Scholarships Available!

Each year West Virginia Junior College offers deserving area high school seniors the opportunity to finance a portion of their college investment through scholarship programs.

Not only do scholarships help families fund college tuition, but generally employers favorably view students who have competed and have been awarded scholarships towards their education.

“The staff members are absolutely amazing and want nothing more than for you to succeed. They will work with you in times of need to ensure you are well-connected with your professors.”

– Lindsey Tenpenny, WVJC Student


General Scholarships

West Virginia Friends of Coal Miners Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to past and present coal company employees and their families.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to family members of WVJC graduates.

Academic Success Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded based on each student’s academic achievement and the credential level.

Career Enhancement Scholarship*: This scholarship is awarded to employees of participating businesses to enhance the employee’s job skills and value to the employer.

*Morgantown Campus Only

Nursing Scholarships

Nurses Touch Lives Scholarship**: This is awarded to nursing students demonstrating the potential to excel in a nursing career.

UHC Scholarship for Advancement in Nursing**: This is awarded to residential employees with UHC that are in good standing and wish to advance their career in nursing. The deadline for this scholarship application is September 1st.

Nursing Pathway Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to WVJC’s allied health program graduates desiring to pursue nursing careers.

**Bridgeport Campus Only

High School Scholarships

Early Admission Scholarship: This is awarded to eligible high school students who complete the application process and deadlines prior to November 15th.

College Commitment Scholarship: This is awarded to eligible high school students who are committed to taking an active role in the betterment of the community.

Stephen A. Callen Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is named in honor of the founder of WVJC and recognizes his vision for offering West Virginians a quality and affordable education, leading to career and personal satisfaction.

Imagine America Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to seniors recommended by their guidance counselors.

Scholarships vary by campus. Not all scholarships may be available at all campuses. Check the catalog of your campus of interest for information.

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See college catalog for additional scholarship opportunities and detailed eligibility requirements. Scholarships available to those who qualify. For more information about these and other scholarships or to acquire scholarship deadlines and application criteria, call WVJC today or visit the course catalog for your campus, Morgantown, Bridgeport, or Charleston.

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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for many of our programs and vary by location.