WVJC Bridgeport Medical Assisting Graduate Enjoys New Career

Tiana MorganTiana Morgan decided West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus was the right choice for her because it gave her the opportunity to get an education while still caring for her son and working.

She explained, “The schedule was flexible and the program was only 18 months. I felt that this program was made for people who have other responsibilities, but who still want to further their education.”

Tiana decided that Medical Assisting was the right choice for her.

“I chose Medical Assisting because I feel there will always be a demand for skilled healthcare workers. I have the skills and the knowledge to work in a variety of healthcare settings and I have more job stability and security because of the skill set I obtained at WVJC Bridgeport,” she said.

She enjoyed the flexible course schedule and short length of program at WVJC the most. “It’s very intense, but it gives you the ability to continue to have a life outside of school. In addition to that, I really enjoyed the Career Preparation Class. It helps give you all the tools you need to ace an interview and land your dream job,” Tiana explained.

Tiana currently works for WVU Healthcare at the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center as a Registered and Certified Medical Assistant and is continuing to further her education.

Tiana said her best advice for new students is to GO TO CLASS! “I think the most important thing for students in any program to know is that you will get out of the program what you put in. 100% dedication will give you 100% results. The hours can be long and the work can be challenging, but the benefits when you finish are amazing.”

She would like to thank her friends and family for their support and her instructors for pushing her and guiding her to something bigger and better.

She said, “I feel like my instructors genuinely care about their students and truly strive for them to succeed. I appreciate the roles that everyone played in helping my get where I am today. So many people stood behind me and helped me tremendously, even if they didn’t realize how much it meant at the time: My grandma, my aunt, and my boyfriend, especially. Whether it was watching my son so I could go to class or finish some homework, staying up late with me to go over terminology note cards to even just giving me a pat on the back for a job well done – I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Student who complete the Medical Assisting program at WVJC learn how to take patient vital signs, assist doctors or nurses with physical exams, check vision, collect medical specimens, check blood-sugar levels, perform laboratory tests, draw blood, sterilize medical equipment, assist with minor surgeries, give injections, complete certain heart tests, understand medical terms, prepare basic medications, understand privacy issues and work at the front desk of an office.

WVJC offers Medical Assisting at all three of its on-site campuses in Charleston, Bridgeport and Morgantown and it now offers it online. For more information, click here!

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