Sara Reeves – Student Success Story

Sara Reeves - Student Success Story

Meet Sara Reeves, This Week’s Student Success Story!

Sara Reeves is a Medical Office Administration student. She is currently enrolled in the 9-month diploma program. Sara will graduate in September of this year. Ms. Reeves was chosen as a Student Success Story because of her grit and determination. She is always prepared and eager to ask questions. On her first day at orientation, she came with a list of questions and a positive attitude.

Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from South University – Montgomery, AL. She had a wonderful experience there. She liked the small classes and the professors. Ms. Reeves is also an Army Veteran. She served from 2003 till 2009. Sara was a Mortuary Affairs Specialist. She processed human remains from combat situations and did final funeral honors for soldiers.  She also assisted in autopsies at the Richmond, VA morgue. Her rank when she left the army was E-4 Specialist.

Ms. Reeves lost her job and needed to freshen up her skill set to be a better candidate in today’s medical field, so she decided to enroll at West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport. She chose WVJC because of the length of time it takes to learn the skills you need for a medical office. She stated, “In just 9 months, I am applying for a better paying job in my area.”

When asked -Why did you choose your program? “I chose Medical Office Administration because it adds to and updates my skills to work in a hospital or doctor’s office setting.”

Sara’s favorite part about attending WVJC is the hybrid classes. She enjoys having classes online and in the classroom. She likes the freedom of being able to complete her homework at home and on her own schedule. Sara’s favorite classes are the medical billing and coding classes. These classes allow her to focus on getting into her career. One of the courses she is most excited about is the CPT coding and ICD-10 classes. She feels these will provide her with the skills she needs to add to her resume.

Sara states that her ideal job after graduation is in the billing office of a hospital. This would give her the opportunity to put the skills she learned in the classroom and her externship to use.

 In the next five years, Sara sees herself in a productive career living her dreams and still enjoying her hobbies. Sara enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking.

Why asked -Would you refer WVJC to a friend? Why? “Yes, I would refer a friend this is a small school with friendly staff and students.”

Sara’s advice that she would offer to future students-“These classes are challenging but rewarding. This is a great place to gain skills to update your resume.”

Sara states the WVJC prepared her for the future by offering courses that have freshened up her skill set. “I’m proficient now in managing a doctor’s office or even a business office for a hospital.”

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