me from the ER to tell me that quitting was not in my vocabulary. “

Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Colleen Phillips

CHARLESTON, WV – When Colleen Phillips finished her last day of school on June 20, she was confident she would be prepared for a great career. She had been studying to become a certified medical assistant at West Virginia Junior College – Charleston and is ready to put her skill set to good use.

Colleen decided to attend West Virginia Junior College for a few reasons. First, it was easily accessible to her busy schedule as a wife and mother. She also said the price was right. “I had spent a lot of time being unhappy at a previous job, and I wanted to do something about it” Colleen stated. After meeting with an admissions representative, she knew she was making a good choice.

Colleen pursued a degree in Medical Assisting for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest factors was past health problems she had suffered herself. She also found the subject to be extremely interesting and was looking forward to being able to help others.

When asked what her favorite part of WVJC was, she immediately responded “the teachers”. “Everyone around the school is so great and will bend over backwards to make sure you succeed as a student. They are willing to work one-on-one with you and ensure that classes are passed.”

The most exciting part of graduating for Colleen is finally being able to get a job in the medical field. She is looking forward to getting to work and helping others. Colleen would like to specially thank her husband for his support while she continued her education.